Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Thank God and the delete button she’s gone. Or vice versa, got a sorta heated email from this one seatcover that I was online interviewing for a spot in our annual area wide talent search for talent to be featured in our pin up calendar. She bowed out because of her husband. Okay fine ya’ll know that, it still pisses me off, that even after I was going to dump her to begin with she came back wanting to be part of it. Shouldn’t she have talked at her other half first? Not a fight I want to be in the middle of. Besides I have a target that I know all to well that is considering it, which means a BIG Maybe and don’t push the maybe baby.

So I pulled this Sam off the auto posting and she’ll filter back into the mud just all the rest, what bothers me is, up until an hour before she holds me at bay, waiting for her to show up. Glad I never scheduled a camera crew. I wonder how many even fully read the ads on Craigs List, that BOLDLY says, not serious, then DON’t BOTHER US !!!! or if you have any inhibitions that could cause you not to be able to perform your duties, then DON’T BOTHER US!!! I always prefer women that are at least 30 plus years old on these things or older. Reason being even at 30 plus they still look good, but hopefully some maturity as well. Call it seasoning. Any way, still looking , so we move on.

The Winged Warriors media group, is looking to sponsoring a media job career fair at CSI in April. Point being to showcase what we offer, spark some interest, and get some real applicants that will show up for interviews, internship training and then the on air on radio as well as on air for Confederate Star TV coming in October 2014. That will be the HQ for Confederate Star Network, a worldwide Southern Heritage based satellite and cable network , that will call Jerome Idaho home.

Lastly , got a pint sized bit of KMVT’s 10:00 news, except, every 10 seconds got some stupid ad running. I know one has to get those at the first and at the end of the newscast, but I lost 3 stories due to that. Wonder if KMVT knows that JUSTIN TV, is doing that? You’d think KMVT and all that would get that streaming issue or issues fixed. Again KMVT , do it right or quit.

I tuned in simply to see how many if any of our trucks was on camera at the three wrecks we worked today, and see the rest of the fracking weather that got clipped due to that Justin TV ad runs during the newscast.

Just like I have said about HazzardAyre the parent to WyldAyre here, I’ll say for Confederate Star, you’ll be thankful for Confederate Star TV.

Any mile things are blooming and for those who drag their feet on us, don’t bitch at us when you miss the bus. I think ya’ll get the idea.

Some days ya’ll gotta wonder at Yankee stupidity.

Our nation truly is in trouble. Thing I can’t figure out here is this. Here is our grand valley and state of Idaho. Unemployment rate at 7-1/2 percent. Jobs are not that plentiful, so one asks, if the jobs are just not that many, why not at least see thru a full internship, so one could be ready for a place in the greater expanse of both HazzardAyre/WyldAyre Radio and Confederate Star TV, making a yearly start pay of $50k a year with full benefits. So what its in a house? Ain’t always going to be and if ones old man would come see me he could wire the heater and all so we could be in Buhl even sooner. In fact I’d even go out on a limb and give the primary contractor spot to her old man as main electrician, if only she would make time to stop on by. But It’s the Red Ryding Hood, being too timid to enter the Wolf’s Lair, so I’m patient enough to know she’ll be there or a few others I have promised spots to in Buhl will be there once we open. While one get’s only one chance to make a gran impression, one only get’s on chance to get the prime meat on the steer as well. In our case the good jobs are there for those that keep in touch beyond Facebook, beyond emails of Blogs, but who take time to have coffee breaks and stop and say howdy. Especially if they want their old man to work here.

Any mile, HeeHaw is on, see ya’ll Thursday AM.

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