Thursday, November 29, 2012

So I did the newspaper sniff, wasn’t all that bad


So as planned and a grand surprise, got a visit from and did a interview complete with pics, with some lady reporter with the illustrious Times News.

Now then, do I really think the thing will really get printed? No, as few if anything the AyreWolvez have been working on or worked on , or was truly newsworthy that so many arrogant and ignorant reporters and outside of our squadrons news media department gives.

Forget the toy collections for in need kids, or the food collection, projects, forget the visit Vets like ourselves and those much older than us, that we do, no, forget that. Nobody especially in the news business here in this area care about that.

The turn off’s have easily been the assemblage of female models for ads for the squadron or to photograph for later airbrushing on vintage warbird aircraft. There is the simple spoof we did on the two words TOE and TOW, where I kissed the toes of a gal. The auditioning and casting calls for that were seen as being while not porn in itself was borderline.

Forget the fact for 5 years now, we have been trying to raise money for a Military Aviators Memorial wall, and a traveling wall for those who lost their lives in all wars from all military branches who wore a set of wings.

But hey I threw out the welcome mat, got interviewed and no we see if we get printed or shunned.

Internet has been on and off most of the day. And the wifi piggybacking from near by McDonalds is not all that stable. Look to have the problem fixed by next month, meaning by meeting time.

Speaking of which, the January meeting will be at I-Hop rather than Anchors. Call me if ya’ll have questions.

The spring all squadron conference will be in Salt Lake City, and a mini airshow, in Tooele, will be part of that conference.

Finally throwing out an invite for anybody web construction able to build the ultimate military air combat warrior web site. If that’s you, find my phone number on FaceBook, we have a page there.

Finally got to remind ya’ll looking for Miss AyreWolf and 11 2013 SheWolvez. Hey a part time job that pays $100.00 an hour ain’t bad, so if you think you have the bod and attitude, again call me or see me at Anchors.

Fly a good Day.

L8R Aviators

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So it was so it is Hoorah


I relish and enjoy old aged TV shows.

The treasured ones, especially of course, the Dukes-of-Hazzard, Airwolf, Movin On and yes B.J. & the Bear. and historically although not history accurate, BlackSheep Squadron.

What makes my mind roll is when I see actors from one show on another and think was this on before or after their hit gig?

Like last night on Movin On, I saw both Sonny Shroyer aka Enos DOH, and Ben Jones aka Cooter DOH on that episode, Ben was a wise guy, and Sonny was working for a Wise Guy(mobster) , so I think was this series on b4 or after the Dukes? Then of course guy who played Tubbs on Miami Vice was on Movin On , Wednesday.

The actors that are kids then, you think what do they look like now? And did they stay acting? Many childhood actors don’t.

James Earl Jones was on Highway to Heaven, Tuesday night, was Darth Vader b4 or after Highway to Heaven?

The list goes on , but you get the idea. Some stars retain their looks like Gunnila Hutchins from Hee Haw fame, then some pass on to the real Grand Old Opry in Heaven.  There is one, ya’ll know, just has to be.

Then ya’ll wonder, could such shows be produced even accepted today?

I’ve often thought what it’d be like to see a modern version of HeeHaw run todayhee-haw-logo could it be done? If so why run repeats? Roll out new programming that unites the two eras and introduces our youth to images and family values we enjoyed.

The answer I get from many is, it costs too much , or haven’t you heard we are in a financial depression? Perhaps, but during a economic downturn is just the right time to create new shows. Actors and actress's who would cost three times the cost who aren’t doing much today are thrilled to be working now if they get a gig. I say throw em a script and git-r-done.

One of the things I’m most proud of, although Dixie Toewing and all its extensions have had one helluva bumpy ride these last 6 years. But AyreWolf Aviation has not only kept up, but has exceeded in earnings and money income increasing 60% over those 6 years, every one of those 6 years. AyreWolf started in Utah and while Utah is more economically advantaged over Idaho, the fact is AyreWolf Aviation succeeded when I threw down, the chains of going toewing mostly over the high cost of going towing in Utah, and focused my efforts in getting into the air and staying there.

