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I learned the lesson in Tooele Utah in 1997. I had moved there rather reluctantly, to reform our western desert Utah unit, so I was in the run on turff never b4 hunted. After meeting some slightly tub of fun sweetheart that taught me at least to use a computer, too bad she didn’t teach me to type. Any flyte, so there I was in Tooele. The area was sweating money then and we’re talking Clinton-nomics. With that in mind we got the ball rolling for Larry Miller’s Race park just tother side of the Tooele Airport’ runway. With that in grip, there needed to be a voice on air for gearheads, head in the sky or rubber on ground. So a discovery of an old radio station license there previously belonging to Simmons Broadcasting of SLC, some arm twisting and serious negotiations and KDLY aka what would become the first AM on the dial and in the mix of the club’ radio group, was put on the air as KEMR, short for Eagle Mountain Radio. At the time, the Utah town of Eagle Mountain was a concept, that lived as a housing development with city hall located in nearby Lehi Utah. With Eagle Mountain overlooking both the southeastern Tooele Valley as well as western Utah County, it was appropriate. KEMK is the call letters today.

UTAH STATION PICTORGRAPH however the idea was sweet, the going forward wasn’t. There’s an old axiom that goes, if its such a good idea, how come no body else is doing it or did it? That can be answered several ways, in Tooele’s sense. The reason that nobody had erected a radio station or paid any attention to the one there was no economic value. At the time, somewhat like Mini Cassia Idaho is today, Tooele Utah then in the late 1990’s was under an economic blight. Downtown Tooele was accepting anyone with anything to light the candle there. Since I was and that I never do much without the Knytes, or the AyreWolvez, we did, sort of. But then as now we couldn’t get a honey for money in a studio much less one INSYDE someone’s house. Until of course, you have at least on the surface the look of a significant other present. One late night one applied, she thought that I’d make a great toss in the sack to make a former guy pal jealous. So over to her house we went. What followed was only similar to being under mortar fire on the front lines. Trust me this was nothing fun. Oh it was at first, but again I learned, thinking with your penus, rather than cranium, will make you wish you could die. To upset the apple cart, I tried getting kozy with another of the young ladies that had applied. Except the one that found this old Wolf hot that I knew from eating at her mom’ establishment. Barbie was the real deal Gretchen Wilson type. Hot as a pepper outside.

In all outside of maybe two others I have learned getting warm and fuzzy feeling with gals who are feature model talent, Radio on-air talent, or staff members is a recipe for real trouble. Remember the other axiom, A woman jilted is like hell itself. Even if they say they don’t know other women in town, trust me they do. At the beauty parlor, schools , food stores and that occasional ladies only night out. Trust me, piss one off, THEY ALL KNOW about. So that’s why it’s a good idea, keep it friendly, but not frisky.

Woke up with a taste of bile in my throat. Even taking Nexium, seems I still get bouts of puky yuck in my esophagus. So took the majority of my afternoon shift off. Shifted KDXB into Autopilot, and drank 100 mile sea(coffee) . Until early morning fly wings level.

L8R Aviators,


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--A. Whitney Brown
Romans 8:35,37“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

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