Sunday, February 26, 2012

Someday I’ll forgive Mom & Dad, but not today!!

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As a Wolf pup I had if not the best childhood, certainly a gifted one.

Just about everything I wanted reasonable or not was provided. However in search of a better more challenging learning environment, My mom and Dad decided to link up with an experimental advanced learning center that was part of Hagerman High School, Hagerman(aka-Hazzard) Idaho. So we packed up everything we owned and moved here to Idaho.

The idea had merit, since I was advanced in learning the basics and thus bored shitless to the point I’d disrupt class. However if we had remained in Utah, life for me, would have been much different , but Hey, we came.

Over the years the gifts, myself, Mom , Dad, myself and directly or indirectly of the extended family should deserve a favor repayment or two. At least one would think so. But it’ll never happen. I want repaid for that jet that sits at the entrance of the Burley Airport, a gift by my dad, I want paid back for both the new school in Hagerman as well as the Fire house, also a gift from my parents, I also want paid for that little Cat tractor that sits on that pole out north of Hazzard, at the entrance to you know who’s excavating company. I want paid back for the theft of the house and shop that me, mom & dad built, plus the theft of the house I was born. Then we’ll be on the way to forgiving. Now do I honestly think that this all will be paid back? No. But the fact that things turned out the way they have, should I be pissed? You be the judge. The lists of things Mom & Dad invested in, the things mom & dad paid for, or lent money for is extremely long. Only two have paid any of it back. The Shirley’s for that swine farm east of Wendell, my 3rd cousin Kathy for 1000 spring resort. But the rest, damn it need to pay up. My warning ahead of time.

Cuzzin Bud was extremely forgiving, he forgave debt, the new lady in BlackFoot, and Otis in ChowChilla California ain’t so forgiving. Collection season, is about to get under way, and I’d advise one hell of allot of people, who owe the Montgomery Foundation to get in touch with me ASAP. I’m nice, Otis and Rebecca ain’t.

But again, Why couldn’t our family just have stayed in Layton and never moved here?

Like I said, someday I’ll forgive Mom & Dad for this mess, but not today.


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1 John 4:9“This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.”

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