Friday, January 17, 2014

Piss on Wikipedia the bullheaded fartknockers


Good Friday Morning

First some reputation damage control. Our illustrious Wikipedia page got taken down. After nearly a year of it being there a reference I made for HazzardAyre Radio in our page for Dixie Diesel Radio, Wikipedia’s geek squad decided to pull it. Oh bullshit byte my six. It’s nice and all, and you can bet your next annual inspection that the ballheaded fartknockers will be at the hangar doors in a few more weeks when we launch the radio werx again, but that wont happen until we get moved to Utah.

Okay then I think and I’ll bet a brewski that the person pulling the carpet from under our wheels was that Tracy bitch from MHI. Going by a name of I love Horses is a give away. I could be wrong and if I am will be happy to correct it here and on air. Funny though they left HazzardAyre alone for two years, but decided to pounce on Dixie Diesel. My opinion? MHI isn’t going to be happy until the Wolf Pack is outta here. Guess what, we ain’t fully going but I will be in a few weeks as well. Just need to finalize some things here, sell off a radio license to cover some costs in Utah, then I don’t care. It’ll be up to Ron or Rick how the station here runs. If it needs my attention 3 hours I’ll be here, then fly my ass back out. With the sheer thrill of knowing I ain’t in this stink hole no more.

Every time I get pumped up just a bit on delay of departure, some prick up there decides to kick me and the clubs in the groin. Even though even their little shit hole town, has benefitted from our clubs efforts. Oh well. Guess our crap is the only ones that stink and theirs smells like choco chip cookies.  I remember back on that whole ordeal, all I wanted was to go to work at a nuke power plant that never got built. The downfall was when, although I had signed up to do a local blog, when the fat cow sow that called and wanted me to write it, I just should have said NO. In fact I did, but she kept calling me back. So I wrote it, but apparently the area pubic there wasn’t to keen on being told that all their lives were being lived as a lie, that the government they swore to, was sinning. Guess what we told them, that now has came to pass , was and is just not passing gas.

Here’s the clincher, someday and it may take several years but these things do come around, but I’ll guarantee you that one day they’ll come to our area of Idaho, or be traveling through Utah, I’ll get called out, either through A1 or DixieWolf Toewing in Utah, and it’ll be, Oh I remember you, now you will pay double.

When it comes to Wikipedia , who really needs em? I’ll let the publicists take care of that.

Any myle , need to fly.

Keep it wyngz level.

L8R Aviators


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--Humpty Dumpty
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