Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another great day in the Tragic Valley


Another great day so far in our Tragic Valley.

Before I get to my usual ramblings need to clarify some things that have yet to register.

While there is a lot of thought going into a relocation for myself, nothing will transpire until mid year next year as far as a full move.

True over the summer I will be in Utah, I’ll be going to air school to advance my flying ratings and all, and looking over the area, but I’m not divorcing myself from our illustrious area just yet. In fact I might not at all. Recent findings of places in Bliss, Gooding and back home in Hazzard as well as an original location in Tuttle, gives thought of what if?

Plus I’d have to sell off KDXB, and thing is as long as I have been incubating KDXB and all, what 39 years or so, I’m not yet ready to ditch it just yet. It’s just like so many things in our area, unlike many metro areas, here it takes a lot longer for a tree to bare fruit, than it might in say metro Utah.

Plus I can remember too thinking here was great until I moved here. It’s like the old saying , the field across the road is only greener until you have to mow it. Plus there’s the weeding. The fact that Metro Utah , is much more expensive on real estate, and yes I can rent office space there for about what I’m paying here residence wise, and yes until I got to smelling like the inside of a bull wagon, I could possibly live there, but I ain’t exactly sure that’s what I’d want to do. So there’s a lot of water that needs to flow through the ditch , long before I pull up the tent and migrate.

Now then, a new fox has came forth, will see her this afternoon at 17:00, will see if she remembers to wear nylons, will see if she puts forth the toe, without an explanation, and will see if she manages to have , what I hope will be, the beginning of the pin up girls we need. We need 12 all together plus two to be the pitch or main focus models we use for all visual TV ad’s etc. So we see what goes on there.

Good old MaBell, gave me until the 8th to get the LandLine bill paid, thank you MaBell, will get that done.

Then going into Smiths to snag my snuff today was short a buck, in paper cash, so had to use coins. But the cashier had trouble counting that $1.00 in change. Really? Has our educational system become so mechanized and all that our youth and not so young can’t even count change, without a computer or calculator.

This little old lady , nice as she was , was a bit irritable as well watching. Counting change under pressure should be one of the first things they test for in such jobs.

To be fair when I worked at I-80 Texaco in Bliss years ago when there still was an I-80 Texaco/RoadRunner in Bliss, I had trouble doing that, but too, I wasn’t supposed to be the cashier, and two the day I was cashiering I was working on tires, filling a rig with diesel, and still trying to run the cash box, It was like hey, give me a helper. Got through it, and to be kind to Amanda at Kixx on Addison, maybe she was frazzled too, it happens. I like that Kixx66 better than any here. Skoal is less expensive and the attitude better.

The question came overnight, so what about you?

Hey I like being all warm and cuddly with a gal, just like any other male corpuscle, but it hasn’t happened for so damn long that I wouldn’t know someone showing a genuine interest unless she completely threw herself at me. Plus the games so many play these days and all the can’t do that any more things, its like why bother?

Sure models for pin up’s TV ad’s fine. Its like Grandparents, you get the kids for a few hours, give em your money, but at the end of the day you get rid of em, and go back to some assemblance of peace.

To me that’s good, but with my schedule and all, I don’t know if I could handle a steady dose of live in or personal female relationship stuff. Hell I get nervous just having some gal touch me on the shoulder. And kids close? No way. There was one bunch over in Rupert , there at what I call the mouse house, which would have been if the neighbors dogs hadn’t been chasing the cats away, and two , the Mexicali family had cleaned up after themselves better.

But that same family , the wife was such a mean old gal, the kids would huddle over next to my door, and chat with me , rather than go home. The boys I wasn’t all too concerned about, but the three girls one 4 the other 2 barely, and the other 8, I was always ready to hear the words, from somebody like , Hi , I’m Chris Hansen from MSNBC . Or at least the fuzz. Granted I’d never even think of things in that way, but how do you prove that. Prosecutors have ways of coercing confessions or at least testimonies out of kids , even if it IS a bold faced lie. Want proof of that? A former associate, Les Lynch in Hagerman, has three absolutely drop dead gorgeous daughters, all well adjusted, well mannered and successful. Provided transportation in fixing cars and trucks for I don’t know how many people of Hazzard, gave many kids including me summer jobs scrapping cars, but a young gal, came over and was crying, sitting next to not on the lap of , but on a stump next to Les, her mom caught it and decided to press charges. Les is in the big house. Why ? Because he has a heart. Tried to be kind to a crying little girl.

So folks wonder why I gets nervous?

Any way, see ya’ll l8r on the radio.

WyldAyre in on tonight at 23:00.

See ya’ll

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A civilization is built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided for them.
--Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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