Sunday, September 29, 2013

End of the chapter


Well just like the Fat lady at the Opera said it, that lets that out.

Mid June When Robert came to me and said lets open a real to life Reaper Club, here in Twin Falls, I told him it’d never work here. Nobody is going to give the club any belief. If you can’t hire on air radio people that are of the female gender what makes ya’ll think that you can get gals to tend bar at Our clubs bar?

But I was in waiting for the answer for housing, damn IHA, I wanted to move at the end of July, house, shop, and human resources. Where you don’t have to try and reinvent anything, no double talking , no nothing, a bar, sure in Echo, get Tammy involved again no biggy. shop and Hangar fine, Bountiful SkyPark, part time job with another towing service while I rebuild mine back up from being let go, for damn near 10 years, in a market where there is some measure of financial return. Hey I like making money back as well. More over I’m busting my hump day and night to get my own situation with the help of the club, but get my life’s situation to a level to where I can go into any social agency and say thanks for help so far but I don’t need it any more. The thing is with the release of just over $2,million in January of the long awaited settlement that the Montgomery Foundation has been in a fight for since Metro Securities absconded with millions of investors monies including The Montgomery Foundation’ that getting in line to plunk down serious cash for the bar, expand AyreWolf Aviation here to this nerdette timid yankee area, and really pour the coal to the radio gig, which could have put a bunch of people to work, I say the money would best be used and spent in Utah.

In SLC need a model for a TV ad? Forget CraigsList, shit, call one of 8 agencies, the talent shows up the guy shoots the ad, its in the can as they say, on TV making me money. Likewise the club. Plus if you want a date, hey its simple, many places outside of bars, like ballet’ , symphonies, and of course the Utah Jazz.

Here want to do up a calendar of various rides and aircraft, want to hire models for it, you go to CraigsList, you get a bunch of people who have no serious intent of seeing it through, or just because they show up right in the middle of the month after I pay my bills, on MY shop, ON MY tow service, plus the filing fees for the renewal of our license for same, yes I was broke. Okay so I don’t handle money very well, I’ll admit that, that’s why the club was thrilled of someone that I imagined Joni to be or all the rest to be to do that. But hey, when club officers are deployed in places I can’t tell anyone, and how many times did I tell them this? Likewise if there was someone else idiotic enough to be in this town in charge of the club, do you think I’d be doing the interviewing and all of these people? Hell I’d love to give the responsibility of the administration and all of the club to someone else.

But hey I was the stupid guy, who drove Tammy and famndamnly here in 2006 on a recon look around. She got tight with her Aunt who owns Trout's bar there, in Buhl, get’s popped by the cops for nose candy, moves back to Wyoming where although cold I’d have like to have stayed, but No I was stuck. Had a path out , first Pocatello where I have family, then back into Wyoming or Northern Utah. Let’s face it, with the house sold, the other homestead demolished, and of course Mom And Dad gone, I have no damn real reason to even be in this going bassackwards, can’t appreciate someone giving them a bone, trying to improve lives while improving mine at the same time, and you get called every name in the book. Bullshit . Why am I on this side of the fracking state? An ad for a NUKE Power plant to be constructed in Hammett a tiny berg west of Glenn’s Ferry. Called on a electricians job there, they gave a green light, so I moved over here. Was I pissed when it turned out sour? Sure, the difference between them and me and the club, the club is solid, its finances are solid , but if this Tragic Valley thinks that after 4 gall damn disasters here , only because there is no organized talent agencies here, there are way too many narrow minded people. Some that call themselves Gods Spiritual Warriors, that are so called understanding, and so on, that want to try to make this situation seem worse than it is. I say, hey you called me , I interviewed you , you were put on prospect probation, you decided to question, we don’t need you. After all these monkey forking disasters do you think that myself, or the club would invest money here after that? Why? I say do plan A, that I said do in May, fix up my own two trucks, get things arranged and me get me and my Wolf-Pack outta here. Never, ever to return.

