Thursday, January 10, 2013

Please? A clear definition of exploitation ?

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I caught an email from one of the heads at RFDTV about our use of female flesh in that its over exploitation of women. Now this term is not a new one, since Chris Prudice over at KMVT said the same thing once, so I’d like to get a clear definition of the term exploitation of women? Is it only wrong when we do it? Or is it okay when RFDTV runs HeeHaw, or a program called the Cowgirl Chicks? Is it wrong to look for gals that would be good as a pin up painting on a F4U Corsair, or doing Daisy Duke look alike contest, but right when KMVT stages a America’s Next Top Model contest at the mall?

The first time the Knytes got into this was back when a famous line of jeans sponsored one of our hot rods for a major event at Firebird Raceway near Boise. The sponsorship came quite by accident , when I went to an old downtown department store that sold ladies ready to wear on one floor and Suzuki motorcycles in the basement. One of the marketing gurus was there saw our rod and said what if we backed that? The only stipulation was we find a hot honey to wear the jeans at the race. We thought no problem. Back then it wasn’t , today we’d really have a chore.

When the club took on the images of being an Teen version of the infamous ITA, who published Overdrive, that had a honey with a rig, 1974may-girl-232x300 that also had a spread in the middle imagesCAWR7OM8 may73_1_low that Overdrive has been tinkering with recently retro-covercropped people around the valley thought us foul and perves. Which by the way the word Pervert is simply defined as a rebel, with little to do with anything sexual. But I’m getting away from the point.

What constitutes exploitation or political correctness?

I’ll try to do a full feature on this Friday, but I’m so dizzy from flu meds I can’t see well right now.

Any mile can someone give me a full explanation of what is exploitation, or just showing pretty gal with a horse, or iron horse (Harley) or truck?

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