Friday, January 4, 2013

Had an idea, lets create a anti social anti establishment social site


After the last few days, I got to thinking through one of my music sets on air last night, how about creating a none or anti social, anti establishment social site?

A site that you could cuss out, sound off and just be yourself, and not be screened or edited or such, like say Facebook or the old MySpace did.

A site for some of us that contemplate just going off in the hills and becoming a recluse, like Stringfellow Hawk did. For those new here, Stringfellow Hawk is the name of the pilot lead in the old TV show Airwolf. Such a site would have very private chat rooms, and blogs, where only you and whoever you wanted to visit with would go, or where you could post your blogs to just those in say an air club like ours, or such. Without a ton and a half people looking you over and spreading crap or causing pain that was un needed.

Couldn’t hardly talk last night, I think I caught this flu or cold that everybody is catching. Been coughing up flem and near blood, most of the night. So I just played tunes and watched Family Net in the background.

Talked to Rick And Toby last night. I think I messed up though. See , Rick was trying to scam on this wait-person there at the eating place we went to. I related that, I didn’t see why he was after her, when he already had 3 others. Kinda put the skids to that gig. Sorry Rick, didn’t mean to. Just thought ya’ll might leave at least one in Twin for me. Although I’ll tell you, from what I have gleaned , I don’t know if I’d want a woman from here. I truly hate two faced , backstabbers. I really hate teasers. They tease you to the point that you reprogram, then when you call their bluff they get pissed. Any way, it’s a new day.

Took some cold meds, drinking cinnamon coffee, ran out of tea, hope that’ll help.

The AyreWolvez are looking into establishing the Wolf’s Lair here in Twin. A aviators bar/cafĂ© , that would cater to us who fly and those that dream of flying. Several locations are in consideration, but looking to put it towards the airport.

On that other mess, apparently, few understand, the meaning of Prospect, short for prospective, or none paid Intern. Least that of the concept that it was only a test, to see if , and only if there was enough , qualified and I’ll repeat QUALIFIED to really go to the eventual studio in Buhl, or, if there was enough of a reason to move any of it outside of the house here. There wasn’t so that whole thing was scrapped. Although the studio for Buhl is still on the table, but hey Wendover Utah has 8 obtainable allocated channels to license a radio station to, American Falls still has ours that we filed on in 1986 , still available, so either one could be it.

But for now, I’ll pilot WyldAyre radio solo.

Before I go though, wanted to let you in on a new social site for aviation. Its located at a vector of: , It’s pretty cool. It’s a start up, not many bells and whistles yet, but hey everything starts small.

Just like WyldAyre Radio.

Any flyte, flu meds kickin in so I’m putting it in the hangar.

L8R Aviators,


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