Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Just what would it be like to be smothered by nyloned feet and Win 10 is about as good as WIN ME

Somehow as I was sleeping and it might have just been erotic dreaming, for some reason our carnal passions peak when we are in REM sleep, can't understand it, but I recalled several times some pictorial events for the concept of coupling the words TOE and TOW into what finally my grandest intern Emme put the words together as TOEW, but I began to recall one afternoon when I was I think 15 years old or so, when on a afternoon, a friend of my Dads was tending me while he did some company business. Now the guy had a pretty hot wife, two daughters that had really hot legs and were not intimidated. So I had them all put on some nylons and take their smelly feet and cover my nose and mouth to see just how bad that would smell if it did at all. It didn't one of those gals later in life went on to being one of our poster girls for the club earning over $500k, but that's a subject for another time. Then there was Robin(Miss Dixie Diesel 1993) who did the same thing, situation was she too went on to being a feature talent for several truck manufacturers, Then of course there were several other the most impressive of all Erin, Miss AyreWolf 2009 , Emme was one of the SheWolvez, that too in another entry here. So with the dawning of finding new talent for things kissy, smelly toes in hose(

So for that I did a Google Search to see if there was anybody else that undertook this task, of just being nearly smothered under toes in hose. Know what? Except for some serious porn, I could not find one site that exhibited this event. Maybe I have the world record on this concept, too bad it does not make me any money nor the ayre club any money. What it all boils down to is this; 2016 is the year both the Knytes and the AyreWolvez will be spending serious cash to doing serious TV print and poster girl, pin up ads and projects, and when I say serious money, right at $15, million serious dollars. The catch finding female model talent that will go the extra miles on toes in nylon hose against my nose for these ads. Of course there's other parts here. From standing on the wings, to lying with a Harley, our shop and the club is figuring on putting its ah next best feet forward to tell America of us and of course HazzardAyre/WyldAyre Radio and TV. 
Now, many of the so called area talent agencies near here are not to keen of their talent interacting with me or club members. I thought we had someone earlier in October that would be in it for the long haul, but she copped out, I think more to Hubby dislike than anything else. But the search is on for talent, paying a minimum of $200.00 an hour, and awarding a two year contract depending on the models attitude, aptitude and dependability of $200K per year. I checked out several Facebook pages that deals with this, and while the gals featured are super hot, there is no and none contact information, from John Leglover's page to Perfect Pantyhose, they are more porn related than real model, pin up recruitment pages. If there is anyone that is of the female human gender that thinks you can handle it, and want to audition, give me a call at the number below, 
 Which brings me 
to another subject here. We as a company are in the motions of putting the old handle that I lit the candle of our ground forces going towing. What we will be doing is converting Highway Hooker Toewing (mis-spelled on purpose) and replacing that with RodeWolf Toewing, which will compliment AyreWolf Aviation, much better. On the Hazzard County side of things, the goal for 2016 Hazzard County Choppers will give way to a old handle for the shop; Cooter's Kustmz(customs) since we are wrenching on not only bikes but rat rods, and heavy trucks and restoring old John Deere's. This gets back to the need of the models, we aim to put ads out and up that will rival anything we ever have done, but the story of our company and why people need to spend money at our shop, with us, needs to be told. We have the venues picked out and three production firms including ours at SouthernSteele Media waiting, for the project to begin in March and wrap in July 2016. 
Now finally this morning as I get things together for the early morning edition of WyldAyre Radio, www.livestream.com/wyldayreradio I need to say this. Who ever at Microsoft that designed WIN 10, must be the same neanderthals that designed WIN ME. Since both perform about the same. Although WIN 10 is worse than WIN ME. Any way need to catch a shower and get ready for the early morning radio show.
L8R Aviators