Will lightning strike twice? Who knows but could be.

Finally and I’ll get into this more Friday, the plans are being put together to stage a VMA214/VMF214 BlackSheep Squadron Reunion and AyreShow to be held at the Twin Falls Airport, in 2014.

Only 5 of the original lead flight members of the original squadron are still alive two of which are very frail. However we’ll get em here to pay tribute, if you’re a fan of military WARBIRD aviation, you have to be at this show.

Again more on this Friday.

Big day today, have an interview for the club at 14:00 so its bunk time.

L8R Aviators

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012



There are changes in season of everybody’s life where the choice of flyte paths needs to change.

For the past 35 years my butt has been planted in the groove of going towing in a tow truck when not flying.

However, in today’s tow business arena, is it worth busting ass in all kinds of weather for a few hundred dollars a week toews? Or get back in the air at $800.00 an hour flying?

Consider this, if I tool on a bike building into a chopper project, I might get back $75,000.00 of the final price of $200,000.00 in the total price of the build.

If I restore a vintage warbird , I can get a return on investment of nearly $3,million after the final price is paid for the build.

Which one would YOU choose?

For now I twittle over at A1 with Charlie and crew, Charlie takes care of the money, but My eyes are more on finding a spot at a nearby airport, build a hangar, build and restore warbirds and military choppers of the flying kind, hey Hazzard County Choppers could as easily build helicopters as we do bikes.

As far as toewing, not tossing in the towel, just putting the idea on a nearby shelf until such time as I can figure out a place to run it where I can still get enough calls to get a return on that investment.

More Thursday.

L8R Aviators

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

WarByrd TV? Enter AyreWolf TV

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If you do a Google or even a BING search for a TV show on any channel or network, you will not find anything on a show featuring warbird aircraft.

The few that are on such networks as the Military Channel or the History Channel are few, if any.

Enter in AyreWolf TV, a weekly episodic TV show featuring all vintage and even currently in service military warbird aircraft including helicopters, such as the Apache and Cobra.

Along with the aircraft, you’ll see , the history, including that of pin up girls used for many nose art paintings, and so on.

The project is under development , but should be airing sometime in the fall of 2014.

More overnight tonight here on WyldAyre.

Happy Thanksgiving

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--Jane Wagner
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Looking at retiring

I think everyone looks in the mirror and says this ain't it anymore.

For me, and although this is very early in the flyte plan of mine, still after nearly 37 years of towing, battling with unfair law enforcement call out lists, outdated equipment I can't afford to replace right now, the thoughts are simply to restore LexiBelle to her original or nearly original condition with just a click of custom, and then only drive it in parades and similar.
The rest of the time, FLY. 
With the lifting of FAA regs of weight requirements or limitations of aviators(pilots) and all, plan is, find a good air school to recertify, my GA. Talk to Cousin Gordon, in Alaska, get him to relinquish the hold on the aircraft in Utah, find a hangar in the valley here, and move that aircraft here , and fly during the summer, spraying crops, plus air rescue , and running air freight. 
The rest of the time spend more time with my Fly Brothers in the AyreWolvez, build that back up along with AyreWolf Radio and then just relax.
While its premature right now I'm considering this very strongly.
Plus with Charlie also a owner of a very successful tow service here, I'd not want to be in direct competition with him, considering he'll be doing payee duties for my Social Security funds etc. Which is 80% of the reason I moved from Burley here to Twin Falls. 
What company I run the tow service although none operational but would be on the doors of LexiBelle is undecided right now, but getting AyreWolf Aviation back in the air and on the air is strongly becoming a strong priority.
But with only a few hours for sleep, until I call Charlie for 411 on today's duties, I bid ya'll adue
Happy Thanksgiving

Beware of TV ad's and mail order

I don't usually like posting things that trashes any one thing so I won't. That said I see many products advertised during the breaks that normally are set for local stations, of which both Cable-One and even a few other TV stations here don't have sponsors for, including KBAX TV here in Twin Falls.

