Thursday, January 10, 2013

Just what is Mucus ? Another Google search dead end

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So being grounded both by weather and the flu, that has me feeling like I been flown hard and put up wet, I thought I’d look up just why my body coughs up these big wads of gunk, that the medical establishment calls mucus.

Know what? No clear definition. Only thing I saw was mucus in my poop. It ain’t in my shyt, its in my damn throat making me cough like a 4 carton a day smoker, or Ricky after throwing chains over a load of cars going to becoming the next beer can.

But that’s what I’m seeing more of today. The grand Internet is becoming a dead end. Information that should be there ain’t, and what shouldn’t be there is.

Its like looking up a photo of a hot cowgirl in tight Wrangler cowgirl cut jeans. Instead of a flirty shot of a set of cheeks of only a handful each , you get porn sites. Why not just the cowgirls in something clean? Didn’t someone think of just taking pics, of tight butts at a rodeo? Or if you Google, a pic of some nice dainty toes in nylon hose, instead of angelic toes in tights etc, what you get are really trashy crap. Really?

A good hot rod friend of mine and a custom crafter extroidenaire Bill Baulding of Eagle Idaho, many of you knew him as T Willey, because of his award winning 1923 T Bucket hot rods, said it best once when the Hazzard Knytes approached T for help finding hiney for a club project. He said, “ If I want a puss book, I buy a puss book, if I want a hot rod book, I buy a hot rod book,” The bottom line he and his wife then didn’t believe the two really needed to go together.

That being as it is, great machines, from radical street rods to warbirds to custom otr trucks and yes even OTR trucks have been featured with hot gals, except oops , one. Tow Trucks. Tow trucks have been shoved out into the outer rim , something we as our brother group the Rode Knytes tried to cure in 1998, in producing a video set called Klassik Hookers & Haulers. Take some of the best looking tow rigs in the Mountain West, get some of the best looking country gals put em together in denim and leather and let Canon and a GL-2 have fun.

Then once we formed, as an air club, we thought okay, Warbirds, old pinups and nose art, lets put that up. Of course we caught hell for that. Seems as if the perception of any gal photographing with a military aircraft, hot rod, or custom Harley is seen as porn or borderline porn. Which is just what we are trying to correct that perception. To show that such photography can be done sensually without being trashy. But it takes someone to step out and say I’ll be the brave one. Sounds easy don’t it? Not in LDS restrictive Idaho. Now again before the LDS community starts squawking hear this, once upon a time I thumped that Book of Mormon, lived it to the T , but found the same members of the esteemed Aaronic Priesthood were the same ones , that Frank Johnson and the Hazzard Sheriffs office was busting on Friday and Saturday nights. When Merilee Ellis of Hazzard a part of an reigning royalty of Hazzard and the Hazzard LDS Ward asked me for a smoke, behind the incinerator one eve after Mutual, I knew that what was being taught was not what was being lived. But I’m getting off course.

It was being with both Bro, and Ricky, that I grew up, found myself and along with Jimmy, Ron, Willey, Mike, Karl Kuhn, Alfred Kuhn, Ernie Menchaka aka Juan's Hair salons of Twin Falls, and others formed in 1982 the Knytes of Anarchy, that gave birth in 2001 to us the AyreWolvez.

Think you’ll find that on a Google Search? Not unless its one of my multiple blogs in and for the club.

I woke up today, long enough to write, flip over some tapes, program the stream for KDXB, and in about two hours I’m going back horizontal.

But I still couldn’t find anything about mucus or even if it has a purpose.

More Over Night,

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A new study shows that licking the sweat off a frog can cure depression. The down side is, the minute you stop licking, the frog gets depressed again.
--Jay Leno
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