Saturday, January 26, 2013

Like a bad hot dog it keeps coming back

AyreWolf Knytecide hedder

So I get home, go to watching Hulu TV on computer, so Email inbox message.

Seems as though the gal I was supposed to meet at the Depot, was upset over one of the blogs concerning the situation.

But here’s the questions I have , since first, I never posted the ad myself, but it always goes in my account on Craigs List. So I read the ad, the ad has an alternate email address, that I discarded a year or so ago. Third, it did not have my G-Mail address on it, nor my phone number? How did this gal who woke me from a good mid days nap, with her phone call, know it was me. Which it wasn’t. Which is why I wanted to meet with her to begin with. This is smelling like a set up, by somebody wanting to do me and or the club damage. Thing is though I even tried to send Craigs List a notice informing them of my desire to terminate my Craigs List account completely. There is no delete my account option on Craigs List.

Now then, yes one of our members thought putting one up for the club looking for pin up gals for aircraft nose art would be a good thing. I carved out on a piece of paper what it should say, but I never ever put the damn thing up myself nor authorized it. So how does it return on my account? Two how did she know it was me, and how the heck did she get my land line number and email address on GMAIL?

It does smell like a set up, and because I caught it in time, it pissed this gal off, but how do you stop these things, from keeping going on?

Talking to Big C Monday on this, whoever this is needs to be corrected.

Talked to Todd about it, as well.

Any mile what a great thing to end the week with, after I had a good day .

Just goes to show, these things can’t be done here. Want a model, call Utah, get a pro, she shows with her agent, photos done, her paid out the door.

Some gal asked me why these kinds of things don’t happen here? This is why. You get accused of being anything but a white man. You get thought of as something evil, just because one wants to photograph nice looking gals in decent threads with warbird aircraft, bikes and trucks.

Just boggles the mind.

Just wanted all to know what’s up.

L8R Aviators,


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