Friday, January 25, 2013

When in doubt, just go out and fly


As I sat on the tarmac this morning waiting for tower clearance to take off, and made notes on my pad attached to my knee board, I thought of some conversations on Wednesday at A1.

First it was Jared , teasing me about flying. He wanted to buy a plane and all. First I know he has no real interest in flying. It was teasing me about my affection of flying. The fact that I have to go up with someone every time until I get my full medical clearance and all, means no solo flying for at least until June or July, but I don’t like to be teased about it.

The little britches , would have shuddered if he would have had to fly the missions I flew in the Marines as part of the legendary squadron VMA214 aka BlackSheep. I’d like him to try and do a trap landing or two on a carrier in the Solomon Islands at night in a south pacific rain and wind storm, from 30,000 feet. I’d like to see him fly into the terrors of combat not only getting targets of opportunity, but targets assigned with people out there wanted to kill you, from miles away with radar and electronic guided misses.

Hell I’d like to see Jared go through Marine basic training, boot camp.

Just once. He’d be eaten alive.

So I stayed away for a few days to calm down, so it goes.

Tease me, really Jared? Your not even close to having done what I have done both in and out of the Marines.

Think maybe Jared and Charlie need to sit down and have a long talk with Ricky, to really know me well.

Okay enough of that.


Did you see the report on FoX News about the fiasco involving some gal that was really hammered by some guy she met on Match.Com?

Seems as though the lady was sexually and otherwise abused by some guy she met on the online dating service, and is now suing Match.Com accusing them amongst other things of not doing a better background check.

I myself have been the victim of such things, by going through with dates from such sites. I tried one , called Plenty-of-Fish, where the gal, after everything, tried to steal LiL Lexi while I was asleep, and we never did, do the wyld thing. Course then , few could go more than a mile from the house in LiL Lexi as I had a program on one of my older laptops where I could push a button and the truck would shut down. Plus I could find the truck within 50 feet of home base anywhere on Earth, via GPS. The truck still has the program, just need to update the software.

But getting back, these online dating services that show you damn near super models that say they are hungry for love and all, but you know a package like that ain’t staying home alone on Friday nights, plus the guys who are on there. Seems you pay a bunch of money but don’t get anything for that money and you really don’t know who is going to show up at the door, no matter the gender.

The teaser ads are great, but to reply or gain any connection you always have to divvy up mucho denaro, let me clue you in on a service that the Winged Warriors will be rolling out in the fall of 2014. ayremate ad1AyreMate is a online service that matches pilots with pilots, especially those of military affiliation. No matter branch of service. Guys for gals, gals for guys, who really fly and love aviation. Get this, you get to have at least 4 dates with that person free. In fact the service is free.

We do, all the background checks, so you know who your meeting and getting involved with, but there are no super model teaser ads, no GQ model looking guys that are not what at first seem to be.

Let you know more later in the year.

Final approach here,


I WANT TO MAKE THIS AS CLEAR AS GLASS, I truly like hanging at A1 doing odd chores and the crew , but I am making hard choices in my life now. The fact that I’m hitting the big 54 mark on the flyte of life, my body is not what it used to be and the fact that in my second choice of career that being toewing, there is just no money in towing any more around here. The constant battles with area law just to stay on call out lists, the competition of even big outfits like A1 , and all, means freezing in snow and cold for no dough. Sure I’ll keep, and restore LexiBelle, as she ought to be under a different company name and all just for show, but my head is as it always has been in the clouds flying.

I love the feeling of leaving the ground at mach speeds or near to it, seeing the earth and ground under me as I fly over the clouds, the feeling of extreme peace as the sun breaks just above the clouds at 40,000 feet. And no amount of going towing is ever going to replace that.

With that in mind, my thoughts are to get through this year, find a suitable pickup to drive, let Charlie salvage LiL Lexi, come this fall, then go do my testing and all to go to flight school in Utah at Upper Limit Aviation, and come out next year living in Bountiful or near there in Utah. Come up retrieve LexiBelle, and resurrect AyreWolf Aviation at Bountiful SkyPark, by this time 2014 when my Cousin Gordon goes to Alaska to get hitched and sets up AyreWolf command in Fairbanks.

But there is no real future in Idaho for me, unless one melluvahess of a lot changes between now and then. I treasure the friendship and all of Charlie and all at A1, and the radio station here by then should be running, with a new XO, here. Whether its Sylver or someone else, but thing is I need to be where aviation is everywhere, and the resources to take the reworked AyreWolvez into being the Winged Warriors , is and is in plenty. That ain’t Twin Falls. I need to be where if you need on air radio talent a call to an agency gets you a few. If you need a model, you call out for it like ordering a pizza, not having to spend mucho money, on crack whores and even if not crack whores, women who just want to kick the can around with no serious intentions of doing anything. That’s Metro Utah, no insignificant Idaho.

Any way have a coffee meeting and meeting with Todd, so see you l8r tonyte on the radio.

L8R Aviators,


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Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.
--Epicurus, ancient Greek philosopher
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