If some other club officer wants to set up a chapter here in the future fine, just don’t drag my ass back up here. As far as the radio station, selling off those three licenses to the tune of $400k, and just run the radio show as a streaming online station is just fine. That $400k, puts some comforting green in my pocket after the hell I have went through here. I have just had it. I thought these three or four gals were not only easy on the eyes but had a heart and were willing to get busy building what could have been an empire. But no, and I guess the idea of me wanting to explore something personal with one was stupid, its something I don’t normally do but thought hey found a soul mate or something. Like I said even to her to hell with relationships. Ride solo, or fly solo, no harm, no foul, and its only dead bugs you get in your teeth.

For me and the club, this marks the end of our chapter of the book of Knytes/AyreWolvez in the Magic Valley of Idaho, and could just mean the removal of the Magic Valley sub charter completely.

Once again, I’m going to bed. I’m sure there’s going to be bullshit over all of this. But I don’t need this stress. To answer that question I always ask, why don’t things like this happen here? You have got your answer.

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
Everything that lives, Lives not alone, nor for itself.
--William Blake
Philippians 1:9-10“And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ,”

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Told ya’ll this was for nothing


Oh well , I told ya’ll that these gals would bow out faster than Boss Hogg eating raw liver.

I thought they liked me, respected me and trusted me. Guess the concept of the President of the club being deployed got beyond them, plus how many entries over two of our groups publications on how this worked, I guess not reading Knyte Skool 101 , slipped by them, some how. That there is a sub charter here in the valley but not a full charter. That if there was a sneeze like Joni has made that the club as a whole was ready to pull the plug on the whole sub charter. What do they think me having the duty of Executive Director of the club charter here means? It means I’m in charge.

But its just like I said in the meeting plan A for relocation come May is once again on the front burner. I’m tired of spending money, wasting time and loosing money on a place where all too many have their heads in the sand. Guess the easy way to get the TV ad shot, is fly a gal from Utah , shoot the ad and be done with it. However at this point I do not care. I feel heart broken, I feel hurt, that people I held high in esteem and held my hand out as a friend would now be pulling away from me.

Seems the whole time that I told all three of them Charlie has one duty to me, dispense my money to me three times a month, as well of course being a friend and all, but Dixie is my operation , has been for nearly 35 years and was created right there in Hagerman, and anyone doubting that can in fact go to Cliff Jensen, Jensen real estate Hagerman, and ask . Cliff has been involved in the Montgomery Foundation funds since its creation.

But hey if these gals are too timid to get involved hey, come over I’ll pay you for two McDonalds meals, An Anchor Dog and three beers. Past that, its all up to ya’ll.

But guys I told you these foxes would not hold out, but hey that’s why there is the two week probation period. They made it a week.

Step two, next entry. I truly need to be awake Monday at 04:00.

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
Opinions are like armpits: Everybody has two of them and they stink most of the time.
Philippians 1:9-10“And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ,”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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And the rest of the atmosphere


And the cold north wind blows. Or so it would seem.

Got a Facebook message from Joni, questioning in a way the validity of the operation. This gig is as valid and real and able as it can be. But I must repeat this, Charlie is only involved as my advisor , mentor sort of and in control of certain funds. Not the club or clubs business’s, or mine.

One of the tasks I am working to have either Mandy, or Joni, do is to have one or the other for an agreed fee, be my Payee. But to do that and me to trust all my funds to someone, I damn well want to know and trust them. Thing is as long as Charlie is the Payee, I live in this house, in Twin Falls. And limited abilities to run the club’s business’s as well as expand mine as well as the one we hold as a unified operation, that being HazzardAyre Radio/KDXB FM. The Bar and 40% of the shop(Hazzard County Choppers) is the Knytes. 60% of that shop, and my responsibility is mine, Dixie Toewing/AyreWolf Aviation is 100% mine, the fact that a future merger between Dixie Toewing and A1 is in the works is a big ? mark. Considering last years malfunctions. But I seem to be drifting off course here. While I fully appreciate the efforts of Charlie as Payee, and the reason I am working with a damn PSR, is to affirm my abilities and all of managing my own funds that way my military pension and all will be unloaded on me every month rather than put in a joint account between Charlie and I that he piece meals out to me three times a month. One way to upset this applecart is for people to bug Charlie about it. Charlie himself don’t care much, his sig other does. She blew off the radio station last year in January and we have been catching up ever since.

