Friday, February 24, 2012

How about a new employee interview fee?

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I got to thinking about this morning as I flew in from Arizona, the idea that with the time away from task interviewing, a new employee , shouldn’t we as employers with better than minimum wage jobs, deserve to charge an interview fee?

After all such private employment services like, AllAmerican in Burley here charge both employee and employer/client service fee’s for pushing paper and interviewing, so why not us as private employers charge a fee for our time away from our business’ for interviewing, likewise a training fee, might be good too. That way if we set studio time and all to train new broadcasters shouldn’t we charge at least a studio booking fee? That way at least we’re not just sitting with our fingers in our butts, waiting for new employees to get things done, or expecting someone to take the reins when needed. However in the case of Amber and Allie, we’re talking youth, none broadcaster, and none media. For Amber and Allie, McDonalds or the fast food or housekeeping service business, is more likely their career path.

However I got to thinking too. Throughout Utah, Idaho or even Wyoming there is nothing like a Broadcasting essentials training school. Granted one can’t teach natural talent. But we can teach the basics. How to gather news, how to read copy, how to edit, both digitally as well as analog, etc. The difference here? We have a job at the end of the course.

The other half, at least the club and I get compensated for the time we put into training. If they skip and go elsewhere.

But if you go for a CDL, the examiner charges you a fee for taking the test. If you go for your first solo test, the CFI charges you a fee. Thus, if we hire , should we not charge a interview fee?

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