Monday, December 28, 2015

Something tells me that attendance at our ward is going to be rather shy

From what I was able to comprehend at last Sunday's service at our LDS Ward was that meeting times would be changing. Why they need to change is beyond me but hey I don't make those decisions. While it's not no big deal for me, getting my body verticl at 07:00 get dressed and all and to meeting at 09:00 might be a rough challenge but nothing I can't handle. Yet I think for many pulling some out of their fart sacks at those hours will most likely be a real deterent to many attending. Many of the oldies and moldies there will gripe and those with special needs children and all, those kids need and desire to remain horizontal all bundled up and warm most of the time and not wanting to climb out. Makes one consider what would it be like if our Heavenly Father, would think, ah I'm pooped , I don't want to get up, I'll stay in bed with the angels, bother me Monday. When we put our Bibles and attitudes towards Heavenly Father on the shelf, and don't pray, don't attend meetings, don't do what we promise to do every week when we take the sacrament that's the renewal of that promise, that we will worship and obey, not a mid service piece of bread and a sip of h2O . Many including youth should learn that, as well as learn what's what on the bearing testimony , not go up and being coached. If they don't understand it and need to be coached its not being truly felt, but that's all a subject for a new entry. 
So then I'm a very poor example of church protocol, and obedience . I chew, I consume barley pops, and I lust for the finer things in life, including fine women. Yes I'm very selective. I want a starlet southern belle, not some overweight half drugged been down everything but the Titanic grizzley bear that appears somewhat female human. And yes I will admit there are times, I'll spy someone in our Ward and a few out of the 4th Ward, that do look good, and wonder does that package perform as well as it looks? Yes it's a fact that the bible tells us, and its in the Ten Commandments, that goes Thou shalt not covet another mans wife or property. Although I don't think that a guys better half is his property. Most women that I know are free spirits, and don't want nor desire to be property or a in a way as its currently constructed in the eyes of the church a mans female human servant. Sure the Relief Society and other assignments in the church are important, but in my way of thinking women ought to be able to hold the Priesthood, as well as preside in more advanced places in the church such as President and see-er of the church. Ask any man to be honest and its his female companion that sees and does most of the heavy lifting in a marriage and home, not just kids, cooking and laundry. 
So its early mornings for Church now, question is why can't they do this during the summer months? Which would work great for me, Church in the mornings, and NASCAR in the afternoons. 
My opinions I could be wrong.
L8R Aviators,

Monday, December 14, 2015

Where AyreWolf Meets Hazzard County HazzardAyre Radio www.livestream.com/hazzardayre

Cause and effect. Some people especially those buttnugget college boys in Palo Alto California who cruise the cyber roads of Facebook love to jump on some things saying this ain't allowed. Yet fringe bootlegging porno pages can post unknown content and nothing is done even if you flush out the damn thing. Oh my don't do that. HazzardAyre Radio is undergoing a major overhaul, both in content, on air people and upgrading equipment. As well as shopping around for a new streaming service. But I can tell you come March 1st HazzardAyre will be on in full power, yes the Force has awakened. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

A bit off center

When it comes to those human musky smells or aromas does it matter which gender catches a whiff as to if the smell is rotten, or if its pleasing? And does it matter ? Example; a woman's crotch. If a guy smells it , it may come off as to a very enticing inviting pleasant smell. The question is; does a woman find the smell offensive or of a maternal pleasing smell? 
Through as many years as I have been writing for the Knytes and Wolf Pack, through research at Hazzard County University (Boss Hoggs community college) that womens feet if they are bare really smell foul, yet if those feet are encased in nylons the human feet smell rather sweet. So I thought I'd dealve into the other areas of the female anatomy. Crotch, underarms and yes that hiney. We can think that the hiney is going to smell, because like it or not, because of the fact that hiney is where she drops her bio waste, its going to smell rather dungy. However if its all nice and clean, and all does it continue to smell like poo? Or no smell? Going up, the first stop, are the breasts, yes those life giving bags of nutritional  value. Because of continious excreation of lactational liquid its under those breasts unless recently washed are going to smell like rotten milk.
Okay so we leave the breasts, for the underarms. Nothing really new either way. Arm pits are going to smell like Deorderant or salt. Then there are other areas, behind her ear that you just love to nibble on, and few women put perfume behind, that waste ear wax sweat, smells like horse wax. So we have the places most women smell . So the question is, does it depend on who smells it, if its a guy do all areas of her anatomy smell bad or do most offer an inviting aroma. Or and do women if they catch these smells find them to just stink, or welcoming aromas? More research is required.
L8R Aviators,

