Tuesday, January 1, 2013


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Have to let you in on this since , if you hadn’t been there ya’ll might not understand or appreciate it, but went to the local I-HOP here for dinner, my once a month self treat.

Any mile I was in there, here’s a booth with 4 oh I’d say late teens early 20’s, that if Raj, had been in amongst them I’d would of swore that I was watching a real person version of the Big Bang Theory. All was missing was like I said that kid from India and Bernadette.

It was so funny.

Then there was this slightly built chick by the name of Eileen. can you say I’m going to coffee there much more?

Any way, gotta get back into the show. Tonight’s WyldAyre is brought to you by Kotex, it ain’t the best thing in the world, but its up there next to it, and by the United College Fund, reminding you that a mind is a terrible thing.


L8R Aviators,

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