Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Don’t ya’ll think this outlaw shyt has gotten out of hand?


Got a good response from last nights show. Some even from as far east as Pennsylvania and as far west as California.

Some good comments and some that gives one thought.

Okay one thing brought up and I’d like to see it, before I punch out of this flyte of life, is a movie bio of ole Waylon. For those uneducated , I’m speaking of Waylon Jennings.

The way I look at it they did that big shew about Johnny Cash. That had Reese Witherspoon in it, and believe it or not Waylon’s son Shooter played his dad, but here’s the thing. No other performer brought what is called rebel or outlaw country music to the forefront like Waylon. Few had more number one hits than Waylon, and fewer had the fan base Waylon did and still has. I think that Waylon’s story should ought to be told. I have been pushing Shooter and his crew to get in gear on the project, hell I’d even help finance the project. But every Duke fan has to have a lot of reverence and affection for Waylon, after all, if Waylon had not been part of the Dukes, the Dukes would have never been sold to CBS.

While I think that the Dukes, should have followed the pilot movie called MoonRunners, still the Dukes have been at the core of both the Knytes-of-Anarchy as well as us in the AyreWolvez, more over, few could take a song and bend a guitar string around it like Waylon could.

Its my bed time, if I can will follow up later this afternoon.

L8R Ya’ll

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