Friday, January 4, 2013

The Day after

WYLDAYRE HEADjava break hedder

There was a song a few years ago, that went, “there’s got to be a morning after”.

Sure enuff and while its good to let sleeping Coyotes alone, the fact is, has our population become so paranoid and scared that folks can’t even think even slightly in the normal?

How stupid do you need to be that such concepts like a prospect or prospective employment gig, become so confusing? Prospective means just that PROSPECTIVE, not a GUARENTEE. Or a for sure. Prospective means working at a task or position for a period of time in the Knytes-of-Anarchy/AyreWolvez it means a minimum of 6 that’s SIX months without pay so that the club can evaluate if your right for the job. After all, not just anyone , male or female can walk in off the street and do our style of radio and or TV. The bottom line it’s a long term audition. If you do good your on air, then we as a group, bill for the time your on air and make the money from advertisers to pay you. If we can’t bill for your time on air, how are you going to get paid? It’s like fast food , if no one buys a hamburger in a place, the staff don’t get paid because there’s no income coming into the place to pay them.

Yes its that simplistic.

As a rule the club does not hire outside the club. In years past we hired club members, or members of club members’ families, daughters, wives or even brothers or sons. And yet , I’m sitting here having to put my own stuff on the side, just to satisfy them? Should it not be the other way around? Damn it it’s the club that I command that pays you, this is not Burger King you get the damn thing our way or you don’t get it at all.

Our super conservative state attitudes are killing Idaho. For some idiotic reason, people move here because of foreseen promise, and find that those promises are just simple fronts for udder disaster.

Okay a Confederate Aviators Radio Station is a bit out there, but hell give us a break, we are working to build something here.

Lets look at this further, okay?

In 1983, a year after the club was state chartered and established. My Mom passed away, the local LDS Ward there did nothing to even help, no thank you’s no nothing, but the cast of the Dukes, the club showed up and was there to lend at least a shoulder to cry on and let me mourn.

In July 85 , the Trustee of Mom & Dad’s estate, gets in bed with Jensen Realty in Hagerman. Now understand that one of the agents there then was also the County Assessor. All of this on the record in the Gooding County Courthouse.

So they get together , and I get a startling visit from the Trustee of what is the Montgomery Foundation. The trustee says, ya’ll got to move. So I sell off one tow truck, haul all 25 of my impounds to a friends yard, and so on.

I move to Boise.

Now then here’s the skullduggery of this. If one looks at the average property taxes at that time, was high, then just at the time MY house, yes MY HOUSE, SHOP, and 40 acres sells for $90,000.00 . Shortly after you couldn’t touch that house and all for under $300,000.00 .

Should I be bitter? Should I feel like pay back is due, bet your ass.

Sorry I had a minute of self pitty, there. But thing is, over the period its been one thing after the next taken away from me. First it was the house, then in Pocatello, loose MY GENERAL LEE, then I move away, get twitterpated move back here in this area and its been hell ever since. Quite frankly if it were not for Big C, managing the funds, and mandating I stay here, I’d look elsewhere like Utah, or Wyoming and never, ever come back to Idaho. ANYWHERE, NO GO IDAHO.

But I’m okay, the radio station will still continue to grow and bloom, even if I have to continue tilling this field myself. I believe in it. I believe that the voice of our, my southern ancestors be heard. I believe in the music, and I believe there is a better way.

Is it all about sex, and such? No. Sure I want a lady co anchor or two, but maybe I got the cart before the horse, or milking machine before the cow. But I don’t see a line out in front of the door saying we’ll help. Nor do I see anyone and I mean ANYONE giving me or the club options. So yes I’ll crank this radio gig out each day, by myself in my little house, in my room, again by myself.

Getting to the final note here on this short shorts thing. Ever see the HeeHaw Honeys, in Wrangler Jeans? No it was super short shorts. It’s a gig, I have other outlets to go get my eyes filled and jollies fulfilled.

Until L8R Aviators, keep it wings level.


Quote of the Day:
Fear is something to be moved through, not something to be turned from.
--Peter McWilliams
Micah 6:8“He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

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