RTV TV Network was bought by RFDTV and is ran under the Family Net/Rural TV banner here.
Which is good, since Cable One was too stuck up to put those networks on their system, but there is a hang up here.
Family Net / Rural TV is ran by a Church, no big deal after all even churches need to make a dollar, problem is KBAX does not have its own sales team. Meaning to buy time on there one has to go to the network.
If you remember , RFDTV was the network that pitched the plan for us at KDXC Radio in Gooding when me and Nurse GoodBody was there to go nationwide doing the early morning show raking in a whopping $200K a month. If only all would have stuck together there. But that's a story for another entry.
What I do see , is countless products, that are poorly made, and less than always backed by those making and selling these products. In many cases if you need to return something , good luck in getting your money back. Like Strutz foot sox. Touted as a relief for all day standing feet, is not what they are made out to be. Makes ya'll wonder where the Family Values Holier than thou KBAX and so on as well as Rural TV, value their viewers by allowing a con game on their channel/ Network.
And they all had a problem with me smooching a toe on TV or a gal in a flight suit, by a vintage warbyrd for AyreWolf Radio.
Getting the drift.
But I and the AyreWolves never give up, watch that network for ads for HazzardAyre and AyreWolf Radio coming in a few months.
Have bad news, yee old AyreWolf here has diabetes. Yep me does. FAA has issued a waiver, but still, had a too high sugar episode Tuesday at work, so stayed at the new Wolf's Den at the intersection of Washington and Addison in Twin Falls, yesterday, rested and will call in to see if Charlie needs me. If not , hauling over to check on LexiBelle in Burley and then to Charlies Cafe( no relation to each other) there in Burley to chow down.
Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Divine Reminders


There are times you get quick reminders of why things are going in a certain direction.

The goal of most people who rent property to others to reside even exist in, is to charge more for the property than what they are willing to put into the property to maintain it, or upgrade it.

Burley has little in the way of building codes much less anyone to enforce them.

Consider the Evergreen here where I rest my tyred bones at night. If the heater kicks in generating little in heat by the way, the TV goes dim for a second, the lights look like they're about go out.

If you hook a coffee pot to the same circuit, well lets say its not good. I’m waiting for a fire to break out here, then somebody at city hall will go, “ ah George, I think we goofed here” Of course there are property owners that do maintain their places. My new property owner and bean counter and distributor for me, Charlie has places and there’s no farting around. New Leaf Properties will really hurt if Charlie expands and gets serious about renting housing.

So I go into the shower, go to step in, when its normally hot, not this time, ice cold.

Then there is Chris of whom I rent our shops from. Together we pay $325.00 a month, the power is included, and if the place had a shower I’d never would have moved , Internet or cable included or not. Quite frankly, if it weren’t for those two last item, Internet and cable included nobody would move in these fly traps.

Most of the other tenants are either Meth heads, tweakers, or worse. But hey its Idaho where popular culture and laws have never made a unison.

Okay as promised .

After watching KSAW TV 6(ch-3 cable one) here, and only for the news and the Big Bang Theory, I have found that most if not all the people on the news team are drop dead gorgeous. Michelle Edmonds , just takes your breath away, as well as the rest. Which is why I am willing to say, might contribute to the nearly no asking for advertising new clients. They have enough.

As I close, until after the first of the year, I’ll be offline. Until I get some bills paid and all for cable and well Internet.

So get in touch via cell phone or wait until I get back online.

When I do get back on. I’ll relate to you the conditions that brought me to go dark for a spell.

Until Then, Keep it Wings Level,

l8R Aviators


Quote of the Day:
It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native criminal class except Congress
--Mark Twain
1 Peter 3:18“For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit.”

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Email Sex Scandall or Republican Slam and just who is the FBI working for?


During the Clinton administration after Bill won his second term, the Republican’s started hammering away at both Bill and his wife. Ultimately the Lewiski thing surfaced in about the same process. Somebody blew a whistle and Bill was beaten.

Today , now that Obama kicked the ass of the Republicans in the election, we have our FBI/CIA, beating two esteemed military Generals of rank only a few achieve, just because of some slightly sticky emails.

Damn, people , grow the hell up.

