Thursday, January 31, 2013

Knyte Flyte

knyte flyer

Anywhere but our area of Idaho.

Many of you call and chat with me online how much I bash our area of Idaho. Or Idaho in general. Many say if you don’t like it move. I do not criticize Idaho, to be mean , I do it to perhaps give our area a kick in its complacency.

Seems as if ANYONE else was doing what we are, that it might go more smoothly. After all it is a bit of a leap of faith to get involved with a group that is outwardly anti-establishment, fight the system , bikers with wings. Okay I’ll give ya’ll that. The other factor is that many get mad at us because we are true 100% confederates southern confederates trying to educate a area and society on lessons of truth when it comes to those who are desiring to preserve our Confederate heritage, more over impart some southern intelligence into a mixed up and confused Yankee or Northern Union people.

But I’m getting off course a bit.

I was reading during our overnight radio cast news hours of this radio station in New Mexico, KALY AM 1240 WHO RUNS A SHOW called JenniRadio a radio show for kids by kids. The show is hosted by a 14 year old, by the name of Jennifer Smart. Who’s show is NATIONALLY syndicated. Prior to KALY, JenniRadio, Jennifer had several years experience. How many in our area can say that? How many kids in Magic Valley are that ambitious? And how many would scrub money for the art of radio and delivering a product that makes a difference? You’ll have to read this months Radio Magazine for more on that but it points to a mindset. Some say why here? I have said Why not Here? But I’m starting to drift towards the why here?

Then in the same publication , I read about a media center created as a need in Kansas after a ravaging Tornado. How many here would pony up to help here if that happened? More over the local government allowing same in the library? But dig this, its not just other places. In eastern Idaho, primarily Pocatello, I had the privilege of working with some of the very best in TV. After a bit of convincing and all they put me on CH-12 the cable access channel there. I started with one half hour time slot. Which expanded to 4 , one hour time slots, and had people watching cable access TV , that never gave it a second, much less a 1st look.

Now here in Twin Falls why don’t we have a cable access channel? There are two channel spaces available one on CH-5 the other on CH-17. Ch-17 runs the city council announcements , but what about putting something more on there? Like anybody who wants to be on TV being able to be on TV as long as its at best family kind?

There was a guy who ran an outfit called Midnight Magic Videos here that was working on that but never saw the dawn of light. But I say why not here on that? Yet Pocatello has one and the city of Pocatello profits from it.

See where I’m going here?

In the words of an old Allan Jackson song, everything starts itty bitty, but can grow to be humongous.

That’s where we in HazzardAyre/WyldAyre started and for a variety of reasons are working back up to the level we once were. We don’t do what we do, to make a bazillion dollars , or to become MEDIA stars, since a star is not much more than a ball of gas with little substance. We do what we do, to make a difference, entertainment for our Armed Forces mainly Navy And Marine Aviators, but all members of the armed forces. We box thousands of boxes of taped and duplicated programs and send it to all areas where our people are defending our nation. A bit of comfort from home.

We keep that lonely man or woman in that truck on that cold snowy Interstate company as he or she delivers America, and we utmostly try to educate and inform both our Confederate brothers and sisters as well as our none Confederate bro’s and sis’s about our southern way of life and what we as Confederates are all about.

But its not easy, and finding extra help, because all too many are needing that dollar, doing it for nothing or next to nothing is hard.

I had a reporter ask me have some other members contact me and we’ll do a story. Trouble is 80% of our members are currently deployed in 4 areas of the world, not open to civilian communication . Lets face it, making a pay phone call in the middle of Bagdad with folks around you that want to capture or shoot you, is not worth it.

Unfortunately I was discharged in 2005, moved back here by a con of a female, in 2006, and am not yet ready to throw in the towel just yet although I’m leaning that way with each person saying, not me. Or whew something evil might happen to me if I enter that Wolf’s Lair. How about one person sticking her neck out other than Sylver, has and saying , okay I’ll try this.

If a young girl can do it in a shed in a tiny town in New Mexico that’s 14 years old, why can’t YOU?

Keep it Wings Level

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Quote of the Day:
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--Fuzzel Fish Administration Page
Psalm 86:5“You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you.”