The bars are 90% club and 10% my responsibility. Whether my current crew stays involved or not, and hopefully they do it’ll happen, it just depends on them. Since if this last lap gets in the wall, this old Wolf, is outta here , even if I have to have another Payee.

The whole thing can be something we all can be proud of, yes in some ways we are reinventing the wheel, but Mandy’s guy running the Boars Nest, in time, which I see first, then the Reaper ran by Joni, and perhaps my Payee, as well as Mandy being a Payee, being business administrator, and last but not leas , Bernadette being operations director of HazzardAyre Radio and media , I then can concentrate on toewing, and building rides and for the real money flying. But Joni questioning the ability of getting green for her and the rests efforts gets under my skin in a way, and yes I can understand at the same time. Simply due they came, here I was broke, and all, but understand for me, more money going out than coming in. The reason being, recruiting on air both visual as well as radio talent, getting all that is involved in the bar put together, means my 4 tow trucks get a fraction of the income they should. Which is why I’m pushing on the auditions for the TV, print etc ads for Dixie Toewing. As of yet and I know it’s a reach, but this is why I been pushing on the skirts or shorts, nylons and working up the smooch to toe tag for the TV ad. If you go past that and the Pin up project has been tabled until mid March, since time will not allow, but getting Dixie Toewing in front of the face of every person female or male corpuscle that drives that will slide off the road, run into each other, need a jump start to know if they need a toew they call Dixie BOARD AD cuzz we just Love Toews. The real Nurse GoodBody Mother nature is saying snow, and I need to make money. This means we need to get a hot bod , with my lips on her toes in hose next to LexiBelle>Lexi in green on TV and in print.

Any mile my body need some serious sleep 04:00 comes very early but to close this, SheWolvez don’t worry about the money, lets do something for it. Okay?

More in the PM Monday.

L8R Aviators


Quote of the Day:
Opinions are like armpits: Everybody has two of them and they stink most of the time.
John 3:20-21“Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.”

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Rebel Son - Southern Wind (+playlist)

Porn and The Wolf–Part1-


B4 we get it on, the Network instructed me that I say this.

The following article does not necessarily express the feelings and/or views of SAMCRO MC, Knytes-of-Anarchy, AyreWolvez, or Confederate Steele Media.

This is called a disclaimer that some big pricks up at the network sezz I gotta say, so I did.

Ah hell its bull shit, I always speak for the club, although it would be nice to have say some of our SheWolvez subscribe to our online publications and even write a few articles. Joni, you up for that challenge?

Okay then, since this subject keeps popping up more times than a virgin penus on prom night.

While I may allude to serious sexual activity, the thought by all too many that we are as a production firm into porn is one of the most idiotic statements I have ever heard or read. The entire main objective of our pin up girl calendar and video, our ayrecraft body and nose art, and so on including our TV and print ads is to get away from the half to totally naked supple breasted blonde dumb-bells and into intelligent, angelic sensual HeeHaw/Daisy Duke rated G pictorials.

Oh sure I think that a gal in a full swim suit with fishnets or full nylon stockings especially the old style black seam up the back of the leg attached to a set of shorts by a garter is about one of the hottest things, but not at least to me the hottest thing to see on a lady is a real tight pair, and although Joni thinks otherwise a tight pair of form fitting Dittos or Wrangler Cowgirl jeans especially wet will get this old Wolf a panting worse than coming off an Arizona desert.

