Thursday, February 23, 2012

When tripping through tall cotton look for snakes

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When tripping through tall cotton, best look for snakes.

As I get ready to go snooze here, under cool air here in Daytona, I am looking at me re-entering to Idaho.

Right now my thoughts are and relate to the inability to reach our new employees. While I fully understand that both are still wet behind the ears being as young as they are. And granted working for our club as well as me is not the normal job, I am also concerned with, if even these two last potential employees being reluctant, might be an indication that maybe the radio op in Idaho, might be better re-transplanted back to Utah, and redistributed from there.

My decision on where I’ll be, will be made upon, one or both of my new employees, Mello-Yello and Radio Rebel responding to my requests for a reply phone call.

Why are they and this a concern?

Simple, as good as I am, as good as Ron, Rick and Robbie are, we are only one person each. All of us do our duty to the club via the radio op on a volunteer basis. I do it from my home simply due to the fact that outside of Gooding, and even that was stupid in view of who we rented from there, still I do this bit at my home since its easier. I can do it as it needs to be done, since most of the applicants to be interns, production assistants etc never really pan out , so why set up an office etc until there is sufficient staff that warrants that? More over even then if there is nobody that will stick with it, and do not have the rebel attitude to do our gig, or the rebel aptitude to do our gig, why even go to the effort?

I saw on one of the news shows early this morning, about how crappy the economy is, and even how major corporations are moving north to Canada, in view of high corporate tax rates. Could it be that Canada also has a more robust work force, that has pulled its head out of the sand and is willing to take jobs and build careers through working at firms that do things differently? Could it be that our young people, do not have a work ethic? Or is all that barking on the Disney Channel and others about kids and tweens even teens and slightly older getting involved in things just that ? All talk, no action?

Is the talent we need here at HazzardAyre and all parts thereof, only in Los Angeles and Hollywood, even extending to Utah, but gets stopped at the Utah border?

If it is, then damn it, from now on, I wish that those that even remotely say they are going to work for us, do so, and not waste my time by just teasing.

My Club crew tells me just have patience. Patience bull, only doctors have patients, Maybe jumping the gun here, but when I bark, being the Alpha Wolf here, I want , shit , I demand a return phone call, email, something. When we’re paying the better part of $20.00 an hour with a better than better benefits package that includes medical, full 100% . Dental 100%, eye care 100%, then when I call, those new employees best be calling back, cause that money can best be put elsewhere, than trying to pay, better find, train and put into operation new employees that flat have no interest in being in broadcasting.

The question I ask is, why say yes if they don’t want to get involved in the first place?

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L8R AyreWolvez,

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