Monday, February 27, 2012

There ought to be a law against Dick teasers and posers.


Of all the laws of society , I am truly secure in saying there ought to be a law a severe law against women who use their woman hood or aroma of their woman hood to gain a job. More over if your not going to go through with it, don’t be mad at someone for calling your bluff. Aka, Mello-Yello/Red Baroness. Who stampeded through the Wolf’s Den aka Rode House, said they were all on board yet in fact had no intention of getting on board. What was this? My suspicion goes that Mello-Yello, and the Red Baroness, had boyfriends that were not giving them the grand amount of appreciation and attention. Here comes ye ole Wolf, Mello-Yello thinks, “hey I can use this old Wolf as bait to get my guy pal back” When they got their guy pals back in their webs these two girls left faster than they came.

I could be wrong, but I’ll bet money I’m right in the right spot here. The fact that there are no or very few real bonafide talent of any kind agencies in our are is just cresting the ice burg. The fact that it takes about 10 to 15 years for what I’ll call a crop of potential trainees to come up out of the soil ready for harvest is frustrating as hell. Sure I’d love nothing more than to pull up the stakes and move the Wolf-Pack elsewhere. However moving an aviation and more importantly radio station is not as easy as it sounds. There are at least 10 Federal agencies that need to be contacted when your thinking of moving a radio station and at the top of that list is the FCC. Right now with the FCC looking at remapping the entire spectrum, both TV FM and AM, if you give up your frequency, and all the ability, to gain it back will be limited, and two if you can get it back, can you regain the talent you had once? Since there is no no charge data banks out there to find the kind of talent that HazzardAyre and all needs both visually as well as radio, the Knytes-of-Anarchy, AyreWolvez, and HCC will be linking up with $EasyRiders, to do a 6 month nationwide talent search. To find the hottest aviation and biker babes in the nation. With a $150,000.00 modeling contract. But here is what gets under my britches. We can post a ton of notices in any Idaho or Tragic Valley newspaper, and get little if any serious people applying for our radio jobs. Yet one post in a Utah paper and my phone will not stop ringing. Hell with the Daytona 500 cancelled yesterday with rain, Me and a few Alpha Wolvez here at the Wolf Den interviewed 12 gals, who are willing to commute from Ogden and immediate area, up here to Idaho to go on air. Yet all we get from the locals is a shrug at best.

The thing is we will not give up. The delicacies of the venison, of vengeance are here. The fact we still go on air, bust open the not so open media here. Howl about what the other locals wont and really make noise about our Confederate Southern Movement. and then you’ll see as I have seen it many times. Others come out of the woodwork, and want a taste of our sweet nectar.

But still , whether on a personal or business threshold, there ought to be a law about or protection from women who will use their stuff to get in yours.

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