Damn there's a lot of stupid on display here in Evanston Wyoming

If critters and natural beauty were all there is to it, and pretty much any more it is, Evanston Wyoming, would be a leader on the tourists guides. Where else can you look outside your balcony window, and see crisp mountain air, snow capped mountains and mule deer frolicking in an empty lot, just a few feet from you. Yet we seem to have a serious epidemic in the stupid category. Now I have seen sheer stupid in Twin Falls Idaho with getting in a car or SUV,(Mormon troop carrier) and turning their brains off as they start the dang thing. I have seen absolute ignorance in those taking off the brake and throwing out their brains in Utah, but never have I seen anything like the real idiots behind the wheel like I see daily here in Evanston. Seems it'd be better for the motoring public if they put a copy of the drivers handbook, in with the Book of Mormon. This way these people might read and obey, I say might. For the most part most of these people have got it, but that thing on the side of the steering wheel is to let those approaching you at a stop light know what the hell it is your going to do. At least 200 feet or better before the intersection. How about coming to a complete stop at a stop light or stop sign, not these out in the Boonies pauses. Damn it the word says , " STOP !!!", The list goes on but, and there be some seriousness to this, maybe its the open, who cares recreational controlled substances use here. If it's not Meth, its weed, and a considerable amount of nose candy. Of course there are the classic battles of the haves and have nots, and most of the battle can be seen even in an LDS church Ward. You have all the fantastic greetings at the door, but sit down, and you'll hear such things as, ah don't sit next to him, he smells funny, or ah doesn't he have anything better to wear? Answer, yes I do, just they ain't clean and I ain't heard one of those stuck ups offer to come over and help clean house(1 bedroom apartment) and do wash. Not one, but my can they set themselves up for one serious nosedive into that infamouse pile of manure. My Mom taught me a grand saying that goes the bird that flys to high ends up in a cow platter(pile of manure) That means about the time you begin to think your all that is about the time God, shows you, damn well you ain't. Now saying that, no I don't think I'm the perfect driver, However I do try to remember the lessons from Mr. Meachum my high school drivers ed teacher, plus the old salty dog of a retire UHP trooper turned trucker instructor. And of course John W Nausbaum of Johnny's Towing (the original) of Twin Falls. Of course I drive like I fly, and remember things from flight instruction, in the Marines, then back here, when I converted my military license into my civilian license. Pilots do everything better. 
So if you like wildlife, if you like remote locations to live, and can stand arrogant and plain stupid people on controlled substances then Evanston Wyoming is for you.
L8R Aviators.

