Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HazzardAyre is busting butt, but the real teeth? WyldAyre.

WYLDAYRE HEADAyreWolf Knytecide hedder

AYRENOTES HEDDER I always am bewildered by the super self righteous, public and the seriously scared female population that has a problem with entering a house that shelters and holds the guts of HazzardAyre.

One new hire said she could not find anything about HazzardAyre on the Internet. Shyt do a Google search. What one finds is two whole pages of results, it ain’t because we have been hidden. Shyt we even have a Wikipedia page about us.

Is it that all these so called honeys think their going to get the butts chewed on by this big bad wolf?

The grand Christmas party at Anchors Bistro, had those servers in skimpier threads than we would ever do, and inside a bar, where a few hundred hungry coyote cowboys drunk as a wolverine is ready to snack on any of them, at the drop of an ice cube, and these preemadonnas are spooked about coming to the Wolf’s Den to check out a job that could easily generate themselves a helluva lot more green than working at a bar or even preytell McDonalds.

If the announcement went out that we were hosting local try outs for American Idiot, there'd be lines around the block and down the ally. This location is not permanent. Once there is enough of a crew , This gig moves into a better set of quarters. Sure its not like going to say KBAX to interview for a radio or TV job, since its in one big church. But here is a slight shall we say, bigoted conflict of interest. KCTF 45 a sister station to KBAX is ran out of offices/studios inside of a church, you know that, but two out of many shows that KCTF now is running, since to deal between KCTF and RFDTV is cemented is far from churchy. HeeHaw, with those short shorted HeeHaw Honeys, hey I’ll go to that Church. Then at 19:00 its WKRP, hey, that’s the story of radio personality Johnny Fever, far from a choir boy. Along with old Burt Reynolds's main squeeze Lonnie Anderson with her short skirts, hey if she’s a nun I am an LDS Bishop. Yet the local media has no time for us, who’s calling the pot black?

However the small TV station took over the airwaves and gave those of us, tired of increasing high cable TV bills or who did not convert to digital TV something worthwhile to watch. As such has shot past anything the local TV market thought or was prepared for.

Equal to that, HazzardAyre, is building steam, from a LPFM to a major player on high power FM in the Magic(Tragic) Valley of Idaho, with the erection of KDXB, which simply stands for Dixie Broadcasting. Bringing the messages of the modern Southern Movement to Northern Yankees, that should be giving attention. Our Government leaders are kicking our butts in DC. President Obama stuck around DC to push through his tax legislation, which I’m all for. Let those fat cats that have been snacking on the butts of the middle and lower class through tax evasions and cuts have to pony up.

Our children have grown up to think, from Union education that Abe Lincoln was all too honest. In reality Abe Lincoln was the biggest liar. He pushed through oppression on our southern states and the south said enough. In reality the entire Civil War had little to nothing to do with slavery or racism, it was to free ourselves from Yankee invasion. Our confederate fathers wanted little if anything to do with the northern Union. We had our own congress, and Confederate President, Jefferson Davis. Did any body in your high school history government class teach you that? no. This is one of the reasons, HazzardAyre gets number 2 to number one overnight Arbitron ratings. We serve at minimum 28,million listeners overnight through satellite, as well as locally live.

Reason for the guy/gal thing? What worked for Howard Stern and Robin Quivers, will work here. Hell even one of my old radio mentors, Big Kelly over at KEZJ/KLIX has a gal co-hosting. Have you ever been in there? KLIX’s studio is way down a hall from the front desk and very soundproofed. If somebody is going to get hinky and kinky, that’d be where that would happen, rather than in a house where next door there is a pit-bull .

But nooo , can’t get a walk in.

Any way, we are rolling with HazzardAyre. And remember where HazzardAyre goes, so does WyldAyre.

What WyldAyre Radio is, in my next entry, but my fingers are cramping so I’m off to dreamland.

L8R Aviators.


Quote of the Day:
While the price of freedom and security is high, it is never too high!
--George W. Bush
(I bet he never complains about taxes)
Psalm 90:12“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

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