Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Too pooped to pop, more over to snoozy to fly, need bed b4 I’m dead.

wyldayre banner headderNYTE FLYTE HEDDER

Normally I’m all bright and bushy tailed this time of night, but this old high octane kaynyne is long in the tooth and just about to hit the rack.

The day started crappy, but ended up better than intended. A full tank of juice in Sylver Myst, and over to Burley I went. Only to find, some rather snoopy, fellers, had broken into HCC over there stole my Interstate Battery inventory, but little else. Guess they needed a battery, along with the porta tank for LexiBelle, the one I transport emergency fuel in. Both easily replaceable, but serious reminders getting my six out of there is top job.

So over in the morning I go to do that, and then run one of Charley's rigs over to fetch LexiBelle. Easier that way.

Why the frack should I pay rent to get ripped off?

I still think I know who but, knowing and proving are two critters of a different species. Besides the extra $210.00 a month will go further building HazzardAyre/WyldAyre Radio and all.

Funny thing though, and this bears numerous repeatings, but as long as LexiBelle was parked over here behind Charley’ shop here in Twin falls out in the open, nobody fucked with her. Not even once. Yet, inside a hidden shop , the bums in Burley have to skim what little meat that’s still on the bones of our operation there. Thing is the frigging fuzz over there wont even take a shyt to find out who. Or do anything about it. Talk about a Hooterville if I have ever heard of.

Ya’ll know something though, if that frigging area wanted me outta there so damn bad and were scared shytless of the Knytes or AyreWolvez, as I heard rumored once somebody offered up $7k, for us to go. Shyt if they’d have done that last year this time, I’d have went, with a big ass’d smile on my jowls. 

However, as the night rolls in the weather outside killer cold, this old Wolf is in the den, ready for bed.

remember the urgent few that signed up as prospective SheWolvez? Well most have disappeared as fast as they surfaced. The only thing is and say true, outside of one that had real reasons, for the delay of entry, the rest well, they’ll feel real shyt faced and stupid when they learn and hear HazzardAyre/WyldAyre Radio burn holes in the stratosphere here, on the airwaves. They’ll say hey, I could be there. To which I’ll say sorry honey your too late for the money.

I spoke at one  possible candidate on Friday, rushing to fetch her offspring that she’d be on deck at 13:00 (1:00PM) we’ll see.

But I have a new surprise on that front. More on that in the PM Wednesday.

L8R Aviators.


Quote of the Day:
Commonsense and good nature will do a lot to make the pilgrimage of life not too difficult.
--William Somerset Maugham
2 Corinthians 5:17“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

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