Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quik Follow Up


Just like I predicted and taking nothing from the last entry, but it’s like I said, want models and such for something? Here in the valley? Call an agency, in Salt Lake City, or Boise, or Denver, because otherwise, you’ll never get one you can depend on here. The things is and I hate to put it this way, and why I have been near begging for a gal to be in this part of our human resources department , is that if it was a gal doing the hiring for these projects, there’d be a line all the way up to shop 305 and all the way to the old Hospital.

The last one skipped because her hubby was against it. Yep, its because we have, balls and a penus , rather than a well, that clips these projects long before they start.

Okay sure, I should have a formal office etc, and I looked at that, but why? I have yet to have someone, or something happen that gives some sort of validity to the extra cost. Give me one or two real gals that’d work at a outside office etc in Twin and I’ll get one. As it is I’ll continue to rent what we got in Buhl, and drive the 15 miles to Buhl, and back. In essence keep it away from the house.

But then would that make any difference? Would a honey enter in a studio office any faster? Things hinky and suggested kinky can happen in a 10X10 office as easy as it can here. Again its because I have balls, and don’t wear Kotex.

Any mile, now I don’t have to hang around the Lair and can go back out to work, just think the gal should have asked the old man two or so days ago, before saying yes she’s in it.

Oh well, such is youth.

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