Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Mirage looks real but ain’t

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I have had the condition on many a hot day criss crossing these sea level and Mountain deserts, when I saw ripples, that looked like h2o that in reality was a heat wave. But it looked like water .

The same thing can happen in the enterprise. Just when you think that you have stumbled upon what looks like an answer to a difficult effort, it turns out that YOU are in the training department.

The relief comes, when the person you discover is at least intelligent enuff to train, and that the blonde hair is not growing inside as well.

We here at Confederate vStar Media, parent company of HazzardAyre/AyreWolf Radio and Dixie Broadcasting West LLC, have found such a person. For your 411 we’ll call her Mello-Yello Kinda like the soda pop. Tame in appearance but hot as a pepper inside. The question becomes, is she hot enuff to be one Knytes – of – Anarchy’s KnyteLadies, or even to a higher degree, an AyreWolf Radio, SheWolf. It takes grit, spice, tenacity and sheer dedication to gain those levels. In the history of the club and Confederate Star Media, there have been only 5 that have attained that level of commanding respect and amongst other things, pay grade. The fact that Mello-Yello showed up was a plus in her direction. But yet I fear to a degree to depend on her or anyone, due to past applicants, that when placed in the place of meeting, let alone being fully accepted by the club, were too timid.

Now there is a drastic difference between those who are spicy, racy gals and those that think they are.

With us here at Dixie Broadcasting West, its more somewhere in between. One here is not required to be sluts, but at least open to new ideas. Gals who are not scared of putting on a skirt or shorts, heels, hose. Yet still can look as good in studio, or live gig, in tight form fitting Wrangler Cowgirl cut Jeans.

Or putting on tight leather and straddling a Harley, or for that matter will fit in going to say Sturgis.

Anyone that has to ask what Sturgis or the Sturgis Rally is, don’t have much of a reason to be doing or being employed by Confederate Star Media in any capacity.

When Mello-Yello and her friend came to the Rode-House/Wolf’s Den today, I was a bit disappointed in the fact neither her nor her friend took the time to wear a skirt, hose, and heels. Likewise was in too much of a hurry to get on air. The one part, would have led into, the other. But at this point we are at the courtship getting to know each other feeling each other out stage.

However true on air talent or media talent is not taught, it can be, but its like a good coon hound.

A good coon hound just knows. That dog can tree a coon, like nobody’s business.

The ones ya’ll got to train, wont perform, like those with natural talent.

Of the 5 that have been successful SheWolves here have had the IT factor that was natural.

Let me give you a example.

Ellie-May , saw my ad on Craig's list, called to inquire, day of her first visit, called to ask what she should wear. When told nylons, there was no 20 questions, it was as a reply, stockings or pantyhose? When she got to the studio, there was no 20 questions, when suggesting testing of foot size, aroma tests etc, off came the boots, and in my face her peds went.

Of course driving from Jerome to Gooding in the dead of winter at 23:00 hours(11:00PM) to do a radio show, and while it did take a few weeks for her to get over stage or mic fright she did do it. Too bad circumstances did not allow that flower to bloom. However that said , If I can just get Mello-Yello, without asking much of why’s , to wear the hose and do the inevitable will measure just how dedicated to task.

The reason I test this way is simple. Some of on the air bits we do, are rather unorthodox to say the least. If a gal is doing our gig, and needs a ton and a half of wondering just to wear a pair of hose and stick her toes (rhymes) with tows, then she has no business here.

Likewise if she’s too timid, when asked to pose by a warbyrd, hot rod, Chopper-bike, etc with a burly hair, ruff looking biker, aviator, or trucker, she’s going to chicken out.

It embarrass’s us, and Embarrass’s her.

Does having a few drinks inside her accelerate that ability? perhaps, but I’d like to think that she can do the best that there is. That’s my hope with Mello-Yello.

We see. She’ll be back in studio next week, we see if she loosens up a bit more next week.


L8R Aviators,

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Quote of the Day:
School is a drill for the battle of life. If you fail in the drill you will fail in the battle.
--Karl G. Maeser
1 Corinthians 13: 6-7“Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

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