Friday, January 11, 2013

Only two things you count on ; Death and Taxes

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My Papa Wolf used to tell me that there were only two things you could count on, one was taxes that you could sometimes side step, and death that is ultimate. Past that don’t count on nothing.

After a week of hacking off my bean with a cough that wouldn’t let go I’m healing some.

The snow came in, but instead of hitting the roads in toews, I stayed in bed. The true fact is and I haven’t completely made up my mind yet, as I need to feel it out a bit more first, but thinking really hard of making arrangements with Cooter and sending old Lexibelle out to Cooter’s Place, let them restore it and make her part of the displays there. Just thinking of course.

As for me devote 40% to this radio gig and the other 60% of my waking hours to just AyreWolf Aviation.

Perhaps its age creeping up on me, but the last week reminded me I’m no Wolf-pup any more the prowling and howling I used to do, the mind says yes the body says no. I had to take a week off and just rest and care for ME.

The events over Christmas were such that my holidays were trashed. I had a couple of crack and just plain off gals come into the Lair here, with all kinds of promises and all , but really were not even close to meeting even minimum standards.

I’m glad we have on board , pending full operational capacity, Silver Star , who is our pending Miss SheWolf.

By both mutual agreement, I pulled all if not all ads off of CraigsList and am just rolling with numero uno on air as far as both HazzardAyre and of course the radio version of our newsletter here, WyldAyre.

But there comes a time, for self preservation and even self survival that one needs to say, its my time, I need my space.

As it is , and even if I do send LexiBelle to Tennessee , I’ll still be toewing, flying and radio, although I’ll toew for current established customers and not do as much municipal and police call outs as I do now. There’s just not the money in it as there was before.

When I started toewing there were maybe 10 companies in the valley here. In my neck of the forest I was it , from Buhl to Glenn’s Ferry, and from Jerome to Shoshone. I ran Filer south and west as far as Twin Falls County. I was the only AAA contractors for 30 miles each direction.

As it is now there are 4 mega fleets including A1 and in loyalty to Charles I will not try to compete with him. But the toew pie is even thinner per slice. I get maybe 30 calls a month, at $60.00 a snag that only gives me $1,800.00 a month. Now then during summer months flying , if I work it hard I make $800.00 an hour and can make $10,000.00 a month. Beyond that crafting old warbirds that can be easily a couple mill each month. Which would you choose? Why kill myself for maybe $2,000.00 a month? Sure when I hooked it in Utah I was knocking down 50 calls a day, so the investment gave me a good return. But not here. The Environment has changed and I’m getting older, even at 54 , which is young by some standards, I still feel it , I don’t do cold well. Maybe it was being stationed in Yuma Arizona for so many months , maybe it was those sub zero conditions in CokeVille Wyoming in 2005 with a heater that the guy who owned the place said he’d fix, maybe a combination, but this body hibernates in snow and cold.

As far as radio, sure I love that, its my passion other than flying, and I do it well. Two Grammy’s , Two Espy awards and one Oscar is proof. But While I do this myself, even this radio gig, is getting tiring. Before I completely burn out I’m doing more work on automation than for true full live radio.

I used to criticize other stations for doing syndicated shows except for drive times. But I can see why they do it. The availability of people who can just walk in off the street and sit down do a radio show with just a bit of instruction as to equipment and format is just not there. While I’d love to set up a school for same, and many of my other media associates say that’d be a good thing here, the fact is, first is there enough out here that want that enough to pay for the instruction, and two, time.

Any more I come in and just want a cup of tea, some TV and sleep.

Now I hear that even our Sylver Star is getting somewhat cold feet. I don’t blame her, but the club, is only going to start raking out $’s when there’s something a hell of a lot more going to base that on. The $24,million we lost on Gooding because of a greedy realtor in Gooding, the 30,million we lost in Evanston due to somebody bringing nose candy into the operation, until we got busted, that because of my reputation I got out of, but still, until I have a full dedicated staff, the building in Buhl is full operational , The gig will be ran as it is. And The AyreWolvez aren’t going to be putting any more than needed into it , until then.

As far as the facility in Twin Falls, is looking like a big no. Why spend the money? If for an eventual $50.00 an hour somebody can’t drive 30 miles a day to Buhl, that’s 15 miles each way from Twin Falls, then they must not want it very much.

There is just so much I can pay for, and without the club not yet ready to fully commit, I have to pull back on the stick and keep circling the field so-to-speak to find a good spot to land, because the current LZ is not friendly.

Yes there are only two things you in life count on, Death and Taxes, and I’ll include another, burn-out.

More overnight I’m going to back to bed for WyldAyre on KDXB FM 105.7 Buhl/West-Point Idaho.

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