Saturday, June 23, 2012

Communications,that fail to communicate

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Okay friends as the tour bus pulled through , here is Idaho.

Not only is its people slow both in momentum but mentally, but so is its Internet.

I heard just b4 I regained some form of web connectivity that Pocatello Idaho is on its own for consumer prices the absolute slowest connected community in America. And sure enough, Pocatello ranks number 7 in the nation as absolutely the slowest.

I laugh at Cable-One when they say 50 mg internet. Bullsbreath , If this was Utah you could be assured that the Utah Consumer protection Commission would make em change their ads. I’ll be damn the only true 50mps connection I have experienced in Idaho, was when I had a lap top capable of good wifi, and lived on south 5th across from ISU. There was a tap, that really was 50mps. You’d click and whatever needed to download was downloaded instantly. But that’s the only one. When Cable-One offers $25.00 a piece for a 3 product bundle, you get billed damn near double that, the first month so where’s the savings.

And even if you think your behind, billing wise a gal wanting to make an extra commission sells you phone service.

I did that , and mid month got turned off. Why? I get PAID on THE FIRST OF THE MONTH!!! not the middle of the month. Could they extend the sob, two weeks? No, I told em when I signed up, was I am a military retiree , I get my pay once a month, bills get paid on the first, of the month, if I’m billed middle of month, I can’t pay until the next first of the month. Lady phone sales person for Cable-One says no problem.

Guess what I ain’t got Cable-One or at least to where I gots to pay for it.

So here’s the tip, if your in Idaho, get cable tv (ONLY) from Cable-One, get a cell phone, get landline and Internet through Century Link aka Qwest renamed.

Qwest tells you, you get 10mps, which is pushing it, but at least its close, not be insulted by and lied to by Cable-One with claims that do not measure up.

What I do hope is, some day, is that Comcast, comes up here buys Cable-One, gives the boot to the stuck up, wont help you or even really try staff of both Twin Falls and Eastern Idaho. Then this thing here might operate better.

More on this , this evening.

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All men's misfortunes spring from their hatred of being alone.
--Jean de La Bruyère
Isaiah 40:31“but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

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Friday, June 22, 2012

These Wolvez never run

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I laugh almost at those that find themselves going under and all, when we in Both the AyreWolvez and the Knytes, told em so.

Of all the organizations that truly carry the weight of restoring southern liberty , in fact liberty in its original definition, is the Knytes-of-Anarchy. Not the Sons Of Confederate Veterans, who tell you , you are a member but then refuses to acknowledge that membership. When the so called officers tell someone to run with the ball, but the call em on a flag play, I ask em just one question, Does the letters F-O mean anything to you?

The fact is, since 1974 the Knytes-of-Anarchy has been fighting for and maintaining southern liberty, confederate ideals, and the restoration of a nation under Dixie.

But such organizations like SOCV, and others feel threatened and now feels it needed to pester us. He once upon a time I thought the SOCV wanted an affiliation with the Knytes, some stoner in NC by the aka, Stephen Monk, said so. But guess what, he was full of shit.

Any wonder?

Any time, you can’t get a return on a phone call, or email, even though YOU know they should ought to be in the office , you know your involvement is not welcome, or wanted and your not what they want as a member.

Thing is, why can’t they just tell you that?

Oh by the way, where was the SOCV, when the Knytes spent nights on the grounds of Idaho’s state capitol flying ALL of the southern flags, looking to get the Confederate National Party(Now the Confederate States Party) on the books of Idaho state as a political party. That a person can truly run on and get elected to or on . But guess what, one month b4 the 2008 elections, the CSP was on the state of Idaho's ballots. But where was the SOCV. Then thought we had a good thing going with Dixie Broadcasting East Inc. But for some reason and I think it has to be that our methods are a bit too racy or something , but ole Ray McBerry decides to disavow involvement with the Knytes.

The thing is, The Knytes-of-Anarchy, are real people with southern blood running through our veins. We saw the horrors , we felt the lies of the carpet baggers and scalawags of the so called Reconstruction, And yet I get a snooper once in awhile that creeps up on my Facebook page. Thing is a friendship is really not what he or they want, the real thing? they want to poor lemon juice on a paper cut. Thing is even though a few months ago we stumbled, we took the lemons and made lemonade.