Friday, December 11, 2015

In it all I lost me, time for self repair

It was exactly a week ago to date and hour, that I was at the Uinta County Hospital looking up at some rather concerned hospital technicians who had just used those jumper cables to bring this old Wolf back to life. The parting words from Doctor Morgan, and staff was, you got to slow down, take your meds on time, and try not to have too much stress. Fine for them, they don't have a shop to support and operate, try to get back to towing full time and find time to get back into the air flying part time. Add in there getting everything back on the air on HazzardAyre Radio. This past week, I've tried not to go to the shop as much, trying to lift the weight off my shoulders. Brother Hutch and our Bishop said a prayer for the shop, and all, but that didn't help much, the same no money flow that has plagued the operation from day one, is truly getting to being too much. See its not that the shop and all that's losing money or shouldn't be, especially HighWay Hooker Toewing. Sure a not as aggressive name might inspire business , but changing the name right now in the middle of the stream would not be smart. The reason I say that is we catch at least 12 calls minimum off of Yelp, and our Google business page, which doesn't sound like much , but 12 calls at $80.00 a snag would pay the rent bill each month. Sure Rick my partner at the shop, doesn't want to go tow. He's more of a warm body, in the shop. As for me, its me. But LexiBelle just sits. Next week if we still have a shop, its knuckle down on LexiBelle, even if I've got to bring some outside people to help me get her back to operation. For a long while the doubters said that LexiBelle wouldn't be allowed on rotation with the Highway Patrol here. Talked with the captain, here, he said if she had a cosmetic makeover and a minor amount of upgrading like the wheel lift, that she'd be allowed. So it's not that we can't run. But then there's the rest of the gig here.
A year and 3 weeks ago, I drug myself out of Woods Cross Utah, here to create a new radio station here, both online as well as over the air. Over that period of time, there was the bit with Lotty's Bar that we as a AC/MC were going to convert into a aviators/bikers bar and cafe. That fell on its ass faster than Enos falling over Daisy. First $4,000.00 a month for rent, without a liquir license was too much of a gamble plus the renovation, the business climate here would not support that. So I scrubbed that. But not before there was a slight bit of turmoil from a able gal Named Brittany, who, said she'd be all that for the business. In the end she was just not as committed as the club was. Then came the shop. I got into that because some lame idiot named Delbert said he'd go in half, but he backed out. Then came Joey, good guy, but too much weed , not no money, so came July, I was in the process of getting out of the shop. Haul LiL Wolf and the Subaru, back to Twin Falls, store both where LexiBelle was at, and get my flock and Wolf-Pack outta here. But fate jumped in, a tall drinkwater sorta cowpuncher jumped in. July's Rent and Augusts rent paid. But here came September no rent. So Rick and I jumped in. But General JaxSon, blew a heater hose, that cost me $600.00 so no rent and only because I had the help of the church do I have a roof over my head. By the first week, November it was decided to bring LexiBelle here to Evanston. So Rick and I loaded up in Dark Horse, and truck to Twin Falls. With some expensive parts and fuel, LexiBelle is here. It's snow, I get the calls, but can't respond. That's about to change. But I also know if I don't slow down I'm only going to be towing on God's Highway in the sky, its time for me to do some reflecting and self repair. More Saturday morning.
Tune us in, www.livestream.com/wyldayreradio 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Why doesn't Idaho have co pays for use of Medicaid services and every one else does?

After a year and continuing at least for the forseeable future, that I have lived outside of Idaho, and seeing how damn stupid both Utah and Wyoming runs such things as their Medicaid funding and as such benefits , I have to ask why is there no clear cut searchable definition of why Idaho does not require a co pay to see a doctor, get hospital tests or on prescriptions, yet both Utah and Wyoming does? In Idaho when you get Medicaid, that's hit, go to the doctor, show em your card walk out the door, same for a hospital prcedure or prescriptions. Once your Medicaid 411 is on their computer, you don't need to shell out any money from your pocket. Yet in Utah, it's at least $3.00 same for prescriptions, its $4.00 per prescription. In Wyoming, its $3.00 per prescription, But why? I have been researching this some especially today, when I had to rake out the last $10.00 I had in the world, for some followup procedures, none of which was as bad as having a what looked like a gas line, up my anus, got brought home from The hospital, took the meds, tried to lie down when our grand landlord at the shop called. Not that we want to , but rent not paid. Sorry, but Uncle had a hiccup on my Military pay, this month, some address 411 confusion. I'll get it back they say, if not it'll double in January, but the $733.00 I usualy get via SSA, pays my basic expenses and it just about couldn't do that. But our shop rent was late this month. So got balled out by the Landlord, of the shop. So I'm looking at other shops, If Rick goes with me on it, if not its close that down, pack it up and its back to Idaho for me , I'm done with it. Heck I can't even get to Church this week end as there's no go juice.  Outside of getting to the shop and occassional run to Wal-Mart for food, I'm stuck. in my opinion as far as I'm concerned , when it comes to Evanston Wyoming, my response is to heck with the sumbytch. A few weeks ago in Church, Brother Larson of our LDS ward here, got up and yapped how sweet Evanston was and all, I had to sit on my hands and hold my breath so tight as I wanted to just stand up in the middle of Sacrament meeting and explain just how damn wrong he is, and my experiences to date. Today I was able to buy some time, but unless we have money in the landlords bank account on Friday, We'll be out mid week next week. 
So in closing why is it that Idaho's Medicaid program require a co pay for doctor visits etc, but Utah's and Wyoming's does?
L8R Aviators

