Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Daytona then ad production begins.


Well it begins in a week, the rip apart to transport the gear from Pocatello, to Buhl. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how one looks at it, is, I’ll be basking in the warmth of Florida, as I work with our pit crew and all at the Daytona 500.

I’ll be there week after next with barely cell phone service, that is Syringa works there, and that’s all.

Since I had all too many work on my laptops and my notebook puter, none of those work anymore and I can’t replace them, and pay for my food going to Florida and all, so I’ll be Internet inaccessible.

Now once I do rearrive back on these shores, it’ll be time to get serious about gathering on screen female models for the TV ads to tell folks to tune into both WyldAyre here as well as HazzardAyre Radio.

I wish I could get Sylver fired up, but her cold feet might have become frozen. So looking at getting talent from either Salt Lake City or Boise for the shoot.

Hey what did you expect? After all this is Twin Falls, not Hollywood, or Nashville, or preytell Miami, so no serious talent agencies here, and none for radio on air. Thinking of going 12 hours live, doing it myself, evenings through overnight, to 6:00AM, while I’m at work at Big C’s, run the network, then figure up something for afternoons, maybe throw AFRN or the Disney Radio thing on the FM afternoons.

Hey I wanted live 24/7/365, but there are nobody who wants to step in so why try finding?

But to generate both income and audience means TV and trade enthusiasts print, and that means hot legs and heels besides our hot wheels and studio. So we’re on the watch.

New money should be in our till by mid February enabling paying, and will also begin our transformation from orphan to rebel and able adult.

So if you’re a gal with a body, that wants to make bucks, best get in here for us to gander at ya’ll so you can be on our ads.

Long day, Monday, hope to see Sylver, but ain’t holding my breath. And ain’t going to beg.

L8R Ya’ll

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