Keep it wings level

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Life is an onion. You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.
--Carl Sandburg
Psalm 121:7-8“The LORD will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Have you ever?


Have you ever saw or seen FoX-35 News at 9? More over KPVI News?

If you have the newscast features newscasters that seem like real greenhorns that need much more studio time b4 becoming even a reporter.

Of all the TV stations I have seen and I have seen em all , almost this one seriously needs to be sold, and put in the hands of someone that truly could raise it above the bar instead of it crawling around in the swamp like they currently are.

Now to be fair I know finding on air people is at best a by luck, and a crap shoot, but hey can’t they at least try? I mean both Fox Affiliates of KPVI are going bye bye soon as revenues have not allowed FoX –35 to be FoX any more.

But hey again, I say don’t give up.

You’d think that by now that as much as I bitch about broadcast and media that I’d suggest a solution. I have, done on more than one occasion and even offered up the clubs finances to make it happen.

A Vo-Tech broadcast basics school, either through CSI(College-of-Southern-Idaho) or off campus at say Knytes Hall, home of KDXB FM. But can I get the collective help from those others in the broadcast space here? Nope.

One of the attractions that I looked at when considering the re-entry into Idaho by our club and the company at least for the media part, was that once upon a time Boise State University through some prompting by the club had an active Vo-tech broadcast course. Some how that got canned due to lack of funds, but not for the lack of want.

I watch KPVI’s FoX 35 for one reason. Doug Iverson, Who does the weather. Reason? He’s right on, watch for a Boise station or Utah station to coax him away from KPVI.

So what’s the gripe? There’s one reporter named Logan McDougal. Who acts like he is depressed or certainly needs to go take a serious dump somewhere. Logan is not the only one that has been in this way.

Scott Evans of KTVB News had this problem. He just did not look happy in his job, needed a serious bowl movement and inspiration. Now however KTVB has this new seatcover Andrea Lutz,

Andrea Lutz 

that always has a near smile on her face, and in a crisis or interview would be one you’d be happy to spill your guts out to. That said she would be one I’d bring to Confederate Star TV . Her delivery and presentation is more than professional, its likable. Watch her push a few anchor or two out of the way, more over watch her be on network TV soon. Kim Fields is also a star up at KTVB and I look forward to weekend Newscasts on KTVB since she anchors it. But with these two is that all there could be in Idaho? More likely so. While it would be really difficult to find talent in Idaho to do our wyld cat style TV , or like we are planning Hot Leg Weather, Since we can’t do NakedNews , we’re looking at something close, but even so can we get it together Idaho?

Young people, locals I talk to every day thank us for being the spice in a buffet of bland media here. But does it just need to be us? KTVB I’ll bet catches revenue more than our $500,000.00 a month billing, but yet we can command some great help , mostly from our HQ in Utah and sub-station in Rock Springs Wyoming, but damn other media providers(TV Stations) need to get their crap together.

To KPVI, although I have yet to get an email from Ms. Goings over there in Pocatello, any time they want to sell off FoX-35 or what it ends up to be, SAMCRO MC Idaho is a ready and willing buyer.

So I ask again, have you ever?

Until daybreak

Keep it wings level

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Quote of the Day:
The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.
--Kahlil Gibran
Mark 8:36“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

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Same Shit Different Day

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06/20/2012 16:27

Its not uncommon to find that just about everything in the shallow minded community of Burley or purtty much all lower valley towns in Idaho, to be the Same Shit Different Day.

There is not a following of cultural arts such as acting theater, or the like. What dance things are going is limited to small and I mean near toddlers in Ballet , not hip hop sock hop production quality dancing.

Of course the area is built that way. As one of my crew the big thing here is sitting on the front porch watching the cars rust.

Its not going to change, and the more change you force the more the resistance there is.

While certain areas of Idaho have pulled their heads out of their ass, and encouraged growth one also has to look at the economic stabilizers. In Idaho Falls and Blackfoot the areas are booming. A Micro processor and energy products factory opened there 5 years ago, means great jobs, so discretionary income is greater this means more spending again creating more jobs.

Idaho Falls, same thing plus having a nuke plant out their back door is a plus.

But that area has the same sickness. Anything not meeting the LDS seal of approval, is not going to roll.

Hell we were damn lucky to get an exotic dance bar approved in Rigby.