Thing is while a healthy and well educated sexual life is good for us, hey God meant us to be sexual and passionate beings. As in everything, God does not give us tools or skills he does not intend for us to use. Sexual technique is a learned skill. And while every church will tell you, sex is best enjoyed between two people a man and woman, under the umbrella of matrimony and marriage. That said, I don’t think God meant for us who for only he knows why can’t find the right gal to wed. I think he really means, is that we engage in sexual activity in a responsible manner, but I don’t think God means for us to completely refrain. While I know there are Bible versus , the concept is more amongst cheating while married, that while so called fornication is a sin, I do not think God meant for us to turn off the mental as well as physical urges that he in fact planted in us.

Now I do draw the line on queers, transvestites , molestation especially children or making a wife of a girl under the age of 14, and forcing a women into sexual activity when she don’t want to, either because she ain’t into me or a guy, or if she just ain’t into having that kind of activity. That’s called RAPE and Date RAPE .

When it comes to some social dating sites, I think those while some are credible, are nothing more than online pimps trying to sell a good time, with a gal(or so they say) on the other end of the telly. I see these all the time in my spam inbox.

Then there is the obvious Porn, like Playboy and Penthouse. Sure there are some of the most beautiful women on the planet in there. The centerfolds of both famous and not so famous starlets and models thing is the gals in those magazines will not look at the ordinary guy , no how no way. So why hunger and thirst for something you can’t have? I mean unless your raking in $500,million or better a year, are hauled around in a Limo, have a mansion in Beverly Hills, Malibu, or the Hamptons, those gals in any magazine or that work in the adult film industry are not going to talk to you, don’t matter how much you LIKE them on their Facefart page. In fact the responses on many of those Facebook pages are not from the porn queen or model herself, its from a publicist.

If you think that, that VW bus full of College Cheerleaders is showing up at your college dorm, or your home, ready to drown you in their deep juices , forget it, ain’t going to happen.

Now then in my feelings, genuine sexual expression, is not just about sinking your sub in her . Gentile things, like the act of cuddling, holding her in your arms, her in her slipper pj’s with her Carmel popcorn, and you,her,in front of a warm fire, or just under a warm blanket watching a great film, or enjoying great soft jazz or good southern rock kountry, is far more fun than all that coitus . Lets face it, most men that I know of even club members , have no idea where the erogenous zones on a woman are. Most guys go for one of three places, breasts, Butt, vagina. One of the things I discovered about the long near a trademark for my company now, but the caressing of feet, and loving her feet and toes, especially in nylons that provides a silkier experience, but caressing her toes, will get her far more ready to explode, than the usual menu. Kissing her just behind the knees with eyelash butterfly kisses, just on the inner side of her thighs, and then stopping short, will make her heat increase to where memories will be made. Then of course there is the usual points on the average sex menu. Most guys love oral sex, but a spot 69, with you performing cunninglingus targeting her clitoris will get her so passionate, as well as carefully applied butterfly kisses in the small of her back and all the way up her spine, the traditional nibbling on her ear. Will make her year and yours too. The problem is most men have no idea where her clitoris or G spot is. Most guys fumble around her vulva area looking for it, like trying to find a set of golf clubs in a dark closet.

One of the best resources I have ever read, is one from a gal name Sue Rogers,( who published a book called Quivering Jello about 2005 somewhere. I read that from front to back, then and while many say this is wrong I went and paid to practice with some of the best sexual therapists on earth, the lovelies at Miss Donna’s Ranch in Wells Nevada. What the book does not teach you, they will.

But when it comes to us here at Confederate Steele Media, shooting porn shots and all is just plain yuck.

In my next part on this topic, what does get it?

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
Honk off, bozo.
--Eno, The Duplex
John 3:20-21“Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.”

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Employment Matters


The idea behind hiring new employees, where money is paid for duties or services are provided or tasks completed is to in small ways take the load off of the person who manages that business or for that matter the organization that they are doing those tasks for.

When you start having to do twice as much work, or doing tasks that you have delegated responsibility and tasks to, and your having to do those tasks yourself, ya’ll might as well do the original task or duty yourself and saved the money, that you spent on the new employee. Oh it’s not just wages, any business big or small will spend right at $5k in training. Per employee. If the employee or prospect employee fails the gig, you might have just as well taken that $5k, out to the trash can and burn it.

