Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wuzz up with that?


Some times you see something on TV and wonder, “Wuzz Up With That?” .

Case-n-Point, FoX 35 the sub station of FoX out of the heart of KPVI 6 Pocatello, is still running on the local available ad rotation, ads for Christy Lanes Christmas Album. Which if it was still that time of the year, fine. But in February? Maybe its that FoX 35 isn’t generating much in revenue locally. Hey don’t blame me. Both us here at Dixie Toewing and AyreWolf Aviation were all gung ho on putting on ads for the new operation both here as well as in Blackfoot. However one older lady at FoX 35 was put off by one of the blogs of mine, and got in a hissy fit, the local GM called me, and kaput. Who is laughing now? But ya’ll got to ask, “Wuzz up with that?”.

I can tell you this, if I ran FoX 35 I’d have that station rolling in income revenue. Not that the club through me has not tried to buy, FoX 35 out of Twin Falls Idaho. We’ve been chasing that for 25 years. Even back when FoX Net, was a really hot 15 to 30 demo, network, even b4 American Idol. Back when 90210 was thee show to watch.

But why keep running an ad for a product, that is not of current season?

The answer, Thursday.

Computer still has intermitent audio out problems, but found a new Dell, at Best Buy in Twin. Costly yes, but it’ll work. The basic opinion of some techs I tawked to, is that even the new computer has a cracked motherboard. Meaning when cold the solder connects, but as the computer gets warmer , the connection is broken.

Further examination is required. However having two computers will be great. Do editorial on one, do the radio show on the other.

Until Thursday

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