Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some people want something for nothing others wait too long the sing the Could’ve would’ve song.

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We’ll the day I dreaded came, but not that there is not some relief.

The flip flopping by that Helena for my second in command here finally decided our operation was not her cup of coffee.

Oh sure her old man kicked the crap out of her and there’s no excuse for a guy ruffing up a woman, unless the guy is in a spot of ultimate danger by the woman to him , like her standing there with a gun pointed to her head, but here’s this gal out south of time, that I got sort of involved with, that wanted the club to do a job for her. And I’ll let you wonder what that is, but she flat said she’s not interested in the company because we don’t pay for things. Really? What again am I paying for? Me to be marriage counselor , social worker and auto fixer? I should be getting paid by her don’t ya’ll think? Maybe if she had showed up for countless interviews, on air training sessions, organizing meetings for incoming talent, recruiting other areas of employees like the rest of the engineering staff, the Sales staff. The design team, for the new facility.

She shrugged off meeting with senior officers like Charles , Tommy, Rick, and club officers.

Okay adios, honey.

In the radio and music business, if you wait for things to catch up to you, it’ll just pass you by. Things in music and entertainment, of the few industries in America followed by aviation is not effected much by the terrible Yankee influenced economy . HazzardAyre and its roots run too deep in this valley. Hagerman was its origin, the club was created here, and the club threw the biggest bash in 1975 at the Filer Fairgrounds for those who loved trucks, cb radios, and tricked out bikes. I’ll bet and I saw the numbers , 200,000 people hit this area that week, and so we’re damn well not the new kids on the block.

Helena squeaked that she thought she had this gig in the bag.

I have always said, its one thing to feel sorry for the gal, but talk to the guy she just screwed over and ask, what did she do to screw the pooch of the relationship. Did she drive him to the point he lost control? Did she piss him off to the point he just lost it? Any way glad I’m outta that. Hell she even asked me in a private chat to have the club off her old man? Really? Does she even know how bad I could hurt her with that in court?

Then there’s one last thing here.

Charles, and A1 Towing of Twin Falls is not the investor here. Charles is my personal advisor and signs my checks from Social Security. But that’s the extent of the involvement by Charles and A1 Towing of Twin Falls Idaho.

HazzardAyre and all club dealings are of us, only we are not affiliated in any other way. Dixie Toewing and Hazzard County Choppers is my own company, I and the Knytes-of-Anarchy own and operate HazzardAyre and the radio station.

So please if anyone has any questions, do not call Charles or A1 about any of this.

If someone wants to get involved with us its through me and only me and or members of the club, Not Charles or A1 Towing.

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None of you really has faith unless he desires for his neighbor what he desires for himself.
--Prophet Muhammad
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