Now this is not bashing or trashing my three new hires and now members of the SheWolvez. But there are so many that near the, Did Not Complete, department, that it’s not funny. On the same runway, to get past this sexual threatening stigma that hovers over the Lair here, I ‘ m engaging the AyreWolvez to renting a office/studio for HazzardAyre / WyldAyre Radio. An expense of either $350.00 to $500.00 a month and that don’t include electricity or utilities. However and granted prior commitments kept my honey crew away from the Lair this weekend, but before I push the club to drop a dime on a new place , I want at least 6 hours a day, for a full week, alternately if needed due to children and other employment. That needs to be decided quick are you going to go full time with us or just part time it. Or who amongst you is willing to go full time? But at least 6 hours a week for a month. This validates the need and foundation of spending money, for a separate facility, rather than the money that can be saved  by just running our radio gig, right here at the Lair, leaving more money to spend on the Reaper Club/Sheep’s Pen/Boars-Nest(More on that in a few miles here). Then and especially after today and as much as I love my SheWolvez, the news of being cut from housing , when I could have already been in Utah, living in a place for$500.00 per month with all the bells and whistles including power, sauna, hot tub, even a new bed and all. Driving for Intermountain Towing in North Salt Lake, while rebuilding my op, in Echo Utah, makes me go, okay IHA, thanks for kicking me in my groin. Added to that waiting for nearly 4 damn years for that, really? Kiss my ass IHA. That scenario is high on my list in a year or two, if this gig that I’m working now don’t gain some altitude or even get off the tarmac. See down there, I can be towing, regaining my GA certificate, working the HQ of AyreWolf Aviation at Bountiful SkyPark, building a radio station on the eastern bench of the Wasatch Mountains, and banking a heap amount of money more than I am here. To where I don’t have to mess with all these damn social help assistance agencies and just live like a human again, and not be in a spot, where my prospects for the SheWolvez are taking me to lunch or dinner, and them spending their money on me. that bugs me.  This venture between radio station, bars, and bike shop, is the last ride on this bus. If this one goes sour , I’ll just let the organization sell the radio licenses to the highest bidder, take the $400k, and its adios Idaho forever and I wont look back too much if at all. I know that Bernadette , had something to do in Boise, I know that Joni had to do her part time gig, and I’m even sympathetic to the being sick thing, been there done that. Hell last year near this time of year, I was so sick, I was running fevers of 102 to 103, popping Goodys powders like they were candy, taking antibiotics 4 times a day, and getting maybe 3 hours of sleep a night, and that was in amongst toewing at night. So I understand and am as said sympathetic, but if all agree to be here at a certain time at a certain day to do a task, then I expect given a 10 to 20 minute leeway due to traffic or driving, but be on time. I can’t just sit and wait all day or even a half day. Plus I don’t groove on empty promises. Mandy’s guy is a Marine, he fully understands that it’s a Marine’s code its do or die. If you engage see it through , get it done, or do not engage. Its part of the Marine Code of Honor, and that does not fade so fast, although I come from old skool Marine Corps.

Any mile, much to do even today Sunday. One more Day until pay day from the DOD, so will see ya’ll in the sky.

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
A civilization is built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided for them.
--Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
John 3:20-21“Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Flying the deep recesses of the dark, enter the sky of the Wolf

REMAN BLOG COVERwyldayre cover hedder

Good morning, it’s Monday. Yea I know so many ready to hit the tarmac ready for flying missions. If you’re here in the mountain west, might want to choose the no go option. Weather says, its going to be overcast from angels 1, to the floor above angels 2 not bad, but heavy turbulence can be expected.

Haven’t heard from Joni, all weekend, perhaps it’s a thing of guy pal not wanting her here, the fuss over her car from him Friday or a combination, but we see if she shows at 13:00, if not gotta look at other applicants.

