Monday, February 13, 2012

Them type of honeys just ain’t here!!

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In the not so distant past , there was Windows XP. I used to cuss XP, but find it much easier to navigate than Windows 7. The rumor says that Win-9 is supposed to be better. My question is, why fuggle it up? Just revert to Window’ most popular OS, being XP, and leave stuff alone.

Okay then the visit to the Rode House by the two candidates for the SheWolvez aka KnytesLadies wasn’t as exciting or glamorous as I had hoped it would be. There was no disrobing, no kissing of toews , no sniffing butt, no dance auditions, and certainly no tattoo fashion show off, but at least to give the gals who showed credit, at least they showed up.

Once these two little red ryding hoods knew they were not going to be harmed by ye ole Big bawd Wolf here, all was fine.

Of course too, these innocent young and I mean young ladies were not the bawd girls , I’d like, but hey are there any in Idon't know Idaho?

Like these:



Somehow I don’t think so. In fact finding hotties like these outside of Vegas or California, or Miami would be a shot in the dark, or at least a wishful wet dream. Bottom line, ain’t going to happen. But hey we can try and pray cain’t we?

Not saying there ain’t baddies in Idaho. I’m sure in Boise, or deep in Idaho Falls with some serious searching we could find a few. Problem is, by the time the really hotties, get to Idaho, they are tamed some and married to some guy that looks like Paul Bunyan or goes by the name of Bubba .

Much to do today, see ya’ll on the ayre.

L8R Aviators,

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--Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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