Thursday, February 23, 2012

Disappointed yes, surprised ? No , after all its just Rural Idaho.


When I got Amber’s email today I was very disappointed, but I wasn’t surprised. After all we are working with a very bassackwards, part civilization, that can’t or wont look past those blooming tater fields.

Things like media, the arts, or any connection to our industry, outside of the immediate Ada County/Boise area is a BIG maybe at best and most likely the only place in Idaho to find talent.

However there is something else here. When I made a call to a few outfits in SLC to get talent for here in Heyburn, even at only double the pay at $40.00 an hour, the agencies in SLC were ecstatic at sending gals up here to work the station. Dig that? People willing to commute here, yet from Burley to Twin Falls, to Jerome, the locals are so damn stubborn to take a leap, that they cost themselves a job. What does that say to Idaho? More over the Magic that I firmly call the Tragic Valley of Idaho? It is just tragic. It’s a real slap in the face of that area of Idaho. Many people, wages lower than a snake in a wagon rut, yet here is a firm, (Knytes-of-Anarchy) offering not a job, but a career, yet we get a thumbs down.

Naw , not for me. Not for the club. Oh we’ll be there, but I can see American Falls, since Pocky is close thereby and ISU students need money for school, so better human resources.

Now I’m not saying that once upon a time, there that we did indeed have a struggle there in finding on air and on TV talent, but the fact is, even with the struggle WE DID FIND IT!!

Let’s face it, beating my head against the rock so much here, my head hurts. I’m looking for relief.

Thanks Amber, you helped me make up my mind.

Now there is some tragic news, and I’m just getting all the intel on this, but two Marine helo’s ran into each other, one was a Super Cobra the other an Elite Huey, based on a Bell Jet Ranger. Both were in combat prep exercises over the YUMA MCAS area, and ATC was out of service long enough to cause disorientation for the aviators. We lost two of our own. I will be heading there overnight. I decided to bag the gig at the racetrack, My Marine corps needs me worse.

See ya’ll in the AM.

Semper Fi

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