Friday, February 3, 2012

If your not going to do it right don’t do it at all!!



When you get an alert of a pending news story or urgent happening, and you flip to the web site to examine the rest of the story, often I find that when I go to that web site, that the full story is short , if its there at all, likewize , I find many tease you then want YOU to spend money or register to read the damn story.

This is bait & switch Yankee style just like electing Mitt Romney instead of Ron Paul. You put in Mitt Romney and you’ll get someone in favor of the fat ass gut rich Republican persona and Obambeenlyin under a new label. If you put Ron Paul in there , you get an independent, running with a brandable party that might just keep America out of a war in Israel and Iran.

Of course Mitt Romney played the religious card. The LDS Church is supporting Mitt, becuzz, Mitt put some several million bucks in the Church’s coffers. A religious body that sways towards money instead of God above, is bound for trouble. And the leaders of the Church think everyone wants to snuggle up to riches. Thing is, its counter to the very teachings that are in its own Book-of-Mormon, and D&C , yet where money is provided to the Church the Church supports. Despite a moral contradiction.

Yet the majority of Southern Idaho, Southeastern Idaho, Southwestern Wyoming and northern Utah are comfortable with getting in bed with Romney. Why do you think the guy that runs Meleluca out of Idaho Falls, is nuzzling at the breast of Mitt? Becuzz Mitt is a Mormon, Mitt contributes to the church. It has nothing to do with Mitt being able to pull this nation out of the manure trough its in. In fact , despite popular opinion, just one man cannot bail this nation out of its hole. It’s going to take, more than the Federal Government to do it. It’s going to take the power and sweat of people. People willing to take a risk. Going and thinking out of the normal.

Not just helping out the big corporation like GM, Chrysler, but instead of entitlement spending , paying out disability claims etc, how about taking ten percent of the money the Government spent on GM , Chrysler, and making available REAL business establishing grants? Giving someone say $100,000.00 to create a business allows that business to hire people, the full circle brings prosperity to a community. Giving out SSI benefits, keeps people just under the poverty level.

Its more than the fish story, of both giving a fish or teaching to fish, its giving someone a pole, net, boat to fish with.

That’s how to rebuild a hurting nation, not just corrupt it further.

In essence if your not going to do it right , don’t do it at all.

L8R Aviators,


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--Eric Maisil
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