Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Finally making a dent


Could it be that finally the ice burg is cracking?

A real sweetheart came in for an interview for on air. Sweet, but not over the top. Job is hers, and so now one on air spot on both HazzardAyre and WyldAyre is now taken. If the gal from Jerome that I talked with on Sunday, gets in here, then another position will be taken. The bottom line is, if we keep whittling the stick, the better its getting. I truly think that by October everything will be in place. While there will be a few that I interviewed months ago and just a few weeks ago will be upset, hey they are the ones that fear for their virtue what little of it remains, will be upset. The came they saw, they gave it up. Not putting all eggs in the same basket, but I think we are now gaining traction in the action here.

So my advice to the gal in Jerome living in a motel, the gal that came by who now does fast food service at Arby’s, and one other that surfaced a few weeks ago, that needed an immediate pre work paycheck, best get in and reinterview, because this plane is on the tarmac, on taxi ready to lift off. Miss or dismiss it this time there ain’t no more chances.

Now just need to get our sales team together, and producer positions filled and we got the Hazzard-WyldAyre staff assembled.

Next entry, putting a radio station in the mall.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
Show me a thoroughly satisfied man, and I will show you a failure.
--Thomas Edison
Ephesians 3:20-21“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Journey to the Knyte


So today being grounded from flying today, decided to watch some online TV. So watched the new episodes or as new as they were of the rebooted Knight Rider. Kitt as a Mustang, and the voluptuous Deanna Russo, is a series although NBC screwed the pooch on it, by cancelling it way too early is a series that should have been well , Rebooted and left to germinate long enough to find a seat. While many purists did balk at the new KITT being a Mustang rather than a TRANSAM still who made a new TRANSAM in 2008 anyway? The fact is, it was a techy film and TV enthusiasts dream, and one that could make even the most reserved gear head wet in the BVD’s. So what happened? Was it simply poor ratings? Was it mis managed by NBC, was it as it was on CH-6 when I saw it first, due to a signal misfire? Whatever it was, it was done good, had a all star cast, even a leftover from the old series, and again should have remained.

Okay then, on club business.

I have had quite a few sniffs at the new talent ad out. Both for radio as well as TV.  Despite the detesting of a few , the fact is , like Capt. Janeway said once in ST Voyager , sometimes you just have to punch your way through.

While I would love to have talent agencies running out of my britches on every corner in Twin Falls, and radio schools to hire from(there aren’t any) here sadly there isn’t. The fact that I had pretty much gave up on hiring local, gave way to the fact, that it’s July, not one frame of film, nor one millimeter of tape has been shot for our covers for both the magazines, or website. The fact that October is barreling at us at warp 9, which means by December 2013 we’d better have it together and be ready to run the on over the air run of the radio stations, and online or its adios. The FCC is not going to open this filing window for a long, long time. I’d like to think we can find SOMEONE here, that can enter the bigger studio, yes found another in Buhl, and been working on that most of the weekend, Go on air, but moreover with some real training in Hazzard County, style radio and media no matter what gender, and can be a manager here, so I can get my butt outta here for parts east and south in mid year 2014, means the fyre is under our butts.

However that all said, and I’m going to repeat this as final as I can, even though the mini studio is here at the Wolf’s Lair(my house), does not mean there’s going to be much if any at all of touchy feely, romantic bullstuff. Gals show up they work, they get paid. They don’t show up, too many maybe’s and its adios baby, no pay, have a good life. I’m not into this to get laid, to find a personal SheWolf , I’m in this to make this radio thing run and do its best. Maybe a few months of the thing active, people making money and this radio thing of ours kicking butt will fend off and make quite a few of our detractors away from us and licking their wounds.

Okay then that said and I’ll get into this more l8r , but did you notice two things over the weekend? RFDTV is launching Rural Radio on Sirius/TV, just like we will launch both HazzardAyre and WyldAyre Radio on satellite, in November, part of the reason for the big push to get people mainly the female parts in studio and trained. As we’ll be both local and on demand, over Sirius/XM.  But is RFDTV trying to beat us to the finish line here? Second he did a off cameo interview of Bo Duke on Friday. The one thing RFDTV might do is buy the series the Dukes from CMT, before we do, to launch our TV network in the spring of 2014. What’ll be different? Besides the fact we’re the only network and station that will air over the air and on satellite, southern culture radio, is that we’ll be the only one doing it live 24/365. The other thing here is and it ain’t been that long ago, when we ran the beginnings of both HazzardAyre and WyldAyre, when we shut down, somebody by the name of Matt , fired up Warbird Radio, which if even if you find their website, you can only hear ON DEMAND, no more free(FREE), streaming. Which means give up trying to hear it on your computer. IT DON’T WORK.