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

That’s that on that one less to think on

AyreWolf Knytecide hedder

Thank God and the delete button she’s gone. Or vice versa, got a sorta heated email from this one seatcover that I was online interviewing for a spot in our annual area wide talent search for talent to be featured in our pin up calendar. She bowed out because of her husband. Okay fine ya’ll know that, it still pisses me off, that even after I was going to dump her to begin with she came back wanting to be part of it. Shouldn’t she have talked at her other half first? Not a fight I want to be in the middle of. Besides I have a target that I know all to well that is considering it, which means a BIG Maybe and don’t push the maybe baby.

So I pulled this Sam off the auto posting and she’ll filter back into the mud just all the rest, what bothers me is, up until an hour before she holds me at bay, waiting for her to show up. Glad I never scheduled a camera crew. I wonder how many even fully read the ads on Craigs List, that BOLDLY says, not serious, then DON’t BOTHER US !!!! or if you have any inhibitions that could cause you not to be able to perform your duties, then DON’T BOTHER US!!! I always prefer women that are at least 30 plus years old on these things or older. Reason being even at 30 plus they still look good, but hopefully some maturity as well. Call it seasoning. Any way, still looking , so we move on.

The Winged Warriors media group, is looking to sponsoring a media job career fair at CSI in April. Point being to showcase what we offer, spark some interest, and get some real applicants that will show up for interviews, internship training and then the on air on radio as well as on air for Confederate Star TV coming in October 2014. That will be the HQ for Confederate Star Network, a worldwide Southern Heritage based satellite and cable network , that will call Jerome Idaho home.

Lastly , got a pint sized bit of KMVT’s 10:00 news, except, every 10 seconds got some stupid ad running. I know one has to get those at the first and at the end of the newscast, but I lost 3 stories due to that. Wonder if KMVT knows that JUSTIN TV, is doing that? You’d think KMVT and all that would get that streaming issue or issues fixed. Again KMVT , do it right or quit.

I tuned in simply to see how many if any of our trucks was on camera at the three wrecks we worked today, and see the rest of the fracking weather that got clipped due to that Justin TV ad runs during the newscast.

Just like I have said about HazzardAyre the parent to WyldAyre here, I’ll say for Confederate Star, you’ll be thankful for Confederate Star TV.

Any mile things are blooming and for those who drag their feet on us, don’t bitch at us when you miss the bus. I think ya’ll get the idea.

Some days ya’ll gotta wonder at Yankee stupidity.

Our nation truly is in trouble. Thing I can’t figure out here is this. Here is our grand valley and state of Idaho. Unemployment rate at 7-1/2 percent. Jobs are not that plentiful, so one asks, if the jobs are just not that many, why not at least see thru a full internship, so one could be ready for a place in the greater expanse of both HazzardAyre/WyldAyre Radio and Confederate Star TV, making a yearly start pay of $50k a year with full benefits. So what its in a house? Ain’t always going to be and if ones old man would come see me he could wire the heater and all so we could be in Buhl even sooner. In fact I’d even go out on a limb and give the primary contractor spot to her old man as main electrician, if only she would make time to stop on by. But It’s the Red Ryding Hood, being too timid to enter the Wolf’s Lair, so I’m patient enough to know she’ll be there or a few others I have promised spots to in Buhl will be there once we open. While one get’s only one chance to make a gran impression, one only get’s on chance to get the prime meat on the steer as well. In our case the good jobs are there for those that keep in touch beyond Facebook, beyond emails of Blogs, but who take time to have coffee breaks and stop and say howdy. Especially if they want their old man to work here.

Any mile, HeeHaw is on, see ya’ll Thursday AM.

L8R Aviators

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Quote of the Day:
Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me, it is a kind of order that sets me free to fly.
--Julie Andrews
Psalm 86:5“You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you.”

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At the end of the day.

Sunset Serenade_thumb

At the end of the day it becomes that either I fail to communicate or that all too many attempt to look past the curtain to see the rest of the operation here.

It’s like both the on air and pin up girl thing. Sure some gal might start off at doing something a bit racy like being in a silk skirt posing with an aircraft, but they might transition to being in the eventual offices of Confederate Star Media, in some administration position. Like Human resources, office, or production. Making far more than that mere $25.00 an hour for pin up’s or the $50.00 an hour on air radio.

Even with the so called equal opportunities crapola and all there are just some kinds of jobs that are best if a gal is doing them than if it were a guy. It’s not that I or the Warriors are biased or anything, but hey if your hiring gals, have a gal doing the pitching.