Then of course there is Boise.

State Capitol, so much of the infrastructure is geared around that, industries that support those doing battle on the legislative floor, get top nods from city fathers.

Likewise aviation, and near government industries are the key builders.

Boise is also a place where recreation and cultural arts abound in Idaho.

But once you pass the 71 mile stick south on I-84, the rural, as I say it no go Idaho is the rule the people just do not want, nor will they give green lights to anything new even if it would help keep kids in their college and later lives here.

To most, kids here are born, go to school, go to college, get hitched but just go away.

When they reach retirement age then maybe and I stress maybe they come back.

So you ask why the hell am I and SAMCRO here?

That in my next edition , its dinner time.

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Quote of the Day:
In this world, it is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich.
--Henry Ward Beecher
Mark 8:36“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

As always struck a dead end on the Internet

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Just for crap and giggles, I did a search to see what a few others thought or that maybe some smart geek might have answered the question, but as usual, nothing.

The question was, With today’s advanced(so called) Technology, could the Lady as she was called aka the AirWolf, be constructed for real?

While I along with the rest of the AyreWolvez wrestle with this in the attempt, hey it takes lots of paper work, long hours and multitudes of Federal Agency involvement, which as anyone knows takes months even years.

That said, So I searched and searched, nothing.

However beyond the search here, tried to post an event on FaceFart and couldn’t, so I put up my thoughts of Mark Zuckerburgs creation, and why I’d love an alternative. And no MySpace tweren’t none better.

My next question is, has the Internet hit the bricks? Is this the demise of a thing that was a fad? Or is there still hope that better heads get-er-in-gear, so that there is a deeper creation called maybe smartnet or intelernet. In essence intelligent Internet, that REALLY has answers.

About the only Internet player worth a dang even though many call it old skool now days, is Google. My Gmail gets delivered, My YouTube music perfect as long as I have a stable Internet connection, and Thank Kahless, Blogger. Which has kept ya’ll informed on our doings since 2006 of all things Hazzard Knytes, Knytes-of-Anarchy, and us here in the AyreWolvez.

Sure FaceFart is all the rage but it’s the same stuff on my timeline or my page every damn day. Shit Mark have the forking thing at least recycle, and refresh once a day.

Seems as though once I read all I need to, I’m done.

Yet many people check their FaceBook account several times a day. Course that’ll come to a screeching halt as soon as Verizon implements their new rate plans, and prices. The word is no unlimited minutes especially on data aka internet via smart-phones. If Verizon goes this way expect the rest of the cell carriers to follow. But getting back how about a better Internet, and search engines that really have answers.

It’s my bed time.

More Wednesday, on mental health so called professionals.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.
--Albert Szent–Gyorgyi de Nagyraolt
Mark 8:36“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Missed or just ignored?


Remember you saw it here in our area here first.

Did our local news people just pass up on this ?

Dig this friends, in looking over my email, saw that of all bands reuniting , the Beach Boys doing a 50th anniversary tour and album, started in April 2012. I had no idea. Took a listen to the new single off of the album That’s Why God Made the Radio and its peaceful and puts you in a real good groove. Yet did any of our news organizations put this out? Did FoX- 35 even report this? Dig this, FoX TV by its very own admission is a 18 to 35 demo network, but it is of a nature that such a thing as the Beach Boys reuniting gig, was seen as unimportant is just idiotic to me and my way of thinking.

Now b4 any of you start yapping that I’m all too critical of our area media, and think that I think they could do a better job. I say I am, but its not that I haven’t numerous times put out a leaf of peace and said, instead of fight with me and/or the club, hire me.

The phone remains silent.

But why was the Beach Boys story ignored or missed?

You be the judge.

L8R Aviators,


Ephesians 6:4“Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”

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But it ain’t gonna happen in Idaho or Utah


I am often dismayed or stymied when I get these invites to go to some just need to be there trade shows.

Whether its for aviation, the radio network, this news publication, or anything else even the MC shop.

While I’d love to go to every towing related or just toew show in the nation, I am for the most part a one man band. If I can go to a show I have to send off tow calls to another company, shut down the shop, and spend financial resources to go. These are just not my options, I have to ROS-{Remain-on-Station} to fetch tows , fly fire suppression or air rescue, or serve the club through writing this newspaper or being on radio.