Was trying to catch sleep, but the phlegm in my throat wouldn’t let me sleep so got up, dropped a needle on some albums, did some music mix downs, caught up on some paper work, after all taxes will be due soon, so got that done.

Things are moving in the right direction, thing is I’m not yet convinced this is it. Thoughts of Echo, Coalville or immediate area of Utah creeps into the brain. The drain is that there, I’m a half hour to an hour by ground to Salt Lake City. Meaning the resources I need the most are more available than chasing these tire kicker women who say they are all that and are in, then don’t return a phone call, or email. Again the question is, even after an initial meet and greet, if they don’t want the gig, be it bar manager, pin up girl, or co anchor on air for HazzardAyre/WyldAyre Radio, why not just say so? Even an email back saying , I been thinking and your gig is not for me. Then we are not wasting time of each other. I have wasted both time, money and sleep wondering, over many of these split tails, to the point, I’m just tired of it. Okay so maybe the Reaper is not for them, but The Sheep’s Pen? That could be cool, right? An aviators bar. Yet few can grasp the options. This should answer the questions of many of them as to why my rides suffer, no time to fix my own, dealing with gals who don’t get off their sweet hind ends. Or the small house, why not buy a house and plant roots? Why? I have yet to see anything that makes me jump and say this is the place, and as far as an office/studio in Twin Falls for the radio station? When I see and have concrete signed contracts of people on board that makes that a requirement, I’ll get excited about laying down cash from the stash for such a place. Right now its easier to retain the cash in our bank, run the radio gig from the Wolf’s Lair , and farm out those things to other places of what can’t do here.

With that said at 03:00 this old high flying canine is ready for the rack .

See Ya’ll on the radio, this afternoon.

L8R Aviators


Quote of the Day:
Show me someone content with mediocrity and I'll show you someone destined for failure.
--Johnetta Cole
Romans 5:3-4“Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

If I could just get a nights sleep


If I could just get a full nights sleep.

If its not the noises of the city, its having to get up for going toewing. If its not that its doing a SAR mission and if that wasn’t enough of course there’s the radio station and its network. If there’s no rest for the wicked , what is it for us that are doing Gods work?

In a real way one could say that the clubs are ministries. Reaching beyond the obvious and growing to degrees that I’d not had imagined when we were founded. The conversion of us from our roots to increasing our reach as a not so much obvious OTR truck custom group is one part of it. Back in 2008 with interests and a weaning affection of all things Dukes, the decision was made at Shorty’s saloon in Boise to begin some distancing our group from that of so much DOH and more OTR. It just so happened that SOA was on TV when nothing else would come in, and we became the heavy lifters and 18wheels of SAMCRO MC. In many ways we in fact became MC EXpress. With that in mind the only thing that came out of the old organization that has remained steadfast is the AyreWolvez.

It was once we got to Gooding that it was made clear that a full on radio gig and constructing a online Internet radio station for all who had diesel fuel in their veins was required. But we already had Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio, as it was in the original Hazzard Knytes. Of course there was us who had wings and things in our brains that started to drain, so we gave altitude to AyreWolf Radio. In late 2009 I had moved closer to where the OTA part of our media arm is, and I can tell you just one year it didn’t take long for Warbird Radio to come up like a SAM, right into our belly. The need to combine things Hazzard County and things AyreWolf Radio was needed.

So after a few brews one evening sitting up watching TV, and all I had just settled in and the name bolted me out of bed faster than a rising virgin pecker on prom night. HazzardAyre. But what about just a show for just military aviation? It was a year or so after that I thought hey we who push the edge of aviation in our flying are a bit wild. Thought was a wild hair in my butt, but after some thought WyldAyre was born and thus that’s us.

Of the 50,000 and growing membership of both organizations making 100,000 members nationwide under the umbrella of Confederate Steele Media, the Knytes-of-Anarchy/AyreWolvez has amassed a treasury of just under $300,million. But having money , doesn’t always mean the ability to use it wisely. Which is where I come in, and why my days and nights are filled with constant work. As the Executive Commander of the AyreWolvez as well as retaining authority as Executive Administrative Officer of the Knytes-of-Anarchy, its my responsibility to make sure funds are used intelligently.