The same husbands, boyfriends and the like that say, not my gal, are more often than not, the same guys that are watching Courtney Hansen on Spike TV’s PowerBlock, or barking at the cheerleaders watching a football game such as the SuperBowl this weekend of which I’ll be at Anchors Bistro watching this weekend.

The same people that point the finger at us are the same ones, that’ll sit on the porcelain throne fantasizing over some gal in a hot rod or similar magazine, and who will say , yes don’t she look hot, as long as its not HIS gal doing the ad.

Like the last drop and run applicant. Hell she could have brought her husband with her. Same way on a shoot. But no, instantly drops the project. Wouldn’t ya’ll like to be at that dinner table tonight.

This gal just passed up on a career not just a job, that could have been putting $150k in her bank account, by this time next year.

But its just like working at Big C’s, sure I don’t like cleaning the toilet or sink in the head either, but if it’s a task that needs done, you do it, especially if your just restarting out with a company and need to prove yourself. Same goes for this model stuff we do. Sure as I have said multiple times, I’d like to have an agency for these things local, one call that’s all. Problem is, there ain’t none, and yes once again I have to go fishing in Salt Lake City out of area at an agency taking a job and career gig out of the area, that someone here could do. But no these same girls will flaunt their stuff at a bar as a cocktail waitress in skimpy clothes, in front of drunk men, and that’s okay. And if their lucky they might go home with $30.00 an hour in tips , depending on how much flirting and teasing they do, to get it.

It’s like Sylver, I think she’s got the right attitude , but getting her to stop and stick her nose in , on her way to work or off to school or whatever for nothing more than to say hi, wuzz up? But nope, not yet. Guess she’s waiting for the studio, to being occupied. That also means work on electrical for her guy.

The thing is, I don’t care if these gals bring guys over. In fact I welcome it, that way there is no chance of hinky kinky crap going on. But none of them has said, you mind if I bring my guy pal? It just boggles the mind.

Any way the club is looking for a lady human resources manager, see our ad, for details.

Any flyte, see ya’ll after hours on the radio.

L8R Aviators,

WWA 1awsig2

Quote of the Day:
Injustice is relatively easy to bear; what stings is justice.
--H.L. Mencken
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Quik Follow Up


Just like I predicted and taking nothing from the last entry, but it’s like I said, want models and such for something? Here in the valley? Call an agency, in Salt Lake City, or Boise, or Denver, because otherwise, you’ll never get one you can depend on here. The things is and I hate to put it this way, and why I have been near begging for a gal to be in this part of our human resources department , is that if it was a gal doing the hiring for these projects, there’d be a line all the way up to shop 305 and all the way to the old Hospital.

The last one skipped because her hubby was against it. Yep, its because we have, balls and a penus , rather than a well, that clips these projects long before they start.

Okay sure, I should have a formal office etc, and I looked at that, but why? I have yet to have someone, or something happen that gives some sort of validity to the extra cost. Give me one or two real gals that’d work at a outside office etc in Twin and I’ll get one. As it is I’ll continue to rent what we got in Buhl, and drive the 15 miles to Buhl, and back. In essence keep it away from the house.

But then would that make any difference? Would a honey enter in a studio office any faster? Things hinky and suggested kinky can happen in a 10X10 office as easy as it can here. Again its because I have balls, and don’t wear Kotex.

Any mile, now I don’t have to hang around the Lair and can go back out to work, just think the gal should have asked the old man two or so days ago, before saying yes she’s in it.

Oh well, such is youth.

L8R Aviators

WWA 1awsig2

Quote of the Day:
A civilization is built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided for them.
--Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Ephesians 4:2“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

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Another great day in the Tragic Valley


Another great day so far in our Tragic Valley.

Before I get to my usual ramblings need to clarify some things that have yet to register.

While there is a lot of thought going into a relocation for myself, nothing will transpire until mid year next year as far as a full move.

True over the summer I will be in Utah, I’ll be going to air school to advance my flying ratings and all, and looking over the area, but I’m not divorcing myself from our illustrious area just yet. In fact I might not at all. Recent findings of places in Bliss, Gooding and back home in Hazzard as well as an original location in Tuttle, gives thought of what if?

Plus I’d have to sell off KDXB, and thing is as long as I have been incubating KDXB and all, what 39 years or so, I’m not yet ready to ditch it just yet. It’s just like so many things in our area, unlike many metro areas, here it takes a lot longer for a tree to bare fruit, than it might in say metro Utah.