So what is one going to do? The upfront answer is to stage our own , right? Wrong.

When I open issues of Rebel Rodz, or EasyRiders etc and I see their events or I see some news footage on TV of one, I say we could do that here.

In years ago, yes we could, did and nobody even flinched. Problem is today just about everybody is so tight breasted on their wallets , as well as even such things, as the security of female models to host and promote these events is a crap shoot even if you can find the talent that will go that far.

Then of course is dealing with the local press, from outside radio/tv to newspapers, justified or not mostly not, getting one to write something up is near to impossible, if you can even get their panties wet in the first place.

Just like few years ago, had some seatcover and a photohog come over to Buhl, when I was there to do up a story, on both the shop and club. The lady was nice enuff, some pics were taken, but the story just got shelved. Then they wonder why I or the club members don’t spend money on advertising with them. But that’s getting off course.

You might say well that’s Idaho no go. However it’s the same lame thing in Utah just about. Yes there are venues that allow for our events. The Tooele County Airport , just outside Tooele Utah hosts the AyreWolvez AyreShows each year. With rousing incredible attendance by members and public alike. The Hazzard Nationals since 1996 has been hosted at the Larry H Miller Sports Park, a road course racing facility partly influenced in suggestion by the Knytes-of-Anarchy our parent organization. Again hiney , rods , trucks and all things Hazzard. But there is also the restrictions. No where there can you have a wet T shirt contest, which is why we opted to a wet tight Wrangle Cowgirl Jeans contest. Then there is our hot legs contest, as long as its below the waist no problem. Above the waist, nope.

Of course there are the media outlets. KJZZ has been great to work with, FoX 13 KSTU there has been great to work with, outside radio outlets before they became part of Citadel were great to work with, like FM 101.1 KBER(Kay-Bear). With their Sugar Bears and all they understood what was in our minds.

That all said and you’d think a few more would pull their heads out of the sand, Both The Utah State Towing Association as well as the lame one we have(besides ours) in Idaho, would group up with say the Wyoming Towing Association amongst others and host a major toew show in Utah as a regional tow show.

We are trying to do that, even stage the thing here in Burley, at the Cassia County Fairgrounds . But our requests to get serious with the fair board is somewhat hindered to put it mildly.

But why couldn’t a major tow show be staged in Salt Lake City? To where we here could spend a day or two at the show, and have the WreckMasters tests and seminars? Where we could see the new gadgets and equipment?

The only one even remotely close by is in Reno, Nevada. If we’re really lucky the Washington State Tow Show, but how about a Mountain West Toew Show.

Stymied as I am and all its not going to happen in Idaho. But we keep trying, introducing an invitation to towing professionals in the Mountain West,


This will be one heck of a toew show, for Wyoming Utah, and Idaho. Dates are still on the table but looking at mid October 2013. We’d like it if we got some ink from TR FootNotes on this, to get the word out.

But getting off the hook, what about the AyreWolvez AyreShow in Idaho? That one is a near firm never gonna happen in Idaho. First there are few if any airports able if at all that could stomach such an event. Sure Twin Falls Idaho has its albeit good, fly in Airshow, but a show similar to but not limited to say the one in Oshkosh Wisconsin, just will not happen here. So we have for the most part put that one in the cold file and surrender the idea to our charter in Utah.

But again why not?

Keep reading we ain’t done yet, more Tuesday.

L8R Aviators


Quote of the Day:
Injustice is relatively easy to bear; what stings is justice.
--H.L. Mencken
Ephesians 6:4“Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”

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Has FoX News reached its Zenith?

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Have you started thinking that FoX News and CNN have reached their Zenith? That they have reached the end of one long road and that there needs to be fresh blood and fresh everything in TV news , giving us something more than talking heads interrupted with stupid commercials both local as well as what the  networks are rebroadcasting. Yet few are stepping up to challenge the giants. Those who do are like us here at Confederate Star TV , it takes years to get it in , in a particular demographic. Like wise our style of TV is not LDS approved. But elsewhere in the nation Confederate Star TV is gaining ground.

