Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Aren’t you glad once again for HazzardAyre?

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Last night as it’ll be Thursday by the time most of ya’ll read this, I flipped on my computer to catch the evening news from Channel 11. Not that I’m a big fan of 11 , but they are the only streamed news in our end of Idaho, thinking of starting to watch KPVI’s broadcast, since whether or not they like someone, every viewer is welcome.

I get to thinking on this about CH-11 and while they might think I love slinging mud at them, its not, its called constructive criticism, . Unlike me and all of HazzardAyre, including us here on WyldAyre Radio, we welcome and encourage constructive criticism . how can we improve something if we don’t hear from you? How can we make better what we do for you, if you do not tell us. But Ch-11 loves to target us. Now here’s the gripe .

Like I said, went to catch the streaming news from CH-11, mostly to find out weather conditions, so I could make a go or no go decision on flying Today. Know what, the stream, even 3 minutes in their half hour newscast, no stream.

I know technical goof ups can happen, hey we here at HazzardAyre experience it all the time. However what you will find is, if we stub our feet once in awhile, you’ll know what happened and why shortly there after, on this or the other blog. You’ll know why the network or station was off, and what we are doing to fix the problem.

We won’t just ignore you. Like CH-11 does.

Okay then nuff of that.

I love all the postings on my Facebook page, about custom bikes, and rides. Thing is, the owners say they built this or that, or you’ll see a themed bike from OCC, not bad but dig this, even OCC for a long time there were really bending steel, but fell victim to just becoming skilled, but still not much more than parts assemblers.

One of the great enjoyable challenges in building or restoring a military warbird, is that much or many of the parts are no longer available. I’m not just talking sheet metal either. Airframe, powertrain all much is no longer manufactured. At best it’s a search of detailed sketches, drawings and blueprints. Then making the parts, getting those parts FAA approved then building the aircraft, beit a warbird or helo. That’s why it can take a year or so from design to final build, for our craftsman and club members, but that’s what happens when you put Hazzard County tenacity and determination to work, building those aircraft for ourselves as well as collectors.

One of the big challenges is avionics. Many of the communications systems used in these old winged warriors , are no longer used. Frequencies , radar systems etc are just not usable. So it is that we take newer avionics but package them in old cases with the look of what was there originally. Analog gauges and so on, are more difficult to find, then rebuilding them. Of course we do. But since so much of aviation has went to glass digital systems much of even the older instruments pieces are a trial by error, to rebuild for use. The ultimate goal however is to make these byrds flyable. Now we are not talking about rc planes and helos we are talking of the real thing. Much of which in raw form will set one back $200,000.00 to $500,000.00 . After its built a collector can expect to render $5, million or so. But its not the money we do this for, it’s the love of flight, the knowledge of the stories these old winged warriors can tell that you feel, with each rivet, each bolt, massaging the sheet metal.

Like something we say around the hangar, like Copenhagen, military aviation is addictive.

We keep you informed and entertained, and remember this , next time you can’t catch the streaming version of KMVT news, just be thankful and Glad you have HazzardAyre. And when you want to know what’s going on in vintage military aviation restoration, be glad there is WyldAyre Radio, we were the first and original, radio for those who love to fly.

See ya’ll at 05:00.

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