Plus I can remember too thinking here was great until I moved here. It’s like the old saying , the field across the road is only greener until you have to mow it. Plus there’s the weeding. The fact that Metro Utah , is much more expensive on real estate, and yes I can rent office space there for about what I’m paying here residence wise, and yes until I got to smelling like the inside of a bull wagon, I could possibly live there, but I ain’t exactly sure that’s what I’d want to do. So there’s a lot of water that needs to flow through the ditch , long before I pull up the tent and migrate.

Now then, a new fox has came forth, will see her this afternoon at 17:00, will see if she remembers to wear nylons, will see if she puts forth the toe, without an explanation, and will see if she manages to have , what I hope will be, the beginning of the pin up girls we need. We need 12 all together plus two to be the pitch or main focus models we use for all visual TV ad’s etc. So we see what goes on there.

Good old MaBell, gave me until the 8th to get the LandLine bill paid, thank you MaBell, will get that done.

Then going into Smiths to snag my snuff today was short a buck, in paper cash, so had to use coins. But the cashier had trouble counting that $1.00 in change. Really? Has our educational system become so mechanized and all that our youth and not so young can’t even count change, without a computer or calculator.

This little old lady , nice as she was , was a bit irritable as well watching. Counting change under pressure should be one of the first things they test for in such jobs.

To be fair when I worked at I-80 Texaco in Bliss years ago when there still was an I-80 Texaco/RoadRunner in Bliss, I had trouble doing that, but too, I wasn’t supposed to be the cashier, and two the day I was cashiering I was working on tires, filling a rig with diesel, and still trying to run the cash box, It was like hey, give me a helper. Got through it, and to be kind to Amanda at Kixx on Addison, maybe she was frazzled too, it happens. I like that Kixx66 better than any here. Skoal is less expensive and the attitude better.

The question came overnight, so what about you?

Hey I like being all warm and cuddly with a gal, just like any other male corpuscle, but it hasn’t happened for so damn long that I wouldn’t know someone showing a genuine interest unless she completely threw herself at me. Plus the games so many play these days and all the can’t do that any more things, its like why bother?

Sure models for pin up’s TV ad’s fine. Its like Grandparents, you get the kids for a few hours, give em your money, but at the end of the day you get rid of em, and go back to some assemblance of peace.

To me that’s good, but with my schedule and all, I don’t know if I could handle a steady dose of live in or personal female relationship stuff. Hell I get nervous just having some gal touch me on the shoulder. And kids close? No way. There was one bunch over in Rupert , there at what I call the mouse house, which would have been if the neighbors dogs hadn’t been chasing the cats away, and two , the Mexicali family had cleaned up after themselves better.

But that same family , the wife was such a mean old gal, the kids would huddle over next to my door, and chat with me , rather than go home. The boys I wasn’t all too concerned about, but the three girls one 4 the other 2 barely, and the other 8, I was always ready to hear the words, from somebody like , Hi , I’m Chris Hansen from MSNBC . Or at least the fuzz. Granted I’d never even think of things in that way, but how do you prove that. Prosecutors have ways of coercing confessions or at least testimonies out of kids , even if it IS a bold faced lie. Want proof of that? A former associate, Les Lynch in Hagerman, has three absolutely drop dead gorgeous daughters, all well adjusted, well mannered and successful. Provided transportation in fixing cars and trucks for I don’t know how many people of Hazzard, gave many kids including me summer jobs scrapping cars, but a young gal, came over and was crying, sitting next to not on the lap of , but on a stump next to Les, her mom caught it and decided to press charges. Les is in the big house. Why ? Because he has a heart. Tried to be kind to a crying little girl.

So folks wonder why I gets nervous?

Any way, see ya’ll l8r on the radio.

WyldAyre in on tonight at 23:00.

See ya’ll

WWA 1awsig2

Quote of the Day:
A civilization is built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided for them.
--Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Ephesians 4:2“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

What a day Friday was?

Rizing Pheenix_thumb

My what a day yesterday was. Started out, from 06:00 to 10:00 puking my guts out until there was nothing to puke out and all was left was bile. So took my Nexium and tried to catch some sleep. So then got that fateful phone call, about a Craigs List posting. What Craigs List posting? Hell I told Big C that I had pulled all my CL postings and I did. Plus will not post there. When the time is right and all is in order, if the club wants to do photos of babes and byrds fine, we call an agency Boise of Utah, and do it that way.