Monday, December 7, 2015

As old as some are, they still need a hand holder

As some of you might know the Wolf-Pack along with the Knytes watch over each other, some more than others. We are there when a member is in real trouble. Even so there are issues that we loose sight of, and only respond when a member is in a real mellofahess. As such Commander Lemmons, is under such a mellofahess. Seems as though from what I got from an early morning phone call Cmndr Lemmons has lost his warm nest. Seems as though the days of messing with many women has caught up to him, as his recent honey , gave him the boot. Oh many women will say, oh I don't mind you playing the field, but in reality , women are more territorial than men are, if not possessive. So Rick is out in his truck, but no real place to call home, so measures are under way, to locate him such. I too am looking that way to relocating to the Twin Falls area, but there's still 6 to 8 months before I can do that, but its coming none the less. The effort that was launched a year ago here has not produced fruit, and in reality continues to drag all that are involved into a pile of quick sand, and there's not much if any kind of safety line being seen. 
Now to some Wolf Notes
When I started instruction in Mrs, Brailsford's Office occupation class, our typing assignment was to type this phrase . Its time now for every good American come to the aid of his nation. A few weeks ago I was made very aware of a larger towing service out of Ogden Utah, that has began invasion, and infiltration into Wyoming. Here in Evansgone, in Green River and Rock Springs, but this is nothing new. These larger towing companies get big by stepping on smaller rural companies. I have seen it in Boise, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and even Twin Falls and Burley. This happens when larger tow companies have the money to take out city and county government officials to way too many lunches or secretly contribute to re election funds. The fact that money greases policy made by these officials is nothing new, but to fight it, you need to spend money as well. Even if it is a ad TV campaign that makes the public aware of these things and will impact them when they need our tow services. The fact that the smaller tow companies can negotiate tow rates, and even discount some, the fact that smaller rural tow companies often donate equipment and people to fire training and so on, that quite frankly those big companies can't and wont. The big companies only see one color, Green and greed. And they don't care who they hurt in the process. 
The Toew Bro's Association has got a pending contract thing going on with CH-2 out of Salt Lake City, to do several things, make more people aware of us in towing, make more people educated on moving over and most importantly, the back door, massage parlor tacticts that these big tow companies use in expanding territory, when some don't even pay property tax, business licensing fees, sales tax fees etc. But hey they're here m Highway Patrol says send em out. 
One tow organization can't do it all it takes the strength of all in an area, that are willing to pony up money to produce an ad or two, to get the word out. Sure a news story is one thing it gets some aware, but for the 3 to 5 seconds of a news story does not sink in, running ads over a month or two especially in the winter, when tow services are needed the most is required. So I'm asking all of my Toew Bro's and Sisters, in this hour of a call to action, reach into your pockets, dig out at least $100.00 send it to us, and we can get this TV ad thing produced, and on the air. It's an election year, there's a transportation bill in congress that will effect Towing in every state, on how we run our business's, how they will be overseen, tariffs and so on. We need to get the word out of how damn valuable we in towing are. Help us to help you, because we are all in this business together, if we don't fight now, lets not complaign when we loose territory, or loose our companies due to the big companies stepping on us. 
Gotta get this day started , but should you need to get in touch with me for 411 on this just
 here at 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Maybe blue sky on the horizon?

