Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Web info even YouTube, not alacarte

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So today , been under the blankets , flu I think, hope it gets better by weekend since the Ladies-of-the Knytes Will be here.

So with Mello-Yello in mind and others that  would and do dig wearin nylon hose and getting an honest answer of the why nots, I decided to take matters in my own wolf-paws.

So I trucked on down to a fashionista Shoppe here in Burley bought 3 pair.

Glad I bought 3 pair, since the first pair were trash .

By pair number two, I thought, Hey go online with a simple search, of , “How to put on Pantyhose” . Hey women even young girls get this instruction early in life. But hey for obvious reasons us male corpuscles don’t.

So the need for instruction was required.

Thing is, albeit good, even Google and Micro-craps Bing, search, much less results are no longer alacarte. You can’t get exactly what your looking for.

With the search for my inquiry , I was taken to a half dozen sites. Even YouTube. All I saw was smut sites.

How about someone really , step by step, showing how to put on hose? Without getting all junky smutty.

Oh yes, you can bet HazzardAyre will put such a video together, and put it up there, on YouTube with step, by step, instructions, vocally .

But this is not the only time, I have looked for something kinda sexy, but not trashy.

Such as finding some very hot, tight butts in Wrangler Cowgirl cut jeans. Know what? There still are none.

How come? More over why can’t one find exactly what your looking for anymore online, without digging through commercial results, and porn?


I am trying to make up my mind to discharge someone that has been with us for two years as a consultant.

So far this consultant has cost me money, time, and stress.

All make a good case for termination.

No its not Mello-Yello, she is superb. She looks good, is street savvy, and I think has much of the right stuff to be one of the; Ladies-of-The Knytes.

Flu drugs kickin in so , I’m out of service until Thursday morning.

See ya’ll on HazzardAyre Radio in the AM.

L8R Aviators,

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