So this one wants to meet at 19:00 at the Depot Grill here. Okay fine, figured I’d see Ricky there with Toby, she’d see me since obviously she was trying to set me up, since she knew me but I not her, and who says the pics she sent were of her? Could be anybody, so any flyte figured I’d catch grub with Ricky, if she did show, there’d be others seeing it.

So then by 13:00 I go out with a flying buddy over to Buhl, with thoughts of going aloft. Nope , decision of go, no go, was no go due to inclimate weather approaching , so we did maintance on his byrds for farm aviation until 17:00. Came home met with Todd, went to the meet and greet and hopefully grub with Ricky. Rickey got tied up with Toby, so I stayed at the Depot, until 20:00, went back over with Max in Buhl, and tooled on some more of his byrds(aircraft) , then came home at 23:00 , only to find that gal, sending me an email, about calling pin up girls hoes. Really, I never wrote that, in fact I admire the pin ups that brought many moments of comfort to many military aviators in time of war and conflict. Like I said once, think someone was setting me up, and I figured it out. Thing is they can’t do that any more. Changed passwords on all accounts.

It’s a shame, that folks can’t leave anybody alone. Yes I know if your in entertainment in any way, and you start gaining any altitude , your going to get the hecklers, and ones that once they ignored you or disguarded you, now want something. I’ve seen it way too many times.  I mean shyt instead of being congratulatory of your success , they want to trash you.

Added to that identity theft, intellectual theft and so on. If we soon don’t heed the warnings of Jefferson Davis first President of the Confederate States, of absorbing the southern way of government, this nation is going to collapse, under its own weight of fear and oppression.

Whatever happened to just common decency and freedom? What happened to pure innocence ? So what you put a hot gal with a hot rod in a mini skirt? Don’t mean your going to bed with them. So what you have a gal in a flight suit, pose so an airbrush artist can put an image on a warbird, don’t mean your trying to make em your old lady. And so what you have em meet you at the house to have java for a meet and greet. While there might be a tendency to do the wyld thing in that respect, don’t mean your going to. Hell the club, even as teens we met at our house near West-Point, Idaho, nobody was after anything except having fun with CB’s, building rides and Jimmy and I and the band playing music. But not today.

I remember a friend of mine, not too long ago, that got sent up , on a L&L charge, because some girl came over and hung around his shop. Shyt we all as kids hung around that shop, built many hot rods, and nothing was thought of. Hell the guy fixed all too many peoples cars and trucks that couldn’t pay just to be kind.

It’s a sad day for America, when we have made it this way, and there is only two salvations left, divine involvement of the second coming of Jesus, and the Confederate States of America becoming the government of the entire union of America.

Any flyte, meds kicking it, time for bed at 03:40 1/26/2013.

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.
--Franklin D. Roosevelt
James 4:10“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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Like a bad hot dog it keeps coming back

AyreWolf Knytecide hedder

So I get home, go to watching Hulu TV on computer, so Email inbox message.

Seems as though the gal I was supposed to meet at the Depot, was upset over one of the blogs concerning the situation.

But here’s the questions I have , since first, I never posted the ad myself, but it always goes in my account on Craigs List. So I read the ad, the ad has an alternate email address, that I discarded a year or so ago. Third, it did not have my G-Mail address on it, nor my phone number? How did this gal who woke me from a good mid days nap, with her phone call, know it was me. Which it wasn’t. Which is why I wanted to meet with her to begin with. This is smelling like a set up, by somebody wanting to do me and or the club damage. Thing is though I even tried to send Craigs List a notice informing them of my desire to terminate my Craigs List account completely. There is no delete my account option on Craigs List.

Now then, yes one of our members thought putting one up for the club looking for pin up gals for aircraft nose art would be a good thing. I carved out on a piece of paper what it should say, but I never ever put the damn thing up myself nor authorized it. So how does it return on my account? Two how did she know it was me, and how the heck did she get my land line number and email address on GMAIL?

It does smell like a set up, and because I caught it in time, it pissed this gal off, but how do you stop these things, from keeping going on?

Talking to Big C Monday on this, whoever this is needs to be corrected.