As I got up a few ago to drain my main vein, and waiting for the water to heat so I can get some of Lillie off of me before I go back to sleep for a few hours, I turned my computer on and watched Silk Stalkings on Hulu. After that looked at the local classifieds for a slightly less expensive shop, but on the cuff thought I'd look up what was in eastern Idaho. Saw that housing prices, even without housing assistance there are a great deal less than they are here in Evansgone. Then looked at the condition and thought, if housing is less there, but with Idaho's economy , being one of if not the fastest growing economies in America, I started to think, again, and wonder; what the hell am I doing here in Evansgone? Is this pain and all worth it? After all not only have I not gotten tight or hardly smelled the bush with even one human female here, but the fact that there is just so much of my income I can be devoting to a shop, that as it is, is not producing any return, at least to me. Before too long this shop is going to be in the arrears of $10k. I only make myself $1,900.00 a month. By the time you take the $500.00 for vehicle insurance LexiBelle and all, then $350.00 Internet/cable, $250.00 child support, and another $200.00 for long term care for one child, then $450.00 for my half of the shop rent that I'm not making anything out of, leaves me a whopping $150.00 which after I pay my apartment rent does not leave much wiggle room if any. So is all of this worth it? Or would it be smarter, if I moved back into Idaho, where expenses are less, but income is greater, or find cheaper shop with Rick, and stay a bit longer? After all if all we are using the shop for is mainly our own fix it shop, and a one or two paying service jobs that are quite too few, wouldn't finding a shop that is much less per month? These are the things I'm into right now. All I'm doing at this point, is finishing up what I have to do on my own rigs at the shop, finding elsewhere for em just in case big bawd Landlord gives us the boot. 
$900.00 a month for a shop not producing, and requires a partnership to make it work. Or $350.00 for office space/studio for our radio station here, that requires no partner. Tough decisions.
L8R Aviators,

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Ward Christmas party was so so, question I had as I left why did I come to this gig?

First of all these LDS socials are aimed more at couples , married people, and children. Next outside of Vern' wife and Dave' wife, I felt totally alone. There was one lady who spoke to me, only when I felt a bit put off, that I didn't get to do the Santa Clause thing. It's another example that after just about a year, the Ward still holds me at arms length, and as yet not fully accepted nor welcomed. They put up with me, but its not the kind of open arms that I'd really feel furthering. Church is one thing, but outside of my rebel and radical friends that are not LDS, this village has yet to say glad your here. Little do they know that I just might be along with the Wolf-Pack, the real restoration of Evansgone. The Primary did a little skit, that was good, but needed more work, in rehearsal, before presentation but what do you do with young children? Of course the food was good, somebody has finally gotten the idea, putting a bit of seasoning in the spuds and all is not a bad idea. The ham could have been cooked a bit longer, but it was good. At first the Bishop wanted me to go fetch someone then reconsidered at the last moment, oh well. Bottom line as much as I push my way in the door, the more the door is slammed shut. This is a study in culture. Not saying that there aren't other LDS Wards that are a bit more progressive and dynamic, there are, this one in Evansgone is not one of them, my problem is I'm stuck in two generational gaps. Too old to socialize with the mid 20 to early 30 crowd, and too young and wyld to socialize and all with the few senior citizens of the Ward. So what do you do? As for me its go to Sacrament meeting , take the sacrament, listen to the program, then get out of there before class or anything else. 
Still getting over an overnight SAR mission, did a recovery of a wrecked Ford truck, whose driver overturned up in one of the canyons just over the Wyoming/Utah line, in Rich County Utah. I'm the only towing service certified to cross the state line and work both states. Since Woodruff nor Randolph doesn't have a hook, so off we went. Driver was pronounced dead at the scene. It'll take several days for the news both paper and TV to report it, but hey you read it first, here. 
L8R Aviators,

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Just because there's snow on the roof don't mean there's no more fire in the stove

