Sunday, January 20, 2013

I hate moving stuff around or rearranging furniture


I hate moving stuff around or having to rearrange the furniture.

As yesterdays edition of WyldAyre Radio will attest , sensitive radio gear does not like being handled. As such many things of the most fidelity, did not function well. But I did after all mutter through.

Yesterday the guys once again thought it might be keen to unroll the idea of a big stink, contest. The concept being that we’d get as much used, well worn nylons in the studio, so our studios have that same aroma that Hooter Bar & Grills have. It’s a cross between much synthetic fiber and not yet putrid feet. It’s a pleasant aroma. Plus we thought it’d be kinky hinky for such things to be on display in our foyer .

With nearly 5000 square feet on the bottom floor and nearly the same up stairs the new home of Confederate Star Media/Southern Steele Productions is going to be as much southern fight the system none union Yankee as we can muster.

The fact that big husky guys like legs and thighs in sheer and colored hose, even if not against our lips or nose but even just on display for our eyes, as visual eye candy, will be just dandy.

Can you imagine folks strolling by going to the bank from the bar walking past our studios? Seeing all those things that just border the politically incorrect? From our rebel flags, to those nylon hose flying off the sides of those walls?

However there’s much to do. The top floor needs to be strengthened, to withstand some serious weight. Considering our TV station and studios, including sound stage will be up there.

Sylver’s guy, will be doing the main electrical work, but we’re going to need video techs, carpenters , plumbers, and cement and stone contractors.

Buhl City is to vote on certificate of occupancy on their next meeting , then its go to town on rebuilding the home of southern fried wyld ayre radio and TV in the Mountain West. And a few others wanted to bail. A few did bail. Then there’s a few that have stayed faithful. Now if I could just get Sylver to drop by later this evening or Monday evening before or after school.

Did you see Country’s Family Reunion Show on RFDTV ? They had Crystal Gayle on there. A bit older but time has been kind to her. Thing is that series is at least 14 years old. What if someone were to build a similar program, only it be running today>? Not just a rerun, but a modern version? Or like HeeHaw and a few others? But do it live and new today? Not many live TV shows on today. Radio is only partly that way. After all , And I’ll attest to this, its difficult to get already trained and talented people to sit behind a radio board these days, no matter how much you pay.

But I truly moving this radio gear and equipment around. It’s heavy, and delicate at the same time. Kinda like those nylon hose we bark about, durable to a point but very delicate and susceptible to getting seriously messed up at the same time.

As I close to get ready to go back on ayre this evening into morning, Sylver and the rest of ya’ll take a few pairs of some of your most fragrant hose, put em in a envelope , and send to:

SAMCRO MC Idaho, 120 Washington #1 Twin Falls Idaho 83301,

oh and remember ya’ll could walk away with, $10k grand prize or one of the other cash prizes.

L8R Aviators,

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