Friday, December 28, 2012

Another day off the tarmac

Well here I is, tried to update some crap from our normal blog creator via Microshyts LiveWriter, can't be sure but maybe a critter chewed on some wires or something. 
None the less, I'm writing.
Somebody at coffee asked me just why I do this and why the radio station? Simple, I don't want to see the many military aviation veterans get treated or forgotten like I was, when I got back into albeit not so normal civilization.
When I got back simple forgot to pay bills were no longer allowed simply because, in the mid east and south Pacific where I was, there's not an online bill pay station. More over a TCI or now Cable One pay place, who was I going to pay it to, Chairman Moew? Come on now. Then there was the social skills, I thought I had mastered , but hey I was elsewhere for nearly 25 years, the USA and especially the Idaho I re-entered was no where near , what I had left. 
People were more mistrusting, and suspicious than when I left. Many of the Knytes had done got married or left or both, few to lean on. The reason the AyreWolvez was created , aside from the fact most of us are in love with these birds we flew and all in the service, was to have a resource for all military aviators to bond and find help of all kinds when needed. 
Okay sure we love hot babes posing with our planes and all, and yes on air on our radio show many of us like that, its kind of the Howard Stern, Robin Quivers thing, hey it works for Howard, could work for us. One AyreWolve male is the main anchor while a female SheWolve is co anchor. Both work off each other, doing bits, comedy, call in stuff etc.
But The radio gig goes much further and deeper.
The radio gig is here to inform our ayre brothers of what is going on in military circles, news of their squadrons, also public resources, from mental health to where to get help with hard earned benefits. 
Our station hourly runs Armed Forces Radio News, news from the Pentagon Channel and others. We are the military information source. No other radio or TV station has our inside connection, and few even if they did reports our news.
That's why the radio gig is here.
Many do not love us who put on a uniform, as long as they wake up each morning, are able to take a pee , put on their makeup and tie their shoes, they give no idea or thought to us who made it to where they could do those things in somewhat freedom, although freedom is a funny word these days, and yes the Ayrewolvez and the Knytes-of-Anarchy are supporters of the Confederate States and Sons of Confederate Veterans, simple truth is that is the only answer to save what remains of this nation. 
That said, this is why we are here and why we do what we do.
So why if we pay outsiders big pay checks when I'm out of money myself? Its because outside employees are just that , OUTSIDE employees, AyreWolvez members including me, do what we do, because of our assumed duty to the club and our fellow Ayre brothers , our military aviator brothers, that's why.
Over night you might get a few temp posts as we iron out our system, I am sorry for that, but we should have that all corrected Wednesday.
L8R Aviators
Col. Montgomery