Who hasn’t played whoochee with a female employee. Or sent emails that until they say quit or I’m calling the fuzz, we try and swoon the younger super hotties. Why? Mostly because mama at home ain’t doing the right night moves.

Okay then so lets look at this, in its uncovered no bull form, Clinton Lewiski, Obama, The two Generals. Will there be the mysterious stain on the shoes of Miss Jill Kelley? I don’t think so.

But the question remains , who is the CIA/FBI working for? Our President, or Congressman , John Bonner?

Is there some real reason this deserves major news air, or something that is harmless? You be the judge.

Now there’s 411 Jill Kelley has ties to Boise. Paula Broadwell’s mother lives in Boise.

Who cares , and besides who cares if the General was getting some touchy feel , while the gal was helping him write his autobiography.

Was it the General that started the affair, if you really want to call it that, ? Or did a gal, intrigued and awed by a high ranking military officer, want some of that extra special seed?

So far there is no indication of real serious sexual contact.

But I think its more of a Republican slap back to the Democrats and President Obama.

Next entry, my thoughts of KSAW and why they might just be winning the sales race in the Twin Falls area of Idaho.

L8R Aviators


Quote of the Day:
The depth and the willingness with which we serve is a direct reflection of our gratitude.
--Gordon T. Watts
1 Peter 2:15-16“For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people. Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves.”

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Monday, November 12, 2012

What did you do on Veterans Day?

PAPPYS LOG MASTERwyldayre hedder

What did you do on Veterans Day, today?

Did you go about your normal daily routine? Or did you stop, to buy a Veteran a cup of coffee? Did you stop and think, and honor any of the men and women in our nations military, no matter what branch?

If not , shame on you.

Did you stop and consider those who died in the war between the states? How about our Confederate Veterans? Do you stand and put your hand over your heart and honor our Southern Heritage, when the Dixie National Anthem is played, like you do when the Star Spangled Banner is sounded?

Do you know that the melody called TAPS, that’s played at all military graves and burials was created or written, by a Confederate Soldier? Do you realize that Arlington National cemetery was the front lawn of Robert E Lee’s homestead? If not perhaps you should.

Aside from that honoring our military is very simple and might cost you $10.00, by buying a Vet a meal, a cup of java, or even a brew.

All too many want to make political points, or make money of our military people and military celebrations, yet a slap on the back and a thank you , goes a long while.

None of us who have served including myself don’t do it for grandeur or praise , we do it because our nation needed us and still does.

The average citizen, seldom sees the carnage, has skin peel off your feet after wearing all too soggy boots and socks, in some rainy jungle under fire, eating C rations for weeks at a time, seeing dead in all too many places yet, for those of us who have it’d be nice of those at home to try and understand, and be patient and considerate, with us bearing conditions like PTSD or Polar Disorder, but if the average citizen experienced what we have and did, they might.

Sure my service was spent strapped inside of an AV-8 Harrier then later a Cobra, but still I saw all too much to forget. Then returning to my home, seeing my homestead gone, sold by those all too eager to get their pockets full, seeing the house I was born in bulldozed, and outside of two or three people Ricky and Ron, but the rest of the things I held in my heart and head that helped me in those dire hours on base, and seeing friends injured and dead, now just gone. If that happened to you, you might come away with a different point of view.

That’s why I’m so thankful for friends like Charlie and Jered at A1 Towing in Twin Falls. True Charlie did take away my Mustang, last year , but hey its business. But dig this Charlie rented me a house, and will be taking care of my finances as I struggle to rebuild both Hazzard County Choppers, and Dixie Toewing. And yes as soon as possible and space can be found, AyreWolf Aviation, but here’s the clincher. If more people were like Charlie and crew, more Veterans that come home, might not feel so ostracized.

So I ask you, what did you on Veterans Day Today? If you did nothing for a Veteran , SHAME ON YOU !!! , if you did honor a Vet, thank you.

Keep it wings level,

L8R Aviators

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Quote of the Day:
Speak in anger and you'll give the greatest speech you'll ever regret.
1 Peter 2:15-16“For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people. Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves.”

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