Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wolf Prowl Saturday

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welcome to the jungleWelcome to my jungle.

Okay the Radio Rebel premiered, and so to make sure YOU didn’t miss it, Disney decided to run it Saturday night.

Did it deliver and live up to hype, Yes butt barely. It needed a few more points of part smut, deeper emotional trails, and some puss sniffing or interacting between characters to pull it out of the quagmire it got in, but overall for a G rated Disney flick, on the Disney Channel, not that bad.

So after that airing, I got a toew call. None of usual steel steeds in the barn yard here so, LexiBelle, got her chance to roll on a toew. After I recovered the little Fiesta from the bar pit. On my way home thought , while all this flying , OTR trucking stuff and not too mention but I will Hazzard stuff, what started all this radio thing out was pure and simple, to put up on Over the Air Radio, as well as on a syndicated basis a radio show for all of us who tow.

Which is partly what started the toe sniffing, kissing thing.

Although I truly wasn’t the proliferator of the overlapping of the words, I certainly will claim fame as being the one that brought the concept alive, and that ain’t no jive.

For me it started one nice evening in Utah, hammering monthly reports and I mis-spelled TOW as TOE, as the W and E on most keyboards and typewriters especially, were susceptible to squirrelly spelling.

So there I was and my stepson comes up and says do that as an attention getter on your TV ads. Do a Cinderella toe kiss, and say we luv

tow(e)s, at the end of the ad. Made sense and cents. So I became somewhat of a coneesooer of female feet and all.

Plus the act followed in the Daisy Duke, hot legs tradition. And just like they did with Daisy, the TV censor mongers said show that much leg , gotta be wearing hose. Course this is 1979 so hey we as a nation not as liberated, yet. Idaho still needs to get there. Liberated that is, but understand this toew crossing thing was not my initial idea.

In fact at first I threw up the first time. Thing is, although I got conditioned to it, women of any age of legal drama age, feet stink. Put those feet and toes in nylon hose, in any shoe for coming to the set as few just bring hose, and such , change, do the gig and change out and leave. Women's feet STINK !!!!

Not as bad as us male corpuscles, but they still STINK !!!!

But to continue here.

A nationwide towing operators publication of yesteryear call PhooteNotes was popular mid 1990’s to 2000. The publication was bought from the dead original publisher, and recreated it as T.R. FootNotes. By the highway, Highway Hooker PhooteNotes is being rolled back out by us this fall in print.

Any mile, as I pulled into the barnyard here, with the early morning sun rolling up, casting its brilliant purple violet shadowing over LexiBelle, I thought girl I really have been neglecting you.

So I made my Saturday’s efforts here, productive. I gave a shout to CJ in SLC, who is our Radio ops chairperson, and said lets do a switcheroo. Bring KTOW up here to Idaho, send KDXB to Wendover. He agreed so what that means is what we started as will be revived, resurrected and retroverted.

In view of that, old overnight favorites like Highway Hooker Radio, will return. Likewise I’ll be hanging out at the Kat house aka the publication for those who tow Highway Hooker Tow Tymez, (

The initial idea of doing up a radio station in the first place was to go where no radio station or few went b4. Mainly be the voice of the highway. The main residents of the highway community? Trucker, tow-truckers, bikers. Problem is of those, us in towing somewhere like LexiBelle got put on the back shelf, and nearly smoked over.

No more.

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PHOOTENOTES HEADER[2] Until the situation changes, the Burley City Council, amongst others approve a new airport here, so AyreWolf Aviation could move here, and all. Its do what we have in front of us. The old axiom that says , a bird in the hand is worth two in the ruff. I say okay, toew truck outside my door, work with that.

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