Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Great Debacle: Too old to fly, too young not to.


B4 I get into it, here. I need to relate a situation that is grabbing me by the ass.

First get a used computer, albeit a reman unit, that has audio output problems. Its not the cord connection since I can connect the same receiving source to another output it works, but to the remaned computer , no wheno. So by weeks end get a new one and get shit back in gear.

The mind, what little I have of it has an overload shut down. Now there is also my blood pressure gets so high I get a ringing in one ear and symptoms like I have swimmers ear.

But I have learned , relax, its only a simple inconvience .

Now to main traffic.

This topic comes up more than a ball park hot dog and chili.

While I fully agreeable to the thoughts that as one gets older , certain parts of the human body goes ary. This can be anything from bad eye sight to poor extremities conditions.

However if you truly get past that criteria and are deemed medically qualified to fly, then why not?

Or are we talking byrd or pilot? Too me if your able, and your byrd is certified by an FAA annual inspection, for hells sake get it there and log seat time.

Next article, frustration with modern technology.

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