Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ultimately I fly

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I couldn’t resist. Taking a quick trip here to where the Navy and Marines first straps many of us with visions of sky , into something with wings that hauls ass at Mach 2.

That’s right Pensacola, Naval Air station.

I thought as I cruised by all the buildings, with my fellow Marines in training to go aloft about the first time I went through these gates. Although when I went through it was not in a rented Mustang, it was inside a gray puke smelly bus, that was long overdue for the scrap heap.

I met with some of my old instructors, some of the rest had been reassigned, remember a Marine is never ever discharged or retires he(or she) is just reassigned.

I got to do some test flying in one of UMA’s as well as simulators, here. Went down to the Bucket , for a brew or two. The Bucket was not just a TV series of this base that ran in the late 90’s. Nope, the Bucket is a very real, very needed and bestowed with honor for every Marine and Navy aviator, that trains here, as that one place that you can cry and have a shoulder to cry on, if one needs too.

As I headed out of the gates to get back to Daytona b4 the torrential rain here. I thought about all the things that I went through here. Tell you the truth if rental property and seems its that way everywhere, but if rental property was not as high as a cats ass, here, I’d move here to Florida.

I got a glimpse into why rental property is so damn high. EVERYWHERE. People are no longer buying homes. Or very few. Many of those people who are upside down on mortgages are renting rather than buying , making those rental resources slim, as such supply down, demand up, people are going to make the best they can.

While I’d love to bail out of my place in Heyburn, I might not be able too. My limited personal income of $3,000.00 a month, pretty much kicks the ability for anything big. Considering damn near $2,400.00 goes for prior commitments, including but not limited to , child support of 4, alimony of 2 and AyreWolf Aviation, I get $1,000.00 , once a month every month. With damn near $550.00 taken out for rent, utilities and basics it don’t take Einstein too long to figure out, not much money in any till.

That’s why for the greater part that the club pays the bills of and wages with, HazzardAyre/Highway Hooker Radio, KTOW, KDXB and so on. If they didn’t , I’d have to run this as a solo operation if I was able to run it at all.

Thank Kahless(God) for Mello-Yello, Ellie May, Emme, and Radio Rebel(Yes she is real) here, or this gig would be kaput.

But in reality, and if truth be known , either Mello Yello or Radio Rebel expressed a personal interest, I’d be hot to trot. Any man worth his mind and soul would and should be proud to occupy personal as well as real estate space with either one. But I know too , both of them right now are EMPLOYEES not just or mere gal pals. As such I need to maintain a professional relationship here.

But hey if Katey Holmes can get hinky with Tom Cruise through just being in a film together, then hey my gals and I just might have a chance. Ya think?

Well after a night at the Bucket and all, need some bunk time, so see ya’ll.

L8R Aviators

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