The Washington DC Machine is broken. No matter what side of the political isle you stand on, both parties, both Republicans and Democrats can’t convince many Americans that their way is the right way. However likewise many Americans are too damn stupid to see and hear the truth. A recent speech I heard on Dixie Broadcasting, said, we are always going to have crooks, poor folk and stupid people. The thing is, and I urge many to do so, wiggle your computer to on there is a hyperlink that says LISTEN NOW, click on it. Follow the instructions, but there on you will learn things that you just thought you knew and things you never even thought of. The powerful Southern Movement is on. The Confederate Party is the only earthly saving grace. Unfortunately we don’t have a candidate that is gutsy enough to step up and run as a candidate on the Confederate Party ticket, which is a REAL political party someone can run on and get elected in in Idaho and Utah. Your Knytes of Anarchy made it that way. The Knytes were out there in the last election staging rallies , staging information rallies and so on. Reluctantly Governor Butch Otter of Idaho, signed into law the bill that created the Confederate National Party in Idaho. Shortly after Utah and Wyoming did the same. But who was beating our chests saying this is the way? The Knytes-of-Anarchy. That includes us the members of the AyreWolvez.

Yet I sit up all morning listening to all these talk shows and supposed news shows in the morning on Fox and Cnn. Here’s an idea, report the galldarn news. Some of those long legged honeys on FoX News and they are long legged in need of nylons as their boney legs could use the enhancement, barking on things you know these hardly dry behind the ears news people have no idea about. The bad thing? The bastards at these news organizations will not take the bold step and contact, interview, people of newsworthy status on the Confederate Party and the Southern Movement. Hell don’t just call me, shit, contact Ray Bradbury at Dixie Broadcasting East, ya’ll can find his email at their website Dixie Broadcasting . com .

Even the so called morning staples that were in deep doo-doo that broke off talks of our initial take over of local KBAR-AM don’t even have the Stugots to contact me and bring up the Confederate Party’s platform, only saying no one here is interested.

Bull shit, it was that way and same noise I heard in 2008, nobody wants to hear the noise of the Southern movement. Yet guess what? We got two radio stations other than us in Boise to take up the topic, and both stations had better overnight numbers than they ever had in the previous 6 months.

In much of the broadcasters, airtime or at least quality airtime is measured in airtime generating money. If it ain’t its just dead air. Trouble is many would rather have dead air, than give up a little real estate for causes and issues, that are not inline with theirs but demands their attention.

And if you think this is not your problem, unless we get one of our Confederate leaders into major power, a return to the cold war is very possible. Even to the point the slave President put cards on the table about Russia aiding Syria. On Syria, we’re down with Afghanistan , we’re done with Iraq, hello Syria.

Nobody listened to me or the Knytes in 2008, we told you things were going to get crappy, but most ignored us then. Don’t be stupid , don’t ignore us now.

Who do we support for President?

That tomorrow.

L8R Aviators


Quote of the Day:
Hurry! I never hurry. I have no time to hurry.
--Igor Stravinsky
Ephesians 6:4“Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

What Up?

WyldAyre Mini Header PAPPYS LOG MASTER

Many of the Wolf-Pack of the AyreWolvez have been howling about the lack of attention I have been giving to the cause of flying, that I been doing more Hazzard County and less Ayre. Fact is, things are in such a condition that I couldn’t do much as far as things Ayre if I wanted to. Money just not there.

But that don’t mean not doing anything. Reasons vary here, but I was recently advised about another warbird style group called Magic Valley Warbirds. While having a few allies is grand, still I don’t really want to compete or allow our legacy to decay or be forgotten.

Considering all that has occurred to bring us to this destination, moreover the foundation construction of what is and continues to be the one military aircraft enthusiasts organization whose members truly went to battle in much of what we restore and fly.

If you also look at past operations, as simple as our radio network of same.

Once we dropped it after it was just getting on the hot tarmac, somebody back east built what we had in mind. True it’s a would've could've should've, thing but if we dump things now, trust me there are hungry sharks ready to take a real byte out of the AyreWolvez, The Knytes-of-Anarchy, and destroy much of what we built on so many years ago, and I’m not ready to see our club, our members, and not only mine, but my mom & dads sweat and blood, moreover dignity and all go into the manure pile, just because, of a albeit serious, but temporary cash flow problem.

Bottom line we will get there.

As I close , its good to be back on the Ayre.




L8R Aviators,


AyreQuote of the day; Never put a question mark , where God has placed a period. – Richard Petty