Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A few more Confederate Patriots Please !!

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Few organizations in America fight for the heritage, history, honor and integrity of the southern states more than the Knytes of Anarchy. Over the last 4 decades that fight has been ongoing even at the risk of being imprisoned. Not only fighting in the southern states themselves, but to bring the beliefs and gospel of what it is to be a true Confederate to all of America, from coast to coast.

What got my dander up was a talk I got into the other night up here at the truck stop.

Some freight hauler was up here yapping about how great a guy Abe Lincoln was. I belted in quite forcefully, that Abe Lincoln was a bonafide liar. That albeit improper methods, that Booth’s actions whether you believe ordered or condoned that was neither but was proper.

The talk went on up at the truck stop about the birthday honor we betroe to Lincoln and Washington each February. I have an idea, how about also having two other national holidays for us Confederates, one for President Davis, and one for Robert E Lee? Why should it be all Union? Why not give equal time to the Confederate Southern States?

While many organizations sound the horn, for our southern heritage and I honor that, that’s why we erected our radio network, with inclusion of Dixie Broadcasting, both in the name and the online network thereof, in with our organizations. That said everyone from the Son’s of Confederate Veterans, which has become little more than an old mans organization, not willing to do what needs to be done, to protect this nation from shooting itself in the foot. Again. The Knytes-of-Anarchy are today’s Confederate Movement, We do not promote hate, discourse or tereny to or of the USA, but are fighting to preserve it. How about fighting for the rights and honor of the Southern States? More over fighting to preserve a nation?

The current situation is dire. The current bunch except for Ron Paul, the candidates for the Republican party’s nomination to the Presidency of the USA, is a joke. A sad joke. There is no fight for President, it’s a fight for being the ruler. Period. Watch how they fight amongst themselves. For that matter, while it may be obvious that the sitting incumbent for President on the Democratic side, is Obama. Did anyone think of challenging that? Why has there not come forth another candidate, saying how about me for the other Democratic candidate, for President? As far as I understand things, there’s no reason someone shouldn’t have challenged that. For that matter. Back in 2006, The Knytes-of-Anarchy, signed on, with and through Stephen Monk aka-Stonewall, of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and bolstered what’s labeled as the Confederate National Party. We fought hard to establish that political party in both Idaho, Utah and Wyoming as an actionable political party that someone could run for office on and get elected with.

Yet as far as I can gather, outside of myself several years ago, running for Sheriff of Gooding County Idaho on the CNP ticket, nobody as far as a national office such as President has stepped up. Why? Are those proclaiming Confederate patriotism scared squatless to speak up for the CNP.

The nations Government lives and rules in DC. The agencies that exist of that Government have no idea of what is or what isn’t in the mountain west states. Case-n-point, The FCC , has put a lid on new radio station cp’s and license apps. Saying there is no more room on the dial. Yet a search on both, the FCC’s allocation tables and pending apps, for our area of Idaho says there are 5 frequencies in nearby Malta, Idaho both radio and TV, both a TV and radio frequency in Hammett Idaho, two more near both Buhl and Bliss Idaho, one on American Falls namely Aberdeen, Idaho. And 12 open channels in Wendover Utah. Two near Dubois Idaho and two others I wont even bark about in Wyoming. To name a few, yet the FCC, says no room? I say stand up for who we are, challenge the status quo, put up a station. So what we get fined, or what ever, give the Feds the big one finger salute and say why not ? That’s what it means when we in the Knytes-of-Anarchy say we fight the system. In essence, if no one is doing it anyway, why shouldn’t we do it. More over open the door for others to do it as well. That’s the real definition at least as we define it to the word Anarchy.

That’s why we are. The Knytes-of-Anarchy is more than a big rig, classic truck enthusiasts organization, we are today’s Confederate Movement.

But we need more.

If this sounds like you, then feel free to contact me through our email, at for 411 on how to become a Knyte(Knight). Or if you’re a lady, The Knytes-of-Anarchy/Pink Ladies.

It was said best through a CDB song, What this country needs is a few more rednecks. In reality, A few more Confederate Patriots, Please !!!

Now if Ray and crew at Dixie Broadcasting will send us the documentation, we’ll begin airing the programming of Dixie Broadcasting, until then, we’ll air our style of Dixie Broadcasting Western style. More over Hazzard style.

L8R Ya’ll

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