Talked to Todd about it, as well.

Any mile what a great thing to end the week with, after I had a good day .

Just goes to show, these things can’t be done here. Want a model, call Utah, get a pro, she shows with her agent, photos done, her paid out the door.

Some gal asked me why these kinds of things don’t happen here? This is why. You get accused of being anything but a white man. You get thought of as something evil, just because one wants to photograph nice looking gals in decent threads with warbird aircraft, bikes and trucks.

Just boggles the mind.

Just wanted all to know what’s up.

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
One way to stop a runaway horse is to bet on him.
--Jeffrey Bernard
James 4:10“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Sitting at the Hangar


Sitting here at the hangar with a diesel heater and a cup of java, I’m getting ready to head home.

The smells on my clothes are a mixture of liquid fertilizer, ammonia, and some AV fuel. Yes its that time when we start putting away the toew truck, and get ready for the spring and summer farm flying season. Making sure nozzles, lines and other parts operate efficiently and properly.

No spring is not here, that rodent in PA did not yet see its shadow, but I’ll tell you its better to be ready to get in the air early for my customers than to be playing catch up while the other 3 farm flying companies are in the air.

On the radio station front, I wish that every one of the and I’m trying to decide a proper way of putting this, but all the females that applied would have been and are as patient but diligent as Sylver is.

Sylver is one , like Ellie May, that I’d have no problem turning everything over to, knowing things would be done right, without me having to worry.

In both relationships, I keep it friendly and hospitable but not going over the line of the male/female lets get into anything personal mode.

I’ll have coffee, a brew and play pool with either one of them, have a pizza, or tease and keep the mood light and happy, but there are times that I make certain, they both know I’m the head cheese, and that I’m the boss. Past that they go home to their whomevers and for now I come home here alone, but the key word is ALONE.

While I know in many situations of acting and portrayals that artificial line can be crossed. , Tom Cruize and Nicole Kidman is the first I’ll mention as an example. In rehearsing lines, and especially when interaction is required , to you making play whoopie may be fake to you, but mother nature is thinking okay. You get to feeling for a person especially of the other gender. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about that since what we do here is radio, and even the few on air bits we do as comedy that has been televised, are still just that, comedy bits, nothing real is going to happen beyond a mutually agreed to before hand point.

I am not now, or ever I don’t think in the market for a wife, girl pal or anything like that, I have two other ladies, in my life, one has a huge rotor and blades , the other has wings and the third and as important, has 6 wheels, formally know as LexiBelle, beyond that I’m not wanting to be doing the wyld thing with anybody. I look at women simply as friends and professionally as talent.

Which brings me to my final here,


The Winged Warriors, put an ad up on the line for our pin up girl search for the warbirds and for the murals that will be painted on them. So far so good. However the order was nobody would know the search had anything to do with me, use my land line number or email. Only the clubs.

But what did I get this morning, an email, and phone call. Question was how did they know it was me? Second the gal on the other end called me by name, again how did they know it was me? Smokey trap? I thought so too. Set up a meet and greet at the Depot, went, nobody there, don’t think they were serious, but I smelled something rank, and it wasn’t me.

Which is why I need Sylver and at least one other female associate when I find one that can accompany me to such meets and greets. That way other women don’t think I’m about to eat Robin Hood.

Did get a howdy from a major printer, publisher and producer of warbird pin up girl products who is interested in being a sponsor as well as associate. We provide the byrds , they provide the film crew and go Dutch on the honeys. Not a bad thing.

Well its getting cold out, LiL Lexi is burning fuel so I’m outta here.

See ya’ll in the pm Saturday on HazzardAyre.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
Start every day off with a smile and get it over with.
--W. C. Fields
James 4:10“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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When in doubt, just go out and fly


As I sat on the tarmac this morning waiting for tower clearance to take off, and made notes on my pad attached to my knee board, I thought of some conversations on Wednesday at A1.

First it was Jared , teasing me about flying. He wanted to buy a plane and all. First I know he has no real interest in flying. It was teasing me about my affection of flying. The fact that I have to go up with someone every time until I get my full medical clearance and all, means no solo flying for at least until June or July, but I don’t like to be teased about it.

