Wednesday, February 1, 2012

None Like it used to be


hERE we go again.

Just when you think your getting away with getting off at a discount, ya’ll run into a tech gufu that threatens to piss you off no end.

So the only option is to buy new.

Even so, those little gizmos and gadgets you had once on your older computer, just are not available any more. If they are out there, they being peddled by some not too trustworthy vendors. So you load one up just to see and find either a credit card needed since what was once free, now requires a fee. Of course its a gamble.

I found many of the Google Gadgets for my Google Desktop are no longer being offered. Supposedly becuzz there was some idiot that set the damn thing up that also brought a malware or something in as it loaded .

Of course there are other maladies that are not so apparent, yet you either shrug it off thinking who cares? Or you have to go back and recreate those little icons from memory.

That’s just the short list.

Okay then.

Still having troubles with my audio output. Internal speakers work fine, try to plug in an outside source from computer to radio consol. No worky, so need I guess buy a new computer.

As I close, found out Sons of Anarchy set to run another 3 years. SAMCRO MC will never die.

L8R Aviators,

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