But they went on air right when we shut down. Coincidence? I don’t buy it it. But not this time, we’re going for broke, breaking the barriers, and running a fully, live 24/7/365 radio station or group of stations that will always be LIVE, and always free. Hey you deserve that.

So I put in the responses to the inquiries for the on air spots, read the blogs, then come over. But we’re not taking just anybody, nor am I going to be as open and hospitable as I was in December , This is the heart of us, HazzardAyre for the Knytes-of-Anarchy, WyldAyre Radio edgy radio for those that love to fly, for the AyreWolvez, united under the roof, of Confederate Steele Media.

Finally, saw a membership/friend request from a cat named Coons, While I took my afternoon soak to bring body temp to a reasonable level, I thought of that Tasha , wasn’t her name Coons? Wonder there’s a correlation there? I’d take her in for training, see if she made the cut , but not promising anything , stand us up once , harder to get in the second time.

Anymile friends, need to grab grub and rest up for overnight flyte, on WyldAyre Radio so keep it Wings Level

L8R Aviators

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Quote of the Day:
No one can be free who does not work for the freedom of others.
Matthew 24:35“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

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All I want at a Wal-Mart is a clerk who speaks English, and is skinny,

awwa afternoon flyte

So there was go to Wal-Mart snag some moo, and yummies. So noticed that the frozen foods section where TV Dinners and home baked pizza are at sectioned off and closed. Don’t know if it’s a recall, or equipment breakdown, but I ask the clerk checking me out, why, You could tell here was a gal, barely able to speak English, that’s more at home slicing ham in the deli that working a cash register. The staff at Wal-Mart of Twin Falls seems to be falling off like beef of a soup bone. I mean Jimmie Cricket, did the lets get out of here before the sky falls alarm sound at Wal-Mart of Twin Falls? In short the question I asked was not answered, although I saw milk at Wal-Mart at $1.98 , Smith’ was $2.10 a gallon, so going over there later after the religious idiots who think they can herd the car down the road get off the streets here. No there are some country folks who know how to drive, they have that gene in their personal genetic mix. Then there are those who only know drive in the field, stop any time, Any where, Don’t matter what’s behind you and can’t do a steady speed. Either too damn fast , or too damn slow. You can’t maintain a steady fix on them, to change or maneuver through , no you go like hell, then stop, then speed up, and then see its some girl , maybe 19 years old in an SUV trying to find the closest nail place,. Damn it drive, or bring the damn boyfriend. I know there was Daisy Duke an all, My mom could dive, but the best lady driver I ever seen in my life is my cousin Raydean, I tell you what dirt, pavement you put her behind the wheel, its hammer time and we ain’t talking MC. this time, Deenie taught me to flip uturns using the left and right brakes of that little Dexter tractor. She’d jump canals, in a 53 Chevy I mean she can drive. Strange she married a race car driver ain’t it?

Been steaming in my head over night about the hissy fit from Jenn at A1, yesterday. I think this gig is drawing to a close , but I ain’t sure, tell you all on Monday.

Tadd bit cooler than yesterday, planning on doing some short flying after Church Sunday after church, since anything long distance, is zero. The reason? Last Monday got told I got diabetes , which means until I get my waiver from the FAA after some evaluation and all , means my feet are planted except for short hops for six months. So doing more 4 and six wheel flying, here on terra firma rather than topping the clouds.

Then looked at my email, and you know Jenn’s going to throw a curve, here, but saw a reply to the ad. Worded all too much like others that have came from people she has sent in. The question I need to ask is straight up. Charlie and Jenn don’t want want me sticking my nose into A1 affairs. Fine, my question is, why does Jenn find it in her head she needs to get in mine? Second, for me to take anyone serious for the radio ad spot we have at Confederate Steele, would have to look like Daisy Duke, have the mouth of Gretchen Wilson, drive like Danica Patrick, have the legs of the original Nurse GoodBody, without a eye prying significant male hanging over her shoulder, no children to have to get a sitter for, or to pre-empt a on air gig, Then sure we talk, since here would be a gal who could pass the moxy test and have the attitude that we need. Short of that , the crack whores, and such just keep on walking, hey go work at Wal-Mart , where brains are not required.

Any time I think of that I remember some years ago to get some extra cash in the stash I applied at the Wal-Mart of Jerome. It was determined that ye ole Wolf here was too smart and overqualified. Really, full knowledge of the product lines, where they were at in the store and even a few of the product lines’ NASCAR drivers and teams, was way too intelligent, for me to work there. Best yet, I can speak and write two languages, English, and Confederate American, Oh and back then I was skinny, Looking over the last 8 years now, if I ever see, that Tammy chick that drew me over here to Tweaker Flatts to begin with mother or not, woman or not its, slug fest time.

Keep it tween the ditches.

Wings Level My Friends

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Quote of the Day:
You cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do.
--Liz Smith
Matthew 24:35“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

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