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Anywhere but our area of Idaho.

Many of you call and chat with me online how much I bash our area of Idaho. Or Idaho in general. Many say if you don’t like it move. I do not criticize Idaho, to be mean , I do it to perhaps give our area a kick in its complacency.

Seems as if ANYONE else was doing what we are, that it might go more smoothly. After all it is a bit of a leap of faith to get involved with a group that is outwardly anti-establishment, fight the system , bikers with wings. Okay I’ll give ya’ll that. The other factor is that many get mad at us because we are true 100% confederates southern confederates trying to educate a area and society on lessons of truth when it comes to those who are desiring to preserve our Confederate heritage, more over impart some southern intelligence into a mixed up and confused Yankee or Northern Union people.

But I’m getting off course a bit.

I was reading during our overnight radio cast news hours of this radio station in New Mexico, KALY AM 1240 WHO RUNS A SHOW called JenniRadio a radio show for kids by kids. The show is hosted by a 14 year old, by the name of Jennifer Smart. Who’s show is NATIONALLY syndicated. Prior to KALY, JenniRadio, Jennifer had several years experience. How many in our area can say that? How many kids in Magic Valley are that ambitious? And how many would scrub money for the art of radio and delivering a product that makes a difference? You’ll have to read this months Radio Magazine for more on that but it points to a mindset. Some say why here? I have said Why not Here? But I’m starting to drift towards the why here?

Then in the same publication , I read about a media center created as a need in Kansas after a ravaging Tornado. How many here would pony up to help here if that happened? More over the local government allowing same in the library? But dig this, its not just other places. In eastern Idaho, primarily Pocatello, I had the privilege of working with some of the very best in TV. After a bit of convincing and all they put me on CH-12 the cable access channel there. I started with one half hour time slot. Which expanded to 4 , one hour time slots, and had people watching cable access TV , that never gave it a second, much less a 1st look.

Now here in Twin Falls why don’t we have a cable access channel? There are two channel spaces available one on CH-5 the other on CH-17. Ch-17 runs the city council announcements , but what about putting something more on there? Like anybody who wants to be on TV being able to be on TV as long as its at best family kind?

There was a guy who ran an outfit called Midnight Magic Videos here that was working on that but never saw the dawn of light. But I say why not here on that? Yet Pocatello has one and the city of Pocatello profits from it.

See where I’m going here?

In the words of an old Allan Jackson song, everything starts itty bitty, but can grow to be humongous.

That’s where we in HazzardAyre/WyldAyre started and for a variety of reasons are working back up to the level we once were. We don’t do what we do, to make a bazillion dollars , or to become MEDIA stars, since a star is not much more than a ball of gas with little substance. We do what we do, to make a difference, entertainment for our Armed Forces mainly Navy And Marine Aviators, but all members of the armed forces. We box thousands of boxes of taped and duplicated programs and send it to all areas where our people are defending our nation. A bit of comfort from home.

We keep that lonely man or woman in that truck on that cold snowy Interstate company as he or she delivers America, and we utmostly try to educate and inform both our Confederate brothers and sisters as well as our none Confederate bro’s and sis’s about our southern way of life and what we as Confederates are all about.

But its not easy, and finding extra help, because all too many are needing that dollar, doing it for nothing or next to nothing is hard.

I had a reporter ask me have some other members contact me and we’ll do a story. Trouble is 80% of our members are currently deployed in 4 areas of the world, not open to civilian communication . Lets face it, making a pay phone call in the middle of Bagdad with folks around you that want to capture or shoot you, is not worth it.

Unfortunately I was discharged in 2005, moved back here by a con of a female, in 2006, and am not yet ready to throw in the towel just yet although I’m leaning that way with each person saying, not me. Or whew something evil might happen to me if I enter that Wolf’s Lair. How about one person sticking her neck out other than Sylver, has and saying , okay I’ll try this.

If a young girl can do it in a shed in a tiny town in New Mexico that’s 14 years old, why can’t YOU?

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