While there is a President, currently deployed in the USMC, and a VEE-PEE also currently deployed, along with 60% of the entire membership, its up to 20 of us in various fields of expertise to make sure the will of the club and the Lord our God is done. But it does cause long days, longer nights and great stress. Which is why, I’d give just about anything to get a full nights sleep. This is why we as a club, mostly for my benefit, to hire some people to do some light lifting on club projects and work. This is what the gal recruiting was for last year about this time. Not just for pin up girl things but to put those things together. Nothing makes that easier than having another female do the recruiting and training. It wasn’t just for on air in the studio of both HazzardAyre and WyldAyre Radio. Of course there’s the question of , well you got one you owe money to for housekeeping, sure, but how do you pay someone when you don’t know how many hours they worked or a name to put on the check? The day she came, I was incoherent with a bad sugar day and really in bed. If she’d have left her name and how long she worked on a piece of paper on my living room table she’d been paid by now.

But that’s me, not the club. There’s albeit a fine line between the two, but the club is one thing, me and my domestic things is another.

Any mile, I’m checking out for the night, I’ll see ya’ll in the morning on the air.

Oh and to bring this in for a landing. Got an inquiry from some gal in Farmington Utah, funny I lived there. Any mile she asked what a warbird pin up girl is? Here’s what one looks like>735906_10151014578769567_903383914_oor>Rachel2 of course if you have to ask, what a pin up girl is you most likely are not cut out for this kind of photo work.

Keep it wings level

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
Smooth seas do not make for a skillful sailor.
--African Proverb
Proverbs 22:6“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

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If you have to ask, the job is most likely not your kind of job

Had a gal, from Farmington Utah email me on being a AyreWolvez pin up girl. Funny I used to live there and we were looking then.
She wanted more information, huh? A warbird aircraft is obvious, and a pin up girl is more obvious, bottom line, if ya'll have to ask you most likely are not one to be a pin up girl, to clarify, this is a pin up girl>

Any more questions?
See ya'll on the bounce around.
L8R Aviators,

Help comes from those who you don’t know

REMAN BLOG COVERawolf thunder hedder

So before I close the door and go to snore so I can be ripe for this evenings service. Since the Fair costs money gave that up. I can see events costing money , but just to get in? Bullsbreath. That ain’t the way of the Hazzard County Fair, nor that of the Cassia or Minidoka Fair. So decided to save money stay at home and recuperate from the past week and a half.

So was looking over my Facebook page, some guy named Jim, is down on his luck, hell who ain’t? Is needing help on some legal affair going on in Boise. I flat told him, get me the documents by overnight mail, and I’d get em faxed to the required people, plus have our legal eagles of which there are many pour over them and give advice. Jim asks I call him? Me call? Aren’t you the one who needs help? Just like the needs we ask of God. God does not step in unless we ask him to. WE have to pray to him to ask for help, WE have to extend ourselves to God, and then have faith he will act. Not always in our want but in his vision of the circumstances.

Of course there’s the Prime Directive of the Knytes-of-Anarchy that also applies to the AyreWolvez, not to get involved unless we are formally asked to.

There are those times however we do step in, especially when we see the need to expose political and Government especially Idaho and/or Yankee governments that are corrupt. But without having full knowledge of a situation, it becomes difficult at best to get involved.

Any flyte guys, this old Wolf is tyred, so get with me after 18:00 hours and we’ll look into this a bit more.

Couldn’t figure out what the desperado's were doing at the GodFathers. Outside of spreading garbage around that I stopped to clean up, and throwing a few kids play toys around that I put back where I figured they ought to go, and checking my Subaru which looked okay, I came home, ate and watched Church.

See ya’ll L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
If you’re looking for friends when you need them…it’s too late.
--Mark Twain
Proverbs 22:6“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

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