Friday, January 25, 2013

Sitting at the Hangar


Sitting here at the hangar with a diesel heater and a cup of java, I’m getting ready to head home.

The smells on my clothes are a mixture of liquid fertilizer, ammonia, and some AV fuel. Yes its that time when we start putting away the toew truck, and get ready for the spring and summer farm flying season. Making sure nozzles, lines and other parts operate efficiently and properly.

No spring is not here, that rodent in PA did not yet see its shadow, but I’ll tell you its better to be ready to get in the air early for my customers than to be playing catch up while the other 3 farm flying companies are in the air.

On the radio station front, I wish that every one of the and I’m trying to decide a proper way of putting this, but all the females that applied would have been and are as patient but diligent as Sylver is.

Sylver is one , like Ellie May, that I’d have no problem turning everything over to, knowing things would be done right, without me having to worry.

In both relationships, I keep it friendly and hospitable but not going over the line of the male/female lets get into anything personal mode.

I’ll have coffee, a brew and play pool with either one of them, have a pizza, or tease and keep the mood light and happy, but there are times that I make certain, they both know I’m the head cheese, and that I’m the boss. Past that they go home to their whomevers and for now I come home here alone, but the key word is ALONE.

While I know in many situations of acting and portrayals that artificial line can be crossed. , Tom Cruize and Nicole Kidman is the first I’ll mention as an example. In rehearsing lines, and especially when interaction is required , to you making play whoopie may be fake to you, but mother nature is thinking okay. You get to feeling for a person especially of the other gender. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about that since what we do here is radio, and even the few on air bits we do as comedy that has been televised, are still just that, comedy bits, nothing real is going to happen beyond a mutually agreed to before hand point.

I am not now, or ever I don’t think in the market for a wife, girl pal or anything like that, I have two other ladies, in my life, one has a huge rotor and blades , the other has wings and the third and as important, has 6 wheels, formally know as LexiBelle, beyond that I’m not wanting to be doing the wyld thing with anybody. I look at women simply as friends and professionally as talent.

Which brings me to my final here,


The Winged Warriors, put an ad up on the line for our pin up girl search for the warbirds and for the murals that will be painted on them. So far so good. However the order was nobody would know the search had anything to do with me, use my land line number or email. Only the clubs.

But what did I get this morning, an email, and phone call. Question was how did they know it was me? Second the gal on the other end called me by name, again how did they know it was me? Smokey trap? I thought so too. Set up a meet and greet at the Depot, went, nobody there, don’t think they were serious, but I smelled something rank, and it wasn’t me.

Which is why I need Sylver and at least one other female associate when I find one that can accompany me to such meets and greets. That way other women don’t think I’m about to eat Robin Hood.

Did get a howdy from a major printer, publisher and producer of warbird pin up girl products who is interested in being a sponsor as well as associate. We provide the byrds , they provide the film crew and go Dutch on the honeys. Not a bad thing.

Well its getting cold out, LiL Lexi is burning fuel so I’m outta here.

See ya’ll in the pm Saturday on HazzardAyre.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
Start every day off with a smile and get it over with.
--W. C. Fields
James 4:10“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

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