Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back in the Ayre


I finally was able to repair the innerds of this part of HazzardAyre that we politely and deliberately call WyldAyre. The title coming from the feeling some of us hot winged aviators get when the need to jump into the sky is hindered by domestic and familia responsibilities.

The other origin, is when wanting and needing bred, as in getting a bit of wild hair, reworked we get WyldAyre.

Which this old Wolf, has been accused of way too many times, being wild that is.

So awoke to 6 below zero, feels like Wyoming a few winters ago. While not yet 50 below, it damn well feels like it.

Big C, caught me with my black box, made up some dogstuff, and kept the little bugger. Had plans to ferry over to Burley to check on LexiBelle and all but hey, its too damn cold, still might make it over.

Many have New Years resolutions, mine are pretty much straight forward, get going toewing more, get into the air much more, which could happen, as found out Upper Limit Aviation in Utah, has a Robertson R27 that can accommodate me, so could be in air school by May. Meaning kicking in gear the radio gig, and getting it up to heat, and getting someone to fill my manger seat, while I’m back regaining my golden wings.

It’s a new year, but feels like just another manic Tuesday.

L8R Aviators


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