Saturday, January 26, 2013

What a day Friday was?

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My what a day yesterday was. Started out, from 06:00 to 10:00 puking my guts out until there was nothing to puke out and all was left was bile. So took my Nexium and tried to catch some sleep. So then got that fateful phone call, about a Craigs List posting. What Craigs List posting? Hell I told Big C that I had pulled all my CL postings and I did. Plus will not post there. When the time is right and all is in order, if the club wants to do photos of babes and byrds fine, we call an agency Boise of Utah, and do it that way.

So this one wants to meet at 19:00 at the Depot Grill here. Okay fine, figured I’d see Ricky there with Toby, she’d see me since obviously she was trying to set me up, since she knew me but I not her, and who says the pics she sent were of her? Could be anybody, so any flyte figured I’d catch grub with Ricky, if she did show, there’d be others seeing it.

So then by 13:00 I go out with a flying buddy over to Buhl, with thoughts of going aloft. Nope , decision of go, no go, was no go due to inclimate weather approaching , so we did maintance on his byrds for farm aviation until 17:00. Came home met with Todd, went to the meet and greet and hopefully grub with Ricky. Rickey got tied up with Toby, so I stayed at the Depot, until 20:00, went back over with Max in Buhl, and tooled on some more of his byrds(aircraft) , then came home at 23:00 , only to find that gal, sending me an email, about calling pin up girls hoes. Really, I never wrote that, in fact I admire the pin ups that brought many moments of comfort to many military aviators in time of war and conflict. Like I said once, think someone was setting me up, and I figured it out. Thing is they can’t do that any more. Changed passwords on all accounts.

It’s a shame, that folks can’t leave anybody alone. Yes I know if your in entertainment in any way, and you start gaining any altitude , your going to get the hecklers, and ones that once they ignored you or disguarded you, now want something. I’ve seen it way too many times.  I mean shyt instead of being congratulatory of your success , they want to trash you.

Added to that identity theft, intellectual theft and so on. If we soon don’t heed the warnings of Jefferson Davis first President of the Confederate States, of absorbing the southern way of government, this nation is going to collapse, under its own weight of fear and oppression.

Whatever happened to just common decency and freedom? What happened to pure innocence ? So what you put a hot gal with a hot rod in a mini skirt? Don’t mean your going to bed with them. So what you have a gal in a flight suit, pose so an airbrush artist can put an image on a warbird, don’t mean your trying to make em your old lady. And so what you have em meet you at the house to have java for a meet and greet. While there might be a tendency to do the wyld thing in that respect, don’t mean your going to. Hell the club, even as teens we met at our house near West-Point, Idaho, nobody was after anything except having fun with CB’s, building rides and Jimmy and I and the band playing music. But not today.

I remember a friend of mine, not too long ago, that got sent up , on a L&L charge, because some girl came over and hung around his shop. Shyt we all as kids hung around that shop, built many hot rods, and nothing was thought of. Hell the guy fixed all too many peoples cars and trucks that couldn’t pay just to be kind.

It’s a sad day for America, when we have made it this way, and there is only two salvations left, divine involvement of the second coming of Jesus, and the Confederate States of America becoming the government of the entire union of America.

Any flyte, meds kicking it, time for bed at 03:40 1/26/2013.

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.
--Franklin D. Roosevelt
James 4:10“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

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