Thursday, January 24, 2013

So sorry to say good bye but hey that’s the radio business.


I hate to say good bye to anyone, especially those that at first seem to have the right attitude towards our radio gig, but when many hear the words , 3 to 6 month no pay internships , they rapidly loose interest.

So it is, that for her own reasons, even Sylver decided to drop off our radar, even to the degree she sees my green light on her Facebook page saying I’m on line and she signs off until I’m gone. I don’t need a brick outhouse to fall on me to know she’s saying thanks but no thanks.

I really wish we didn’t have to put people off, on hiring, I’d like to have it where we started paying right off the tarmac. But sales of advertising is slow, but that’s always the case in radio and even TV. Thing is when we did pay the big bucks right off, especially women, they’d come in, we’d spend about $4,000.00 in training, then paying for some on air time. They’d make what in many jobs would be worth a years wages, then quit.

So we’d be there holding her chair, no one there. It was constantly calling, booking air time etc, to the point the club said, nope not going to do that any more. Honey you show us what you got, then we’ll talk about a paycheck. Kinda like a 3 month long audition.

With recent developments here with the two Mexicali mom and the one trying to be one, not doing anything , then wanting a paycheck, the club reaffirmed its policy, show up , train, then lets talk dollars.

With models and such for a variety of projects, for visuals, its different. We expect to pay up front, but only if they show up for a shoot. If they are there on time, in make-up and hair, ready to shoot, its half of a predicted time period for photography, the other half when the shoot is done and the proofs are final. Let’s face it, $800.00 for a spring or summer days work, is not bad. But then the talent is out the door after signing legal releases and they’re history unless they want to come back in the future. That’s where some of these none paid interns , make money with us, right away. That’s why I suggest the toe in the face thing right away, hey if they too can model, the talent can make immediate money, which is what I had in mind for Sylver.

Of course there is the first impression, many have never worked with a radio or rock star before, even so they see the bucks and glamour. But here we are not rock stars, even so many of them looked like something the cat drug in. As far as my little Rat rod style S-10. Sure it needs work, I’d like to, problem is, when have I had time? Radio, A1, my toew service, time in the hangar, home, shower, and if I’m lucky 4 to 6 hours of sleep and that’s on slow weeks and days. Second those who don’t know the difference between an old rat rod truck, and seeing a trailer show queen, don’t need to apply here in the first place. With us its build the thing, drive it till in blows up, rebuild it, then drive it again. Always improving the looks, or style or changing the rides attitude. But that should not be a judgment call on behalf of what we do here on WyldAyre Radio.

Then of course, there’s my threads and hair. Okay haven’t cut it in a year. Hell I’m 54 years old, what’s on my head it took two years to grow, and even if I did want to do something with it, when do I have time? It’s not about the money. Its how I am, accept me as I am, or don’t be here, that simple. But don’t count WyldAyre out because of that.

Then there is the evil mysterious spooky thing of going to someone’s house. Ooohh , hey its no big deal. What am I supposed to do, spend the clubs money on a second studio here in Twin Falls, and still nobody shows up? We did that in Gooding for nearly three months. I’d rather train a few good people here at the house, then in a month have em show up in Buhl, as well as our studio we are getting back in Gooding.

Hell it was a bunch of street honeys that suggested us to be in Twin, in 2009, between the $500.00 I had to cough up for a place here, the $1,000.00 for the network gear to link the two together and all, its no wonder I was short back then and had to wait for money from the club to pay for our place in Gooding in the first place. I should have just said, this is where the job is, come here and work, or don’t work here. Which would have thinned out the herd.

Any mile, yes it’s bad to say Good Bye, but that’s the radio business.

Taking tonight off to catch some personal time, see all Saturday.

Medicine Man with AARON Philips will be at the Canyon Crest at 9:00PM Friday. One of the best light shows there is. I’m going to try and make it.

L8R Ya’ll

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