Saturday, February 18, 2012

She smells too

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No matter how hot she looks outside, no matter how tight that hiney is, no matter how delicious those glossed lips taste. At the end of a day, she smells too.

Many younger men who have never had to live on a long term basis with a woman and especially those under 30 years old should have to. Kinda like my belief that every person applying for Federal college money , ought to have to do at least BT (Basic training) in a branch of this nations military, preferably one tour.

When you take a lady home after a fun night at a bar, you think , next morning when ya’ll wake up, that her breath is going to smell as sweet as mints. And you can kiss her like they do on TV or movies. If you think that, your just a JAFO(Just,Another,Fucking,Observer). Since the next morning her breath, underpits, hiney and most likely crotch, the smells will knock a buzzard off a shit wagon.

It’s like so many people are so polite, when observing a new born or just a baby for the first time.

It’s so, oh its so sweet , ain’t that cute? When in reality what you want to say is: “ What an ugly child.” Did you know that there are fewer caustic substances than baby shit? I you just happen to change a baby’s diaper, and its shit, put it on the chrome bumper of your truck. Baby shit will seep through, and rust that chrome right off that steel. I kid you not.

Getting back to the female gender of this thing we call the human species.

They too get sick, and smell. In fact few women will let you in that indoor outhouse when their in there pooping. If you ever cross that line, Lucifer and hell has no fury like a woman, whose guy entered that head b4 she was done pooping, and spraying some air freshener around in there. The ancient belief that girls and women are full of sweetness and grace proliferates right through to today. No matter how liberated she is, no matter how equal she is to other males in her view, if your her guy, go in the head once when she’s doing her duty, and watch hell open up.

There are times a guy can be in there. I myself for some odd unknown reason, can sit and watch with wonder a gal putting on makeup, eye shadow etc. I have sat there on the side of the tub, watchin some of my best gals, put on as some call it their stage paint .  But if she’s shittin , ya’ll best be gittin, cause if she see’s you , she ain’t going to be a sweet kitten. More like one angry badger.

Then there is those hose. Oh I love nuzzling and all those sweet legs in hose. But if their stockings, washed and rinsed and hanging from the shower curtain rod, you go in the head, at night and you look up, and those hose just hanging their. Will scare the juice right out of you. They look like a medieval torcher device. Some strange magical wizard device. That she uses to seduce and cast a spell on you. After all and I admit it. Nylon hose from the time I got enthralled with them, are the kryptonyte to this SuperWolf, (AyreWolf) . Yes they can be bewitching. It is a common conclusion nylon hose is for men, worn by women. The excuses or reasons the fashion is subsiding is that they are like warriors. Sneak up and attack. Or they make their legs itch. Granted there are women that should wear pantyhose, since , pantyhose will suck up all the fat around their middle, and give some enhancement to too hairy legs.

But exotic hose, including seamed and fishnets are worn by women to please and snare men. We like em, women wear em. That simple.

Ask why all this about hose?

That’s next time here in WyldAyre, the more erotic exotic version of HazzardAyre News.

L8R Aviators,

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