The little britches , would have shuddered if he would have had to fly the missions I flew in the Marines as part of the legendary squadron VMA214 aka BlackSheep. I’d like him to try and do a trap landing or two on a carrier in the Solomon Islands at night in a south pacific rain and wind storm, from 30,000 feet. I’d like to see him fly into the terrors of combat not only getting targets of opportunity, but targets assigned with people out there wanted to kill you, from miles away with radar and electronic guided misses.

Hell I’d like to see Jared go through Marine basic training, boot camp.

Just once. He’d be eaten alive.

So I stayed away for a few days to calm down, so it goes.

Tease me, really Jared? Your not even close to having done what I have done both in and out of the Marines.

Think maybe Jared and Charlie need to sit down and have a long talk with Ricky, to really know me well.

Okay enough of that.


Did you see the report on FoX News about the fiasco involving some gal that was really hammered by some guy she met on Match.Com?

Seems as though the lady was sexually and otherwise abused by some guy she met on the online dating service, and is now suing Match.Com accusing them amongst other things of not doing a better background check.

I myself have been the victim of such things, by going through with dates from such sites. I tried one , called Plenty-of-Fish, where the gal, after everything, tried to steal LiL Lexi while I was asleep, and we never did, do the wyld thing. Course then , few could go more than a mile from the house in LiL Lexi as I had a program on one of my older laptops where I could push a button and the truck would shut down. Plus I could find the truck within 50 feet of home base anywhere on Earth, via GPS. The truck still has the program, just need to update the software.

But getting back, these online dating services that show you damn near super models that say they are hungry for love and all, but you know a package like that ain’t staying home alone on Friday nights, plus the guys who are on there. Seems you pay a bunch of money but don’t get anything for that money and you really don’t know who is going to show up at the door, no matter the gender.

The teaser ads are great, but to reply or gain any connection you always have to divvy up mucho denaro, let me clue you in on a service that the Winged Warriors will be rolling out in the fall of 2014. ayremate ad1AyreMate is a online service that matches pilots with pilots, especially those of military affiliation. No matter branch of service. Guys for gals, gals for guys, who really fly and love aviation. Get this, you get to have at least 4 dates with that person free. In fact the service is free.

We do, all the background checks, so you know who your meeting and getting involved with, but there are no super model teaser ads, no GQ model looking guys that are not what at first seem to be.

Let you know more later in the year.

Final approach here,


I WANT TO MAKE THIS AS CLEAR AS GLASS, I truly like hanging at A1 doing odd chores and the crew , but I am making hard choices in my life now. The fact that I’m hitting the big 54 mark on the flyte of life, my body is not what it used to be and the fact that in my second choice of career that being toewing, there is just no money in towing any more around here. The constant battles with area law just to stay on call out lists, the competition of even big outfits like A1 , and all, means freezing in snow and cold for no dough. Sure I’ll keep, and restore LexiBelle, as she ought to be under a different company name and all just for show, but my head is as it always has been in the clouds flying.

I love the feeling of leaving the ground at mach speeds or near to it, seeing the earth and ground under me as I fly over the clouds, the feeling of extreme peace as the sun breaks just above the clouds at 40,000 feet. And no amount of going towing is ever going to replace that.

With that in mind, my thoughts are to get through this year, find a suitable pickup to drive, let Charlie salvage LiL Lexi, come this fall, then go do my testing and all to go to flight school in Utah at Upper Limit Aviation, and come out next year living in Bountiful or near there in Utah. Come up retrieve LexiBelle, and resurrect AyreWolf Aviation at Bountiful SkyPark, by this time 2014 when my Cousin Gordon goes to Alaska to get hitched and sets up AyreWolf command in Fairbanks.

But there is no real future in Idaho for me, unless one melluvahess of a lot changes between now and then. I treasure the friendship and all of Charlie and all at A1, and the radio station here by then should be running, with a new XO, here. Whether its Sylver or someone else, but thing is I need to be where aviation is everywhere, and the resources to take the reworked AyreWolvez into being the Winged Warriors , is and is in plenty. That ain’t Twin Falls. I need to be where if you need on air radio talent a call to an agency gets you a few. If you need a model, you call out for it like ordering a pizza, not having to spend mucho money, on crack whores and even if not crack whores, women who just want to kick the can around with no serious intentions of doing anything. That’s Metro Utah, no insignificant Idaho.

Any way have a coffee meeting and meeting with Todd, so see you l8r tonyte on the radio.

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.
--Epicurus, ancient Greek philosopher
Philippians 4:8“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

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