Last night I did something I hadn't done for awhile, got something done at our MC/tow service shop. While the tasks were not that grand still for the most part being alone, by myself, no noise, or outside interuptions and I get things accomplished. Sure I like Ricks company there from time to time, but most of his friends leave shortly after I arrive, guess, I'm too wyld or something for them, but it doesn't really bother me. I usually only get along by real anti-establishment, fight the system people. Mostly aviators, truckers and bikers, and number 4 Marines. Outside of them, I have nothing in common, with them and as such they vaporize after a few minutes that I walk in the door. 
Okay then; once upon a time I was gung hoe on doing many things, for long periods of time, being putting a rod together, building a scoot, or being on the air on radio and/or TV. Today, if I can make it past 8:00PM just before I go on air, or after 06:00 when I go off air, I'm doing great. Then there's at the shop. Anytime I have to get down on my knees or kneel down to do some wrenching, it's really painful to get up. I can of course, but I get aweful sore. Then of course there's the condition of the situation. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure , being overweight which I fight, but usually food overcomes my sense of followthrough , and without constant sips of a slightly sugary drink, my internal body sugar levels drop and I feel I need a nap if I'm doing anything really stressful. Flying is no biggy, although the FAA doctor I have watches me pretty close, but the conversion of food into energy for me is REALLY SLOW, so after I eat I have to take a few moments for that conversion to transpire, and in the process may dose off for a few minutes. Yet given the right stimuli I can run marathons, towing, flying or radio, but on the average haul, I just take my time. So yes us old Wolves can learn new things, but for us it takes a bit longer to put em into motion. For most people of retirement and military pension status, today the first of the month , is PAY day. Yet found out early that there was a glitch in mine so it may take up to 7 days for my pension money to hit my bank account. My SSI got there, but that's just under a few hundred bucks, the big money I get is my Marine pension, each month so gotta wait for that, about Wednesday of next week. More on WyldAyre Radio this evening. www.livestream.com/wyldayreradio , until then keep it wyngs level.

Environmental climatic change is not just of our planet

Environmental Climatic change is not just the atmosphere or of the planet, its also our people. Have you ever seen uncivilization in your life. While no good old Confederate condones Planned Parenthood, going in like a bunch of hoodlums, and blasting away, like that feller in Colorado did, deserves just one thing, the same in response. Now the tax payers of that town in Colorado is going to have to pony up money to prosecute the insane idiot. My opinion, just line him up and blast him away, to hell with this three meals a day, cable TV and a law liabrary. Just shoot the perp. Seems every month, you hear of some major shooting somewhere in America. Its not just ISIS, or the followers of such, its our own people. Much of it driven, by poverty. Hey can't pay rent, can't buy food, can't pay utilities, solution, go shoot someone or do a mass shooting somewhere, get fame albeit, in the wrong way, but fame none the less. You also get a 5x5 cell, all complete with a constant temprature all the food you can eat 3 times a day, vocational training, cable TV and albeit not a good quality, but a life. So why not go out and do some crime or travesty? This is why we are seeing all this big bang shit. And it's not the TV show. Until we take back our nation, this is what we can expect. There is only one solution and it resolves around one symbol,
 You get the idea. How long are you whoever with holds their mind and refuses to follow the Confederate Party and the United Confederate States of America? How long before you wake up and find it in your mind and your heart to part with $100.00 that your going to blow anyhow on some extravagant meal, and send that to the UCSA, care of Knytes-of-Dixie, 96 East Hayden #C202 Evanston Wyoming 82930 If we got enough coming in we could mount an effective effort of bringing up the issues not be talked about. On such domestic things that better concern you, like Agriculture , trucking, aviation and others. I have yet to hear Donald Trump, or Ben Carson say what he's going to do to assist farmers, or fix our highways or deal with the DOT and other surface transportation issues, not involving the railroad. When I hear that then I'll be quiet, until then I say its time to awaken the spirits of Dixie and lets, let the Pheenix of the United Confederate States of America and run a candidate. Can you see the look on the faces of the FoX News hosts at a debate, when there's a podium stand with a Dixie battle flag on the front, and who is publicly standing out as a candidate of the Confederate Party? If you don't contribute financially for me, do it for yourself, since the liberty and freedom you save, might just be your own.
L8R Aviators,

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