Wednesday, January 2, 2013

When its minus 3 degrees outside things go kaput

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So there I was cranking out HazzardAyre Radio and the line out went dead. Connections okay, bill paid, nope, the problem was that one of good old CenturyLinks servers in their building downtown froze. All going good now, but how long is a slight crap shoot.

So then, I’m still quirked over the gal Jenna that called me wanting money, for nothing. What did she do? Come over here after I don’t know how many phone calls, then with a baby, no fashion show practice, no on air, and not able to concentrate due to commitments elsewhere. Not too mention wanting me to help with her Mexican boyfriend she’s going to marry so he can get his green card. All on my time that she was supposed to be working. Less than a week and a half of crap, making Charley piss’d at me. Promising to go to the Christmas party, really? Only person that went with me after Charles called urging me out there. He was disappointed. Perhaps if she would have went with along with Helen they’d met one of our major investors as well as my friend and mentor. More over the guy who signs the checks.

And she wanted money for this? I may look like a backwoods Appalachian American(redneck) but I ain’t stupid. Then of course there’s Helen. She has a sort of excuse, but didn’t I offer a way out before her ex blew a fuse? She’s here in the mix but I need someone that’ll do the work, be here on time and not ask me to be ultra SuperWolf. Or lead me to the water bucket and then not let me drink.

I know our operation is out of left field. It’s not the LDS Seal of Approval company, and our style of radio and media being as dedicated to all things Hazzard County and the southern movement. But damn Sam, I’m not asking for a wife here, although if one were to consider same I wouldn’t say no, but I’m looking for someone to sit side saddle with me and or 3 others behind a mic and make the award winning radio and eventually TV that we are all about. Not me skipping doing business to make this happen, for people to show up that don’t, having to detour my duties both to Charley, my own tow service as well as to the club that makes this all why we do and why I do it in the first place. And she and Helen wanted a paycheck in the morning. Someone’s really out to lunch, a big hole in their screen door. In fact Jenna was about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

Now then there is this Christy. While she’s not a petite butterfly type of a gal, she’s got, I think the moxy, to get the job done. We’ll see if she passes the moxy test Thursday, meaning she should be wearing nylons, a skirt, and her feet and toes should be clean. Never know if I decide to put lips and nose to those toes in hose, for the toew tag smooch. Reason for that, is simple, if they pass that moxy test, then I know they have the determination and attitude, to do or will do anything within reason, that is asked, whether by me or a film or video director, like Caesar .

So if you wondered about my day, now you know.

Went out to coffee with our MSGT, to the Magic Valley Mall. Where in a month we will be staging both the Miss Hazzard County Pageant as well as the Miss AyreWolf Pageant. Both of these carries a Grand prize of a modeling/talent contract worth $250k. That’s all being set up by our new producer Caesar. Now if we can get a few of his hot honey pals involved we got it made.

But I’m still miffed about both Jenna and Helen, guess recruiting from CraigsList is not the best resource, since the few that might look into it are not pro broadcasters. But hey if I was just doing in home health care assistance, for a few hundred bucks a month, and a job, that will pay her $7k a month, I’d be sticking my toes in hose under anyone's nose. More over being here on time to train. But that’s why prospects are 30 day unpaid interns to make sure they in fact do have the moxy. The Knytes and especially the AyreWolvez deserve only the best.

Just hope this Christy is everything she looks like she can be.

Bigger place that in overnight.

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
Alcohol, if taken in sufficient quantities, produces all the effects of intoxication.
--Oscar Wilde
Psalm 90:12“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

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