Thursday, January 3, 2013

Overnight happenings here


There are those weak moments in a morning that are for internal meetings, and overnight chats.

In the case of the AyreWolvez these meetings are held during times that those officers that are still deployed in military aviation in Afghanistan and other places can join in, plus Skype works best at night here which is almost mid day there.

Discussions ran the course of those trying to trash the club, as well as snuff out the radio station project.

One thing that really got under my skin was hearing from HQ that people were hammering A1 about this radio gig. For goodness sake, don’t people not read these blogs entirely? READ IT !! Again and I need to stress here, Charles and A1 has little to do if anything with the Knytes-of-Anarchy. Yes one of his employees is one of the founding 15 , Ricky, but that’s it. All Charles does is sign my Government checks each month that’s it. He is my main bean counter, friend, advisor that’s all. Beyond the clubs operations and activities are those of the club, not , REPEAT , NOT that of or has nothing to do with that of A1 Towing. I hope that get’s in your small brains.

I know its cold outside , but at even 11 degrees, you’d think, that certain things would sink into the brains of those outside of you the members of the clubs, who read this.

Damn get it straight.

Now then moving on, quite frankly I can see why other radio stations have went with syndicated programming during the day except for prime drive times or go to work, go home hours. Its because the level of available on air talent, is really thin if even available here.

Sure by fairness, I will say that the fight the system, rebel , anti-establishment style of radio is not the NORM, but what is the NORM?

Let’s look at the history of HazzardAyre.

In 1978 it was Hazzard County, then , Radio that brought Doctor Ruth Wertheimer's Sexually Healing to local radio. All other radio stations here stayed away from such things. Why? Hazzard County Radio and its sister Dixie Diesel Radio were created to be the voice of the American Trucker as well as those of us who tow. As such there were issues and concerns those who tuned wanted to know and learn about. Instead of being trashy, we came on board with a renowned expert in the field of human relationships. On the other end of the scale, Hazzard County Radio came on with live, flag to flag coverage of NASCAR then Winston Cup, now Sprint Cup racing. We were and continue to be the only , and I mean ONLY affiliate of MRN, Motor Racing News Network. Same went for NHRA Drag racing. Of course we also then , we did old radio dramas live. Those old radio dramas that your parents and grandparents can tell you about, from the, Green Hornet to the Lone Ranger, and of course Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans. But we went further.

We had script writers that would come up with hillbilly style things and we’d do em up. The only difference with us and TV was you could only hear us, but it kept countless over the road truckers entertained with something other than Shania Twain music.

So of course, no we are not the NORM. Can any new talent measure up to that ? Now? Perhaps not. But thing is quite frankly, I can run this radio gig all by myself. I do not really need that much help here. There is piped in sources that we use now. I hit live overnight. The only reason we have yet to move into the place even in Buhl, is that to date to save money, I do my live gig overnight in my house in my room , and the radio board and all is in my room as well. As I have said to countless people, until I have enough of an on air, and full production staff, I am running this as it is.

I put the things up on CraigsList pretty much as an after thought. Some of my own tow crew and club members were seeing all too many awake hours and no sleep hours. Hey I’m 54 years old, the mind may say git-r-done, but the body says roll over and go back to sleep.

In the prime example, and there is a side note here. but what works for Howard Stern, works here. Howard has Robin Quivers. I once too , had a Robin, Miss Dixie Diesel 1973. Robin came in, sat down in her mini, and in two weeks of simple training could roll out a show that was award winning in fact we did win quite a few awards including two Grammy’s.

Thing is, I can run this radio station all by myself, I don’t need anyone in it. the fact that I opened this port was just a kindness, but getting kicked in the teeth about it all the time. Bullstuff.

I don’t need it.

HazzardAyre and WyldAyre radio will air from here, or even Utah if needed to be. But it will air and yes there will be plenty of those pissing about it, for years to come, of why and oh my goodness I could have been there.

There are plenty of people including our members who love what we do here. Like my Mom told me when I was younger, if you don’t like my gate, don’t swing on it. Or even contact me for a damn job then cause trouble over it because of your insecurities about being in a house. Bullshyt.

Any mile, more L8R,


Quote of the Day:
Sincerity is the highest compliment you can pay.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson
Titus 2:11-12“For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age,”

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